Lennox XPG20 Solar air conditioner

Solar air conditioner worth it?

When many people start to think about how they can keep their home cool during the hot weather, the energy bill accumulation is the main obstacle that stops many from getting the air conditioner. With electricity bills increasing as a result of the cooling unit, a homeowner can effortlessly spend hundreds of dollars on utility bills per month. If my estimation is right, the amount of cash spent on electricity bills for a year can be equivalent to house rent.

Furthermore, if you are looking for an air conditioner that can ultimately cool your home and still save you some energy bill in the long run, then an air conditioner by solar energy is the best option. How many solar panels to run 1 HP air conditioner?

Air conditioner Lennox is the viable option to debate if you want to replace the existence air conditioner or probably adding them to your space for first use.

Lennox being an innovative manufacturing company since 1895, yet again the company has come up with the green energy an idea to develop a resident solar air conditioner – XPG20 for the first time. However, according to the department of energy, it is claimed that the air conditioner by solar energy can reduce the electricity bills consumed by an air conditioner by up to 50%. Moreover, heating and cooling are among the most home energy bills, making solar air conditioner a lot of savings.

Lennox XPG20 SunSource Solar Assisted Air Conditioner

First and foremost, it is important to be aware that this product does not use 100% solar energy. However, the solar energy concepts of this air conditioner only focus on a certain segment (the heating and cooling system) of the entire system. However, now that we already know how it works, let us look at the pros of XPG20 to see how homeowners may benefit from the SunSource system.

  1. Quiet operation – The solar air conditioner is designed with silent-grille that uses patent-pending, an innovative vortex-suppression technology that minimizes the sound of airflow that exits the unit, making the unit quieter outside than other air conditioners. In addition to this, Lennox’s air condition has a fully insulated compressor that uses advanced vibration-isolation mounts that nearly silence the operation sound.

  2. Home comfort – XPG20 uses a two-stage technology compressor that runs at a controlled operation speed to provide more precise temperature all the way around your space.

  3. Energy efficiency – Having an efficiency rating that is up to 18.20 SEER as well as 9.70 HSPF can help its potential buyer to save hundreds of dollars annually compared to other cooling units with a standard heat pump.

  4. Environmental responsible – The fact that XPG20 uses power from the sun, it minimizes the electricity need generated by a power plant, therefore reduces the emission of greenhouse gas in the environment. In addition to this, it uses a chlorine-free (R4104 refrigerant), providing its users with more consistent comfort without adverse effects on the environment.

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