Daikin smile series

Daikin smile series

The Daikin smile series ( some people also call it Daikin i smile series ) has every spec and advantage you need in your house aircon. It is rated at

Daikin skyfi vs daikin airbase

Daikin skyfi vs daikin airbase (11 FACTS)

This article will show you the full guide on the Daikin skyfi and Daikin airbase features. Daikin is a Japanese producer of residential HVAC systems and one of the world’s biggest

daikin one+ thermostat

Daikin one+ thermostat (HONEST REVIEW)

Why you need Daikin one+ smart thermostat? Starting with your smart thermostat is a decent spot to begin in case you’re looking to smarten up your home. It encourages you

Panasonic SKY Series and AERO Series

Panasonic SKY Series and AERO Series

Did you notice? The indoor air can be ten times worse than outdoor air! This is complete thanks to our dead skin, fallen hair, clipped toenails, and animal fur which



The Daikin SMARTO aircon combines both the featured of Daikin air purifier and an air conditioner to not just clean but cool the air all at once. It is specially

daikin fit review

Daikin fit

The Daikin fit is a revolutionary inverter aircon that runs nonstop at low power levels, increasing your power efficiency and continuously adjusting the compressor’s speed to meet the demand of

Top system 3 aircon for hdb

Top system 3 aircon for hdb

What is system 3 aircon? There are several types of air conditioners in the market. We recommend you do your own research first before choose the best aircon for your

What is solar air conditioner

Lennox XPG20 Solar air conditioner

Solar air conditioner worth it? When many people start to think about how they can keep their home cool during the hot weather, the energy bill accumulation is the main

Toshiba aircon review

Best toshiba aircon review 2020

Looking for an honest toshiba air conditioner review? You come to the right place. Before we show the Toshiba inverter aircon models we recommend, please allow us to tell you

midea aircon good?

midea aircon review

Midea group is Chinese appliance manufacture, making washing machines, fridges, clothes dryers, and midea aircon. It is based on Guangdong and what you might not know is that it has

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