Does AC reduce oxygen level in AC room?

It is general knowledge that human being needs oxygen to keep on living. So if you live in a full airconditioned house, you might have for once wonder does air conditioner has oxygen?

Well, it’s pretty logical to think in that manner since it’s normal to close windows and doors when the air conditioner is on, thereby keeping out oxygen in the process.

Does air condition have oxygen

No! Air condition does not have oxygen The drain fan withdraws air from the room, which makes the room depressurized (there will be less air pressure in the room than in the outside).

Oxygen or fresh air can come in through the slightest opening anywhere around the room or under the door or even anytime we open our doors to go to the kitchen or living room.

Does AC give oxygen

No! AC does not give oxygen.

The air conditioner does not give oxygen but can supply the room with sufficient oxygen. Most air conditioner companies attach ducts to AC. This duct takes enough oxygen from the outside to the room or building.

Does AC reduce or increase the oxygen level in a room

An air conditioner does not have a chemical reaction that could allow it to decrease or increase the amount of oxygen that is present in a room. However, it can reduce the humidity level in a conditioned air by taking away moisture in the air.

By doing this, the air conditioner can only successfully reduce the percentage of oxygen present in the air and not the mass.

How AC room get oxygen

Lots have already been saying about how oxygen gets in an air-conditioned room. This aspect is only meant to provide additional information as to how oxygen might escape into the room even though it’s closed while the air conditioner operates.

Air conditions take air in the room outside and bring in air from the outside through its heat pump. This air is then cooled by the coolant and circulated all through the room. The air brought in through the heat pump contains oxygen.

Can AC cause suffocation

Yes, it can cause suffocation!

This can happen when an individual was previously engaged in a physical activity that rapidly increases the respiratory rate (for example running) and without taking enough break, rushes back to a cold full air-conditioned room.

Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction may occur. A situation whereby the airway tightens after an exercise. The cold air may cause the air sac to tighten making it difficult to breathe out just as in the case of asthma even though you are not asthmatic.

When this happens, such an individual can end up suffocating.

How to check oxygen levels in aircon room

You can check the oxygen level in an air conditioner room with an oxygen monitor.

Air condition does not take away oxygen from the room because absorbed air is replenished although in the process some particles like moisture might be lost.

However, when gases like nitrogen and argon leak into the room, it could cause the oxygen in the room to drop drastically.

These gases are odorless and colorless, so they could cause difficult to detect and when oxygen drops below standard for life sustainability (19.5), it could be hazardous to our health. Considering this, it is highly imperative to monitor oxygen levels.

How can I maintain the oxygen levels in split AC fitted room

Before you proceed with the guidelines to be provided shortly, ensure that your room is completely sealed. It is important to note this because the room leaks gases, it would be difficult to manage the oxygen level in the room.

Guidelines on how to maintain oxygen level in split AC fitted room

  1. Get oxygen set from a manufacturing company to help regulate the oxygen level. The manufacturer will help with the installation so you don’t have to bother yourself about that.
  2. Open the window anytime you’re experiencing uneasiness mostly with your breathing or better still, open it every 2 hours.
  3. You can leave a slight opening in the room (leaving your door ajar) to accommodate the inflow of oxygen.
  4. Install exhaust fans! Exhaust fans help to depressurize the room by withdrawing air from the room. When the room is depressurized, the air coming into the room through space under the door and every other tiny space should be sufficient.
  5. Preserve plants like the snake plant, Aloe-vera, Peepa, Chinese Evergreen, money plants, Gerbera Daisy e.t.c. to provide enough oxygen. However, the carbon cycle changes during the night so you might have to take extra precautions if you’re making use of this method.

How to get rid of CO2 in aircon rooms

It is important to keep co2 level in your house relatively low because too much co2 can be the cause of your migraine, tiredness, and lack of concentration. It is generally recommended that you keep your room co2 level below 1000 ppm.

How to reduce or get rid of co2 in aircon rooms

The most effective way to ensure your aircon room is co2 free is through proper ventilation. Co2 level outside the house is usually very low compared to the co2 inside. Through ventilation, co2 outside is mixed up with the co2 inside the room and this will help keep carbon dioxide (co2) from rising further.

Ways to ensure proper ventilation

1. Install a proper ventilation system. This system will bring fresh air from the outside and naturally mix it up with co2 inside the room thereby keeping it relatively low.

2. Make sure your room is not overcrowded. Exhales from individuals are carbon dioxide, so when too many people stay for a long time in a small space, causing overcrowding, there will be a heavy presence of co2 in the air.

3. Get a co2 detector or monitor! Co2 is both odorless and colorless, so you definitely cannot see them by yourself. A co2 monitor will let you know when your room is high in co2 and when it is low.

An air conditioner with oxygen generator

An air conditioner with an oxygen generator usually has a reservoir that stores condensed water collected from the AC evaporator. An electrolyzer then works on this reserved condensed water and turns it into enough oxygen suitable for your room.

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