The Daikin SMARTO aircon combines both the featured of Daikin air purifier and an air conditioner to not just clean but cool the air all at once. It is specially made with a unique streamer air purification feature to remove particles, smell, and allergens to deliver the best indoor air quality as well as cooling for you and your family members.

With the arrival of internet technology around the globe, now people have adopted the next wave of state of the art technology, known as Smart Air conditioner technology. With years of development and deep research, Daikin Singapore has incorporated Smart Daikin technology into its air conditioner known as Daikin SMARTO.

This daikin smarto premium r32 has 7 significant functions that allow the air conditioner to provide extreme indoor air quality as well as a wonderful cooling experience.

Key features of Daikin SMARTO

  • Daikin SMARTO DriftDaikin Smart drift technology makes it possible for the wonderful cooling comfort to be spread evenly all through the room.
  • Daikin Smart Breeze – Daikin Smart Breeze feature forms a varying blend of cordial breeze. Space becomes a dedication to nature.
  • Daikin Smart 3D airflow – Smart 3D airflow allows enhanced air drift coverage in the room for even quicker and efficient cooling reach in a smooth way.

The intelligent sense function integrated into the daikin r32 inverter aircon detects the presence of humans in the area mechanically. And it gives airflow control based on a function you can preset. The Smart Sense function also has 2 features known as Smart Eco Max and Smart Power Plus.

  • Smart Power Plus – The Smart Power Plus function gives a max cooling for space and directs supreme, cool air in the direction of the person that was caught in the area for a period of twenty minutes.
  • Smart Eco Max – The Smart Eco Max feature makes sure the max energy is saved by mechanically adjusted its temp according to the presence of humans in the area. For example, the preset temp will boost by a degree for every twenty minutes when there’s no presence of humans in the area until it gets to a max temp of twenty-seven degrees.

Smart Control

Daikin Smart Control

Dakin Smart Control function lets the user manage Daikin smarto through the Daikin Mobile Device controller application from anyplace, as long as the daikin r32 inverter AC has a steady Wi-Fi link. This Smart Control function allows users to conveniently as well as remotely manage the temp in their house with just a couple of steps on their cell phones.

Smart Clean

Daikin Smart Clean

The Daikin Smart Clean function is a combined layer of three filtration unique technology, including PM 2.5, Green Tea Filter, and Daikin streamer discharge system. These 3 functions work jointly as an extreme air purifier to give your home or office with better air quality and air cooling.

  • PM 2.5 is a function that assists to eliminate good particles matters of smaller or 2.5 micrometers.
  • The Green Tea filter function assists to deactivate the activity of virus, bacteria, and also freshen smells caught in the air filter area.
  • The Daikin Streamer Discharge system discharge extreme speed electron that lets decomposition and elimination of allergens such as mites, pollen grains, mite sands several other harmful chemicals.

Smart Drift

Daikin Smart Drift

The Daikin Smart Drift function helps to produce an air follow effect towards the way the end of the space where an immaculate allocation of the air is made. The air cooling comfort is spread at a similar rate all through space.

Smart Breeze

Daikin Smart Breeze

The Daikin Smart Breeze function allows airflow to be orchestrated at the different speed and strength and leading to the configuration of varying blends of cordial breeze. With this function, your area becomes a pure dedication of nature.

Smart Sleep Plus

Daikin Smart Sleep Plus

This Daikin Smart Sleep Plus function can be activated to initiate auto temp adjustments to balance the changes in the body temp during your sleep. All combined with the LED Dimmer function, the Daikin Smart Sleep Plus function makes sure a pleasant sleep all through the night.

Smart Powerful +

Smart Powerful +

With the rapid development of the smart features in the world, people and companies have adopted the future wave of high tech, known as Smart Powerful + to remain relevant in the radar of the consumers. Following this Daikin Singapore’s latest SMARTO Premium AC highlight this significant feature.

Smart Powerful Plus function produces direct spot cooling with the area for max cooling and comfort. The louver mechanically maneuvers through a thermal sensor to direct rapid cooling form the middle spot to one individual.

Smart Powerful Plus feature detects individual preference in the area and gives airflow control based on the chosen function. It has the main function known as Smart Powerful Plus which is a feature that provides max cooling for the area and directs powerful cool air towards the detected people for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

Smart Eco Max

Smart Eco Max

We know Daikin is the world leader when it comes to cooling and heating. Thanks to their constant state of the art innovation in comfort, reliability, and control, they define the benchmark for best quality within the market and they believe your air can be doing much more. Each day, they aim to make better and better results for their clients, so you can breathe smoothly.

That’s why they build a Smart Eco Max ( also known as smart eco plus ) function with a sophisticated and sleek outlook; Daikin SMARTO redefines the way of cooling by integrating smart features with its inverter series not only high tech features but also supreme energy saving and the ultimate cooling comfort for your family and loved ones.

Smart Eco Max is a smart energy-saving feature, it allows adaptive power usage, based on individual preference, with indicate by a unique indication LED light and the energy consumption level is intuitively turned between colors.

As you consider the features of your home’s inverter comfort system, the Daikin brand is ready to help you with Smart Eco Max to achieve great cooling with extreme energy-saving and long-lasting peace of mind. Take that major attention to quality one step ahead by selecting the Daikin SMARTO premium inverter series for extreme energy saving.

3D Airflow

Daikin 3D Airflow

What is 3d auto in Mitsubishi ac? Daikin 3D airflow function provides a fine air modulation to your area; it produces a rectangular motion of air all through the area. It is made with super air drift coverage, for efficient and faster-cooling reach.

How to smart control?

How to smart control

Life becomes easier with Daikin SMARTO technology. Energy, efficient, better air quality, extremely efficient smart control system all at your fingertips for a modern well-being lifestyle. The New line up of Daikin SMARTO air conditioner does just that. With faster, smarter cooling and cleaner like never before, Daikin SMARTO combines inverter tech with its extremely enhanced energy-saving tech to reach the ultimate energy saving outcome for your area and a top greener environment.

It can happen to anybody, you forget to change the temp of your heat pump unit or AC before leaving the home or you’ll be delayed returning house and want to avoid needlessly cooling or heating your house. What in the past years would have resulted in wasted electricity is no longer issue. With Daikin Smart Control through the internet, faulty conditions can be detected remotely and letting a fast response to problems.

With just a smooth and reliable Wi-Fi link, you can create the ideal temperature for your room by installing the Daikin Application.

Daikin Mobile Controller App puts your AC’s frequently utilized feature at your fingertips with simple to use application. In conjunction with Daikin’s Wireless LAN Adapter, the simple to use app lets you use your tablet or mobile to operate your Daikin SMARTO AC through the internet or Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Connection

A LAN equipped Air Con can simply be joined to a local Wi-Fi connection. Once linked, the unit can be controlled from any networked Apple or Android devices.

Direction Connection

For areas without a Wi-Fi connection, the application can wirelessly link directly to the wireless LAN adapter equipped AC, within the range.

Internet Connection

The entire you need is a permanent internet network for your Wi-Fi connection, and an internet link for your tablet or mobile phone and you can control your unit form digitally anyplace.

Features accessible through the Daikin Smart Control Application

Features accessible through the Daikin Smart Control Application
  • Fan Mode – the indoor AC unit will run to circulate the airflow in the area without heating or cooling
  • Auto mode – your Daikin SMARTO unit will change among heating or cooling to maintain the desired temp range.
  • Cooling Mode – Your Dakin SMARTO unit will only work in cooling mode to keep the desired cooling temp.
  • Heating Mode – your Daikin inverter Air conditioner will only run in heating mode to keep the desired temp
  • Schedule – set or adjust a schedule remotely
  • Dry Mode
  • Your Daikin SMARTO unit will continually work to dry the air without affecting the temp in the room.

In Dakin SMATRO, the Smart Control feature makes your life easier and comfortable.  If you’re interested to purchase Daikin SMARTO and need some additional info, we’re here to help you. for any query contact us now.


The Daikin SMARTO air conditioner is not just like any other sorts of Air Con systems; Daikin SMARTO provides you better indoor cooling and air quality by the automatic regulating temp feature, humidity and ventilation levels, offering a perfect condition every year around. Try out state of the art Daikin SMARTO AC that pampers you after a very busy day.

If you want to buy Daikin SMARTO AC and you’ve questioned in mind, then feel free to contact us now!

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