How to clean panasonic window type aircon (6 STEPS)

If your panasonic window type aircon is not working well as it tends to be, it might just need a cleaning. AC that is not cooling the room well might need more refrigerant, but buildup dirt, dust, or any kind of debris on the machine’s coils, filters, and other tools could also be a culprit.

Not only a dirty Panasonic window type aircon inefficient, but it can also be harmful to health, as it’d be circulating mildew spores in your house. One or two times a year, take your Panasonic Window type aircon apart and inspect in to keep working like new.

Why should you clean your Panasonic window type aircon regularly?

Why should you clean your Panasonic Window type AC

Air conditioners work by collecting damp in the air from the inside of your house to produce cold air. Normally humid drains out of the system are injected into the coils to assist cool the refrigerant, but a few times it gets a block in the system, where it contributes and stagnates to the development of mildew and mold. Aside from the smell, this can make, it also aggravates harmful allergies.

One more reason to clean your Panasonic window type aircon the inside of your AC is to remove debris that’d prevent drainage to damp. If the level of accumulated humidity becomes severe, it can reason moisture to leak via the unit and onto the window or the floor below the system.

In addition to the debris, mold, and humidity, preventing the accumulation of dirt is one more fine reason to clean the inside of your panasonic window type AC. The filter does a fine job of keeping most of the dirt out of your AC’s inner parts. Though, finer dirt particles can pass via the air filter and stick into the condenser coils inside the system.

If the layer of dirt becomes very thick, it can hinder AC’s cooling features and even reason it to seize up. We recommend you clean aircon filter at least twice per year. If your Panasonic ac have any problem, you may refer to our previous Panasonic fault codes guide to troubleshoot your Panasonic AC.

Panasonic window type aircon cleaning

  1. Unplug the unit, and then eliminate the plastic made trim panel, most probable by cracking it off. Have a friend or family member to assist you to move the AC out and see it onto the table.
  2. Remove the escalating frame and reason by applying a screwdriver to loosen the screws the keep then into place
  3. Straighten bent cooling fins using a fine comb. Utilize a vacuum machine with a soft brush to remove dust and debris
  4. Spray the two AC coils with a can of Air conditioner foaming coil cleaner. Permit the cleaner to sit on the coils.
  5. Wipe down the AC’s fans’ blades using a spray cleaner and soft fabric.
  6. Vacuum the Panasonic window unit’s filter or change it with a fresh one, particularly if you see any mildew spores on it or odor mold in the air. Pour one cup of bleach into the access opening the AC condensation drain to remove any mildew or mold that growing in the unit. Put on protective gloves and wipes the moisture drip pan utilizing soft and clean fabric plunged into bleach.

Let every part thoroughly dry before resembling the AC and putting it back into the window. If you are new to window type aircon and want to know how to install a vertical window air conditioner, our previous article may help.

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