Sanyo aircon review

Is Sanyo aircon good?

Yes, the unique and best technology makes Sanyo air conditioner better for the users. A user-friendly system is always good for all; it’s makes Sanyo air conditioner good. A sleek & elegant look is a hot topic of discussion among all. It will give your room stylish & more inviting looks. Sanyo provides their product, a hidden feature that will hide the temperature indicate display, with a very creative way. It also gives you access to control by a glowing backlit remote.

The most important issue is Sanyo use the best and eco-friendly R32 gas to their product. That is very much good for you. This R32 gas is more beneficial and healthy. R32 gas also Emission too low Global heating possibility and help to save the ozone layer. Sanyo air conditioner is one of the most power-efficient products with SEER-13 technology.SEER-13 will save 30% of energy consumptions. All the above features are excellent and beneficial for the users. So, it is a good aircon for all.

Highly energy-efficient technology with 5-star RatingThe display button is not clear on the remote
Reasonable price than other splits AC’sNo protective grill for the outside unit
5 Years of compressor warranty & 1 year for condenserThe power cord is not supplied for connection to the source
Whisper quite a sound level (43 dB) 
Used eco-friendly & safe R32 refrigerant gas 
Duo cool inverter technology 
Anti-dust filter 
Auto re-start and a timer option 

The glorious history of Sanyo

The meaning of Sanyo is “three oceans.” Panasonic’s online brand, Sanyo started their journey After World War 2; this is one of the best Japanese electronics manufacturer companies, a Fortune Global 500. Fortune Global 500 is a magazine name. This magazine publishes the list of high earned revenue companies lists annually. The Sanyo was born from the giant Japanese electric company whose name was Matsushita. After World War 2, Sanyo separated from the Matsushita. And they started their journey. After the world war, people start to rebuild their property, and Sanyo started production with keep in mind, what people need. That is very helpful in achieving fame and joss.

Special features of Sanyo air conditioner

  1. Stylish & more inviting looks
  2. Glacier Mode
  3. Duo Cool Inverter
  4. Anti-dust Air Filters system
  5. Hydrophilic Fins
  6. Self-Diagnosis Feature
  7. Backlit remote control features
  8. Copper Condenser
  9. Sophisticated inverter technology
  10. R32 Refrigerant

Major features of Sanyo aircon

Stylish & more inviting looks

A sleek & elegant look is a hot topic of discussion among all. It will give your room stylish & more inviting looks, that is awesome.

Glacier Mode

All the Sanyo split ac comes with glacier mode and gives more comfort to the users. When you turn on this mode, it will rapidly cool your room. It will increase the fan speed around 35% than normal mode and instantly increase the temperature. It will help you so much when you cool your area instantly.

Anti-dust Air Filters system

The filtering system is very much important things for any aircon. Sanyo has PM 2.5 filtering system. It does protect you from the bad bacteria, dust, pollen, and many more suspended molecules. This technology makes your environment so natural and safe to living.

Wireless control

Sanyo primarily designs their controller for hassle-free operation. The small and user-friendly design makes it useful. It has a display and some button to control on/off and set the timer.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 makes Sanyo aircon an eco-friendly product using this R32 Refrigerant; it reduces the Emission rate of bad gas for the ozone layer. They always focus on the extreme comfort of the users and also take care of the earth. This type of Refrigerantreduces the chance of accidental fire. That’s why everyone loves this type of Refrigerant. Because everyone wants their safety first

Self-Diagnosis Feature

Users can’t understand what is going on inside their AC’s. So, the Self-Diagnosis system is most beneficial for the users. These features help to know the fault earlier with error code on the temperature showing area. One of the best Sanyo air conditioner model

One of the best aircon models of Sanyo

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-15T5SCIC)

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC SISO-15T5SCIC

This is the best power efficient and good looking model lunched by Sanyo hvac. It gives you whisper quite an operation all day. The 5-star rating shows the quality level of this air-conditioned. It comes with a unique Sleek & elegant design. The main feature is Glacier Mode, Anti-dust Air Filters system, R32 Refrigerant, Self-Diagnosis Feature.

This model especially provides some good features, such as; Dust filter, advanced dehumidifier, and air purifier. And also, use R32 refrigerant gas, which is very much good for you. This R32 gas is more beneficial and healthy. R32 gas also Emission too low Global heating possibility and help to save the ozone layer.


Model NumberSI/SO-15T5SCIA
Energy Efficiency Rate5 Star
Noise level43 dB
Capacity1.5 tons
Installation TypeSpilt System
Control SystemRemote Control
Voltage Rating230 V
Product Weight11 KG


It’s time to decide that Sanyo aircon is really good? Yes, why not. We are already discussing all the good and bad thinks of this aircon. We discussed their history. Sanyo has a legendary past, and now a day this company already one step forwarded in the technology. Step forward Technology highlighted Sanyo. Everyone wants Sanyo because of their advance, safe, and eco-friendly technology.

So, why it’s not a good choice? You can trust them. They have no negative reviews after they started their journey. It has useful review, Sleek & elegant look, best and advances features & technology. Sanyo provides its customer service officially by over350 customer care center. That is helpful for the users. Users can easily contact the Sanyo service center for any problem and solve their problems.

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