How to protect air conditioner from theft

Do you have an idea that the air conditioner is one of the most common things that is stolen by thieves? Can people break in through AC? This is one of the main reasons people need an air conditioner theft alarm or learn how to secure an ac unit from theft using an ac compressor security cage.

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner can easily be stolen as it is usually fixed at a place where house residents don’t go very often, especially during the night. As we all know that installing an air conditioner away from your residential area is necessary but we need to protect it from thieves as well.

So, how to protect your air conditioner from theft? This complete guide will address different aspects and methods of protecting your air conditioner unit in the best way possible.

Do AC units get stolen

The outdoor units of an air conditioner get stolen more often. There are various valuable things inside your AC unit that are attractive to thieves as they can get a bunch of money with little effort. You may think that stealing an outdoor unit of the air conditioner is not that easy job because of its big bulky size but the reality is a bit different.

Thieves usually don’t steal the whole of your AC unit, instead, they just open it and take out the things that are valuable and can give them money. There are possibilities that your unit may look perfect from the outside but when you open it, all the major accessories are missing inside.

Can someone steal freon from the AC unit

Stealing freon is becoming a popular trend among many thieves. Such thieves don’t steal freon to sell it as it cannot be stored and sold easily. They steal freon from AC to inhale it and use it as a drug. This is reality as a group of teenagers were caught while sitting on the roof of a house and inhaling freon directly from the pipes of an AC’s outdoor unit.

Why do people steal AC units

Do keep this fact in mind that thieves don’t steal your AC units to get them installed at their house and enjoy the cool breeze of it. They steal compressors and condensers from the units just to take out valuable metals from them.

These compressors or condensers include platinum, copper, and many other valuable metals that cannot only be sold easily but can bring a big amount of profit as well.

Can I claim my air conditioner on my insurance if stolen

The insurance of AC itself that is provided by the manufacturer or seller will never cover stolen issues in its criteria.

They only offer repairing or other facilities if the damage is caused to your air conditioner unit because of some electronic issues such as a short circuit. They may also cover the compressor life as you can claim a new unit or at least a new compressor if it stops working within 5 years.

Although AC insurance does not give you the ability to claim a new unit if an old one is stolen, some other homeowners insurances are there that can help you in this regard.

Different organizations give you home insurance that covers your stolen appliances and accessories as well. However, you may have to pay specific charges on an annual basis to avail yourself of such insurance for your homes.

How to protect the outside AC unit from theft

You don’t have to worry about getting your air conditioner unit stolen because there are various efficient as well as inexpensive methods to protect your AC unit from such break-ins and thefts.

  • Lock Gates
  • Deploy CCTV Camera
  • Well Lit the Area
  • Lock the Disconnect Box
  • Remove Ladders or Decks

Lock Gates:

Forgetting to lock your gate is one of the major reasons that lead to a stolen AC unit. Locking your gates and fences mitigate the chances of theft break-ins to a greater extent.

Deploy CCTV Camera:

Having security cameras in your house will not only record the person if he is trying to steal your AC unit but will demotivate the thieves as well. Research shows that there are 90% fewer cases of thefts in houses where CCTV security cameras are installed.

Well Lit the Area:

Install a light bulb right above your AC unit. Thieves will try not to go to a place that is well lit and can be seen from a big distance.

Lock the Disconnect Box:

Thieves will never try to steal your AC unit if they cannot cut off the electricity from it. Locking your disconnect box will give them no access to the running electricity while mitigating the chances of AC unit stealing to a greater extent.

Remove Ladders or Decks:

There shouldn’t be any ladders for decks that give access to your air conditioner unit. AC units are usually installed high on the wall and not getting a ladder will make the stealing process extremely difficult for the thieves, if not impossible.

Air conditioner security cage

A security cage is probably the best thing to install that can protect your air conditioner unit from thieves. Thieves will move on as they are not there to spend a whole night just to cut off the iron-made cages from your outdoor units.

You can purchase cages specifically manufactured for AC units and can get them made by yourself by contacting an ironworks company as well.

Do make sure that the cage is created in such a way that it doesn’t block the airflow of the AC unit. Blockage of AC unit’s airflow will not only affect its performance but may ruin it entirely as well.

Air conditioner anti-theft devices

Electronic alarms have a huge reputation among anti-theft devices. If you are looking for a thing that can warn you while someone is putting their hands on your AC unit, an alarm could be the best option.

Apart from these alarms, a motion sensor light and security cameras also fall in the category of air conditioner anti-theft devices.

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