How to stop dog from peeing on air conditioner

We all love our pets and especially our dogs but there is a bitter reality as well. Sometimes dogs can do things that can bring losses or damages to us or our property. Although they don’t do this with some clear intention of damaging, you have to make some preparations to prevent such things from happening, for example, dog urine on the air conditioner unit.

Peeing is a natural factor and if your dog does this on your carpet or floor, you may feel a bit annoyed but can wipe it off without requiring any major procedure. But when it comes to your dog peeing on an air conditioner, things can dramatically change as this practice can cost you a repairing fee or maybe a complete change of AC unit as well.

So, how to keep dogs from peeing on the air conditioner?

Can dog pee damage the air conditioner

Can dog pee damage the air conditioner

Dog pee contains various kinds of acids with huge corrosive properties. If your dog is peeing on your air conditioner unit on a constant or regular basis, the urine can easily start eating the metal through your air conditioner’s aluminum fins and coils.

Condenser coils have the purpose of taking heat from the inside of your room and throwing it into the outdoor environment. Aluminum fins are equipped to increase the efficiency of condenser coils while allowing them to transfer heat from indoor to outdoor environments in a rapid manner.

If either of these things is affected by dog pee, you may face the following issues. 

  • Freon Deficiency.
  • High Electricity Bills.
  • Freon Replacement.
  • Low Efficiency and Performance.
  • Replacement of Coils and Aluminium Fins.
  • Replacement of the whole AC Outdoor Unit.

Why dog urine can ruin your air conditioner

Why dog urine can ruin your air conditioner

As said earlier, dog urine includes chemicals and acids that can actually eat metal of various types and aluminum comes on the top of the list. We all know that most coils and fins equipped in an air conditioner are of aluminum or are completely coated with aluminum.

If your dog urinates on your air conditioner unit, such parts of the unit will begin to turn into rust and dust. This will eventually lead to the leakage or breakage of the coils and fins that can ruin AC units in one place while requiring a good repairing cost on the other.

Why do dogs love to pee in the air conditioner

Your outdoor air conditioner unit throws warm air which is usually liked by dogs. Apart from this, dogs can pee at any place but they find AC interesting as they can support their leg on the AC unit while peeing.

Some experts also claim that the running sound of an air conditioner outdoor unit also attracts dogs towards it and they eventually end up peeing on the unit for no reason.

Do dogs chew wires on AC units

Whether you have a puppy or dog of any age, gender, and breed, they will love to chew wires on your air conditioner unit. They cannot only chew the thermostat wires of your AC unit but some other parts as well.

We all know that chewing a bone is considered the trademark of dogs and this habit can be implied on almost all kinds of products. The best way to stop dogs from chewing wires is to keep them indoors.

How to protect an AC unit from a dog

How to protect an AC unit from a dog
  1. Installing a cage or fence around the air conditioner is probably the best solution. It will not only demotivate your dog from going near to your air conditioner unit but will make it extremely hard for the dog to reach and pee directly on your unit.
  2. One of the finest ways is to plant bushes at some distance to your air conditioner unit. This will prevent dogs from peeing on the AC, instead, the bushes will keep the urine spray away from the unit even if your dog pee near it. 
  3. Some odors annoy dogs and using such odor near your air conditioner will keep dogs away from it. Simply spray such odor near the air conditioner unit or on the bushes if there are any.

How to clean dog urine from the air conditioner

  1. The first and most important thing is to cut off all the electricity coming towards your air conditioner unit. Take the switch out of the socket or turn the circuit breaker off so that you can work without worrying about getting any shocks.
  2. Remove the proactive grills of the AC unit and wash them off with a garden hose. Don’t throw water under extreme pressure. Gently run the water at the very spot where urine is visible.
  3. Spray water on the aluminum coils near the urinated area with gentle water pressure.
  4. Use a fin cleaning brush to clean the aluminum fins on both internal and external sides.
  5. Clean other parts of the air conditioner as well to remove dust and debris from the area.
  6. Let the air conditioner unit dry for about an hour or more.
  7. Turn ON the breaker and run your air conditioner without worrying about anything. 

How to keep dogs from chewing AC wires

  1. The best way is to hide these wires inside the air conditioner unit. Even if some wires cannot be kept inside the unit, they can be protected by putting some things protective over them.
  2. Create a barrier that can stop dogs from going near the AC wires. One of the best ways is to build a fence that completely closes the way to reach the air conditioner unit or its wires.
  3. Apply some taste deterrents directly on the wires. The dogs will immediately leave the wire as soon as they notice the gross taste on the wires.
  4. Provide your dog with some alternative to chew. Giving them a bone even if it is not original but safe for their health can bring you efficient results. 
  5. Train your dog to stay away from your AC unit and wires. This may take time but can be implemented.

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