How to humidify a room with air conditioning

Air conditioning is a must for surviving a warm summer. But in Singapore, sometimes that relax cooling comes with uncomfortably dry air. During the hot months, your inside humidity level should be anywhere between 35 and 70 percent. Below than 35 percent you will observe dry skin, and annoyed sinuses and eyes.

How to increase humidity in air conditioned room? Here are the top four:

Manage your speed of fan

Manage your aircon speed of fan

In warm, humid environments like Singapore, you want your AC to circulate air at speed of 350 CFM per ton. Many systems are set up to move air at a rate quicker than that. For humidity, a quicker rate is not perfect.

Say your system moves air at around four-hundred CFM per ton. Will the AC be capable to remove sufficient heat from your house to satisfy your thermostat setting? Yes, else being equal. It will.

At four-hundred CFM per ton, an AC is moving chiller air into your home quite fast. By fixing it up to circulate air at a speed of 350 CFM per ton, the lesser airflow permits the inside coil to obtain chill. When it is chill, it can get rid of extra moisture while also relaxing your thermostat setting.

Keep your coil clean

Keep your coil clean

Does ac make air dry? When your evaporator coil is covered in dirt and dust, it cannot remove all of the warm and humidity that is designed to remove. Even if the coil is not dirty that it stops the AC from chilling your home, it can still be dirty enough to slow down moisture removal.

The solution? Clean or replace your air filter per produce instructions.

As long as your air filter is doing its work, the coil should not be dirty. When your filter gets bad, the blower fan will put particles around the filter and they will go into your AC. Over time, these particles will accumulate on the coil. You will have to hire an expert to clean it.

Check your refrigerant charge

Check your refrigerant charge

If the charge is very low, your AC will struggle to remove enough humidity or air from your home to keep you relax.  Eventually, this issue could morph into something very bad; compressor issue or freezing the coil.

Those issues are extremely serious than just not feeling relax. You might have to deal with a costly repair – or even change your full system.

Anyway, continue maintenance can support decide whether your refrigerant power is not right. In this way, you might be capable to deal with the problem before it causes the most severe issues.

Bowl of water in air conditioned room

Bowl of water in air conditioned room

Another choice that you can use to control humidity levels in the ac room is placing several containers packed with water around your house. The containers should be left open to permit the water to evaporate and control humidity. Pick attractive containers made of clear or colored glass. Placed them in different areas away from electrical gadgets.

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