How to prevent birds from nesting under window air conditioner

People who find bird nest in air conditioner unit always ask this question. Why birds nesting under air conditioner? Why bird stuck in air conditioner and how to keep birds off your air conditioner?

Well, this is not only your air conditioner that birds are nesting. It’s quite challenging to find a window air conditioner without a nesting bird.

Why do birds like air conditioners

birds living in my air conditioner

Birds generally look for a dry and sheltered place. This environment is perfect for laying eggs. And your window air conditioning is just as they want. Birds nesting under air conditioning unit provides shelter as well as protection from other animals.

But the nests or birds can stop your air conditioner outdoor unit from working correctly. On the other hand, they might be scared of germs, or disease birds carry. Also, the constant noise under your air conditioner can surely hamper your sleep.

So you might be searching the answer to how to keep birds off your air conditioner? Also, you might want to know how to remove them without hampering the birds living in my air conditioner?

No worries, In this article, you’ll get all the answers. Keep reading.

Can a bird get stuck in an air conditioner duct?

Yes, but not often. I’ve seen birds fall into the AC unit, but I don’t think they can be trapped. Birds have been known to get into the vents of buildings and stay there for days or weeks at a time. 

What kind of bird can go inside an air conditioner?

A hummingbird. And a lot of other birds too, such as pigeons.

How to stop pigeons sitting on ac

Cut triangular-shaped cardboard and place on your window air conditioners. Make sure the cupboards are large enough and sealed. Else larger birds can easily nest inside cardboard. These are the tips you can use to keep your window air conditioner clean from pigeon poop and get rid of pigeons on your air conditioning units.

How to keep birds away from window air conditioners?

how to keep birds off your air conditioner

You can try some straightforward and affordable tips to keep birds away from your air conditioner window. Make the place unfriendly for nesting.

  1. For this, you can try wiping the window area with a strong-smelling cleaning product. Vinegar or bleach works well in this case. The pungent smell of vinegar or bleach makes the area unattractive for birds.
  2. Secondly, you can try spraying the nesting area with bird repellent. You can also use bird repellent gel instead of spray. This step is enough to keep birds away.
  3. The other thing you can do is spread a net around the conditioner. This thing will prevent the birds from getting the space for nesting.
  4. The other thing you can try is to use sun reflection. Sun reflection is enough to keep birds away. It’ll reflect in the eyes, and birds won’t get the comfort zone under your air conditioner anymore. Hang some CDs with thin wire, and it will reflect the sunlight.
  5. You can also install grates or wire to prevent the entrance of birds.
  6. If you’re not so much into home remedies, search for bird spikes. You can get them to the nearest super shop to your house. Also, you’ll quickly get them online.

Purchase one set of bird spikes and place them around your air conditioner window. The spikes will not let the birds nest there.

Birds generally nest around the place where they can get food or water. If you’re among those people who try to keep a cup of water for the birds in their balcony, then try to keep it away from your air conditioner. By doing this, you’ll be providing water to the little birds and make them happy.

Also, placing them far from your air conditioner will keep your air conditioner window safe and clean.

  • You’ve to make sure to clean the window air conditioner regularly. Off course, birds take time to nest. Cleaning the window will remove the nesting materials they brought. It will discourage them from nesting under your air conditioner window.
  • Cut triangle-shaped cardboard and place it on your air conditioner window. Make sure the cupboard is big enough and sealed. Else the birds can easily nest inside the cardboard.

These are the tips you can follow to keep your air conditioner window clean and nest free. As these tips are easy to apply, you can do this alone without the help of anyone.

Well, now you may ask if the birds have already nested on your window air conditioner, what should I do? Well, here you’ll get this answer too. Continue reading.

How to remove nests from my window air conditioner?

If you see a nest in your air conditioner window, you need to move that carefully. But if there is any baby bird, It’s better not to do it by yourself. You won’t want to harm that little bird.

So call the local department of wildlife or animal around your area. The company will recommend someone or send someone who can remove nuisance birds from your home. Also, it’s illegal to harm some specific bird species. The animal control agency can remove the birds and nest without damaging them.

Why is removing the nest necessary?

Well, you might be a bird lover and might be thinking, what if I don’t remove them? How birds next to air conditioners harm me?

Undoubtedly the little birds are adorable, and you might not want to destroy their nests.

But if you think practically, the germs they carry can create serious health issues. Also, the germs they have can easily give you skin disease.

Sometimes they carry bugs to their nest. If any of the bugs get into your air conditioner, then it can hamper your valuable machine. Besides that, the nesting material as feathers and droppings can get into your device and provide poor air circulation. Also, it can easily damage insulation.

Not only these but also not removing the nests carries risk or fire accidents. A small spark in the air conditioner window can cause fire hazard and cause serious issues

Well, these are the reasons you should be extra careful and remove bird nests from your air conditioner window. Nobody would love to destroy beautiful nests and hurt the innocent birds.

So remove them from your window air conditioner, but with safety and care. If you can’t do it alone, get help from your other family member or friends.

How to keep birds off your air conditioner

I hope this article was helpful to you. Pass this article to your family and friends looking for ways to remove bird nest under the air conditioner. They’ll get to know about the tips that can make their day. Thank you for reading.

Keep loving birds. But don’t forget the safety issue. It’s essential to prevent your window air conditioner from birds nesting there.

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