Will air conditioning kill gnats

Gnats are flying insect that thrives in an environment with high humidity. Air conditioner on the other hand helps to reduce the amount of humidity present in the air. Therefore, it’s logical to want to draw a likely relationship between these two phenomena. So you might have come across this question, “will air conditioning kill gnats”? either while having a conversation with friends or on the internet.

Do gnats like cold air

No, they do not like cold air!

Gnats are greatly affected by cold weather or environment, but rather thrive in a highly humidified and hot area. Gnats body contains antifreeze protein which makes their body a lot tougher when it is exposed to cold.

Will cold air kill gnats

No, cold air does not kill gnats.

Although gnats grow at a temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit but can also survive temperatures above freezing level. Gnats may not necessarily die as a result of cold air, but it could damage both the head and tail tissues of a gnats larvae.

What temperature will kill gnats

32-degree Celcius

Do gnats sleep at night

Yes, gnats sleep most times at night and take a brief nap some time in the daytime.

Gnats sleeping cycle is almost identical to that of humans. Just like humans, their sleeping cycle involves two stages, soft sleep, and deep-seated sleep.

Most flies like gnats are very active during the day and become passive during the night (this does not mean they don’t go out at night). This happens because they require polarized light for effective vision and their little brain also needs enough sleep for proper functioning.

Gnats vs Fruit flies

Gnats and fruit flies are almost identical so you can hardly pinpoint the difference between the two. They operate in the same manner and have a similar height. Because of their almost similar identity, it is almost impossible to spot the difference between the two unless you pay close attention to them.

You might be wondering why the need for this comparison. Well, it becomes highly imperative to be able to differentiate between these two because both require different treatments for complete elimination. They both are not managed the same way.

Differences between gnats and Fruit flies

1. Appearance

Gnats and Fruit flies may seem similar at first, but possess different physical attributes like shape, color, and eyes

  1. Shape: The difference in their shape can best be described when compared to other flies. The Fruit flies possess a circular-shaped shadow similar to that of a housefly. While Gnats on the other hand has a droopy leg and an elongated body similar to that of a small mosquito.
  2. Color: Fruit flies are usually tan or black. While Gnats have dark grey or black color.
  3. Eyes: Fruit flies boasts a big red eye while Gnats have small eyes.

2. Habitat

Though they seem similar, they never compete for territory. Both grow and breed in a completely different environment.

Fruit flies feed on overripe fruits and spoiled foods dumped inside wastebaskets. These wastes also serve as a nesting spot. While Gnats on the other hand feeds on organic matter found in the garden soil and or potted plant soils in the house. This also serves as a nesting place for them.

3. Control

Both Gnats and Fruit flies reproduce rapidly and this accounts for the reason why they both exist in large numbers. Gnats destroy plants and Fruit flies spread diseases by picking up bacterias from contaminated foods. Considering the threat posed by these pests, controlling them should be the top priority of all homeowners. Although they may be similar, both require different control measures. Details will be provided on how to control Gnats in the later sections of this article.

Do gnats turn into flies

No, gnats don’t turn to flies.

Originally, gnats belong to the fly family so it will be kind of trippy to think gnats turn into flies. But here’s where confusion always sets in, adult gnats are almost the same size as a baby fly so people with no deep-rooted knowledge about them can easily get confused.

Why do I have fungus gnats in the air conditioner

A moisturized area provides a breeding ground for gnats and some other flies. So if your air conditioner has a moisture problem, your ac unit could be their shelter and anytime you turn on your AC, it blows them into your house through the Ac vent or the duct.

How to get rid of gnats in air vents

You can get rid of gnats in your air vent by simply following these steps.

  1. Get a cup, then fill it up with, a teaspoon of sugar, apple cedar vinegar, and a little drop of dish soap.
  2. Wrap up the cup lid with a clear packaging wrap.
  3. Make few holes on the packaging wrap using a pen.
  4. Then place it in the infested areas.
  5. Watch patiently as gnats gather around the bait and die.

What smells do gnats hate

Gnats are attracted to fruits because they smell sweet. However, gnats can not tolerate the smell of lemon, vanilla, and lavender. For effective use, lit a citronella candle with vanilla or lemon spray. The smell will permeate the entire room in no time.

Homemade gnat repellant

You can make your gnat repellant at home by following these steps.

  1. Make a solution of water, dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar.
  2. Get a spray bottle and fill it up with this solution.
  3. Identify infested areas and spray generously.

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