7 easy steps to extend aircon lifespan

During the hot season in Singapore, aircon is a must. Getting the finest efficiency out of your aircon unit is vital to staying comfortable during the warmest part of the years and assuring you do not feel sweaty in your own house. Keeping your house’s air conditioner unit running longer and stronger is not a hard job by every means either. With these 7 tricks, you will be capable to keep it running smoothly and extend the aircon lifespan for another 5 years!

7 tips to extend aircon lifespan

How long can aircon last?

Your aircon run years round, day and night. At that process, it would not last forever. The average air conditioner lifespan is about 13 to 15 years and aircon furnaces normally last about twenty years. if you stay in a single house for long enough, the unit replacement is inevitable.

How to extend aircon lifespan

  1. Schedule routine air conditioner maintenance

    Schedule routine air conditioner maintenance

    As much as everyone can do for our office or home’s aircon unit, several situations need expert help to extend the aircon lifespan. Professionals recommend that you’ve your aircon system cleaned at least each 2 o 3 months, depending on the climate of the city you’re in. Regular aircon maintenance can increase extend aircon lifespan 120%. Air conditioning servicing frequency can extend your air conditioner lifespan for sure.

    Having experts maintain your air conditioner will make sure it is forever in the best shape and help avoid the development of internal aircon issues. The credentials of aircon repair and maintenance service company shouldn’t be ignored either. Do not discount how vital the expert service you get is, consider how stressful it’d be to try to fix your aircon yourself and what’d occur if it went wrong.

  2. Keep the aircon cool and protected

    Keep the Air conditioner Cool and Protected

    Avoiding putting outdoor and indoor systems in direct sun or close other heat-producing devices, use blinds and drapes indoors (particularly on the sunny area of the home), and place the outdoor system below a shady area or awning for additional protection. Though, you need to install it at enough of space so twigs and leaves do not get stuck in the fan. Ensure to keep the space around the system free of loose dirt, grass, and weeds clipping too.

  3. Take out air flow blockages

    Take out Air Flow Blockages

    In addition clear, the area around the air conditioner condenser ensures that the inside circulation of air stays unobstructed also. And Keep the space across return inlets and cooling vents obvious of obstacles, and eliminate any built-up dirt and dust around dampers with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, make sure that drapes as well as furniture are not blocking the flow of air among rooms either. If the cool air can flow smoothly via the home, the air conditioner does not have to fight against pressure imbalances. It’ll also extend the aircon lifespan.

  4. Make sure it is clean and debris free

    Make sure it is clean and debris free

    Just like any other big appliance in your house, your air conditioner features more efficiently when it is clean as well as well maintained. Follow the proper manufacturer guidelines for seasonal air conditioner cleaning and keep the outer system clear of grass clipping, mud, and other debris. To extend the aircon lifespan, the indoor coils should be clean on a regular basis. Also, check for water pooling in the water drain lines, and raise the system higher in if moisture is collecting near it.

  5. Change the air filters

    Change the house aircon Filters

    The air conditioner air filters are probably the most vital component in terms of efficiency and performance. During scheduled air conditioner repair and maintenance, the air conditioner expert will inspect and replace the air filters, but you might need to do this more often, all depending on the use to extend the aircon lifespan. Normally, air filters should be altered each one to two months. They can get clogged with dirt, pollen, dust, or pet dander, tough, so replace them more often if you live in a city like Singapore, a dusty place or your house has a poor quality of air.

  6. Regularly inspect air ducts

    Regularly Inspect aircon Air Ducts

    The air conditioner ducts push conditioned air form cooling and heating systems into your house. If there’re gaps, leaks loose looks, or obstacles in the air conditioner ductwork, cold air can flee before reaching areas, the air conditioner has to work harder and harder. It’ll reduce the lifespan of aircon. Check all the air ducts on a usual basis to extend the aircon lifespan and rapidly repair any damage that you found. Also ensure that ducts have adequate insulation, as well as give joints with additional support where required.

  7. Keep temperatures consistent

    Keep aircon Temperatures Consistent

    Not each one can agree on a similar temp every time. but if your family members argue about inside temp constantly as well as frequently adjust the aircon thermostat, you’d be putting more pressure on your AC than your realize. Our professional recommends installing a smart aircon thermostat such as Daikin one+ thermostat so you can adjust and completely forget it. If you need some different temp modes in your house, to keep each one happy, the zoning feature could be the perfect solution for optimal efficiency and comfort.

Recommended inverter aircon brands are daikin, panasonic and mitsubishi.

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