Does air conditioning make you tired

Can air conditioning cause fatigue

The purpose of an air conditioner is to lower the temperature of your room through the cold air. The room can become freezing if the AC has been turned on for many hours. As a result, our body feels chilled with the temperature drop in our room.

Can air conditioning cause fatigue? Yes. A typical response of our body to extreme cold is shivering. Shivering can make us tired. Therefore, the air conditioner can play a role in your body feeling tired and headache.

You can feel a visible difference in your health when outside compared to being inside in a freezing AC room.

Our muscles contract and relax more consistently when our body shivers to keep us warm. That is how we feel tired after staying in an air-conditioned room for so long. 

Does ac make you sleepy

Sometimes the correlation between Ac and you feeling sleepy can go unnoticed. For some, it may be new to hear that the Air conditioner can make you feel sleepy. That is because our body functions at a specific temperature.

A slight drop or increase in temperature can affect the chemical reactions in our body. This effect doesn’t necessarily have to be significant and visible and can be as small as you feel sleeping.

How air conditioners make us feel sleepy is through affecting the rate of reactions in our body. While you feel cold, the body is working for increasing the internal temperature that makes you shiver. Other reactions of our bodywork at a slower rate make us feel tired and hence sleepy.

What should you do when air conditioning makes you tired

It is essential to schedule the time for turning on your air conditioner as it helps avoid the drawbacks of an air conditioner. If you have been feeling drowsy lately, there is a possibility that your air conditioner is responsible for the causation. That is why it is suggested to not sit in an air-conditioned room for an extended time. 

Instead, you should only turn the unit on after certain intervals. Schedule a time according to your routine which you think is suitable for turning on the Ac. It is difficult to combat the scorching heat for summers but ask yourself, is it essential to turn the air conditioning unit on at all times? Ac provides us with cold air that is meant to keep our room cold.

Turning the air conditioner off doesn’t mean that all of this chilled air will immediately vanish. Instead, you can turn on the fan to circulate the chilled air thoroughly in the room. We often also let the unit run while we sleep. That is a common reason behind waking up tired or lazy.

Set a timer for when you think it is suitable to switch from the air conditioner to the fan to avoid feeling drowsy. You should also try altering the temperature of the air conditioner thermostat if it is difficult to turn it off at some times. That is another good way of avoiding the drawbacks of running the air conditioner throughout the day.

Can aircon make your fall asleep faster

As mentioned earlier, an air conditioner does make us tired and sleepy. Hence, it is common for us to fall asleep faster. But it is guaranteed that you will sleep comfortably. Yes. Where AC does provide us with comfort and make us feel sleepy, it is evident that this sleep is uninterrupted and cosy. It can affect your sleeping pattern and depth.

What experts suggest is to set the air conditioner at a specific temperature throughout the day. That helps the body in getting used to this temperature. It is not always necessary to lower the thermostat temperature further at night.

If a specific temperature is maintained throughout the day, you will sleep much better and not feel drowsy when you wake up. Our body temperature is already lower while we sleep. If the room is freezing in such a situation, we will feel tired and wake up in the middle of the night.

Does ac make you sleep more

Yes, air conditioners are likely to make you sleep more. That is because our body temperature adapts to the surrounding temperature.

A lower temperature means that the reactions in our body are also at a lower rate which makes us sleepier and dizzier. We are likely to sleep more with this repeated pattern.

If you spend more time indoors, you tend to sleep more often and probably better. There is a visible difference between being indoors and outdoors. Since our body regulates better at low temperatures rather than higher temperatures, we feel sleepier and more heavy-eyed.

What happens if you fall asleep with AC

There are many side effects that we are likely to experience from sleeping in Ac such as;

  • Spending an extended amount of time in low temperatures makes us extra tired and sleepy. If you sleep with the AC routinely, there is a chance you will wake up more tired. That is why it is suggested not to set your air conditioner at a shallow temperature, especially while you sleep.
  • Another effect of sleeping in the air conditioner is dehydration. Turning the air conditioner for an extended period eliminated the moisture from our surroundings extensively. The surrounding moisture is necessary for body hydration. In its absence, we can feel dehydrated and light-headed. Dehydration is a common reason behind headaches. The biological response to dehydration is temporary brain shrinkage that causes headaches.
  • The human body adapts to a specific temperature. Therefore, if we spend a lot of time sitting and sleeping at the low temperature of the air conditioner, our body is getting used to it. That is a significant drawback of sleeping in AC. Because of this, we find it hard to manage in higher temperatures. It becomes impossible to sleep without an AC as our body is not used to it.

Recommend air conditioner hours per day

Running your air conditioner for an entire day is not suitable. This way, the air conditioner is not just affecting your health but also raising the electricity bills. That is why you must schedule the time for running the air conditioner. It depends on the outside temperature and time of the year. We need the air conditioner during the hot and humid summers.

Some air conditioners are extremely energy efficient and are capable of running all day. There is no need to let the AC run while you are not at home. On other days, let your AC run for at least 30-40 minutes constantly. That is enough time for the cold air to surround the entire room through conventional currents. After this, your room should remain at the desired temperature for a decent time. If you feel the heat again, repeat as suggested. You can also alter the temperature during sleeping and waking up.

Air conditioning sickness symptoms

It is always true that there is a correlation between sickness and air conditioners. However, there could be a relationship if you noticed the following symptoms lately while being in the air conditioner.

  • One of the common symptoms of suffering through sickness because of an air conditioner is a constant headache and feeling exhausted. As already explained, the air conditioner can keep us dehydrated, which causes headaches. We also tend to feel sleepier and experience a change in sleeping patterns. That can make us feel extra exhausted and lazy. We often find ourselves light-headed and tired. You must consider altering the air conditioner’s temperature if you are experiencing headaches or drowsiness.
  • Suppose you feel cold or catch flu despite having any seasonal infection that your AC might be playing a role in it. That is because of dehydration. The inner lining of our nose dehydrates with the rest of our body. Therefore, it becomes more sensitive and less efficient for trapping pollutants that enter our bodies through the nose. AC also contributes to the spread of the virus by flying the air across the room. Therefore, the sickness you are suffering from maybe because of the air conditioning initiating it.
  • Another symptom of suffering through AC sickness is heat intolerance. As detailed earlier, spending an extensive amount of time in AC affects your tolerance towards heat. You are unable to cope with a higher temperature. That results in high blood pressure. Dehydration also affects our blood pressure which is caused by the running air conditioner. That is another way through which we feel dizzy and tired as our blood flow is affected.
  • Our body’s response to being in a lower temperature for a long time is shivering. Shivering can give us tired muscles as they have been relaxing and frequently contracting to cope with the low temperature. Because of this, you are likely to wake up tired. If you have been feeling specific muscle aches and repeated patterns in waking up tired, that is probably another symptom of suffering through air conditioner sickness.

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