How to clean aircon filter

If you have had your AC running all summer to combat the intense heat, you need to know how to clean an aircon filter. You are not alone if you usually forget to replace or clean the AC filter, but this pretty guy should not be rejected. An AC filter performs a few important jobs, removing dust and dirt from the air, and stopping that buildup from affecting your AC performance. To make sure that your machine is in best condition, you will want to clean your AC often – so we have broken down how to clean aircon filter using different natural cleaners to help.

How to clean air conditioner filters

How to clean aircon filter with vinegar

  1. Some models should be removed and replaced instead of cleaning, others need a solid bath before they are ready  to use again. If your version can be recycled, here is how to clean an aircon filter with vinegar in 4 simple steps.
  2. Vacuum your filter to get rid of as much dust and dirt as possible. If you do not have a hose attachment for your vacuum, you can take out the filter and then vacuum. This technique, anyway , may be a quite messier, as grime and soot is dislodged during removal of the filter. For regular cleaning, you can prevent after this step.
  3. Soak your filter in a combination of equal parts water and vinegar for an hour, or two if it is mainly dirty. If you do not have vinegar, a dash of dish detergent will perform the trick.
  4. Remove and let dry. Do not wash the filters with water, and this will reverse the sanitizing advantages of using vinegar. You can place your filter on top of old towels to hold any excess solution.
  5. Change the filter and enjoy chill, clean air.

How to clean aircon filter with baking soda

This is an amazing natural cleaning agent that will clean your AC filter with ease and remove any bad lingering odors. Here is how to clean your AC filter with baking soda in 5 simple steps:

  • Vacuum your filter to get rid of excess dust and dirt
  • Wet the filter and clean lightly with a bit of dish detergent. You can also take your filter outer area and clean them with a dose.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the filer
  • Rinse the filter and let dry
  • Change the filter and enjoy chill, clean air

Is it safe to put dry sheets in aircon filters?

While it sounds like a best idea to put a dry sheet in the AC filter, do not do it. As perfect as it would be for your home to sell like Island Breeze, you will end up limiting air flow. You also run the danger of creating a mold issue, which may force you to shell out for a new filter.

Now that you know how to clean an aircon by yourself, we will let you in on a pretty secret. You just saved yourself some huge bucks on your power bill. When an AC filter is clogged, the machine has to work harder to chill the air.

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