Mitsubishi MLZ Series

Development of Mitsubishi Electric’s M Series product offering, the MLZ Series one-way ceiling cassette offers flexible wind current and is viable with most indoor regulators. The minimal warming and cooling unit, intended to fit between standard 16″- dispersing between floor joists, measures 44″ wide by 14″ long, and 7″ high. Offered with an inherent condensate lift system, the roof tape can be overhauled legitimately from underneath the unit.

It is created to be proper for a wide assortment of uses. It is intended to fit between existing joists with the capacity to support from underneath. This mix gives straightforwardness in the establishment and administration of the framework,” said Brinnon Williams, overseer of private item advancement, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s. Cooling and Heating Division. “It’s viable in such a manner, yet the subsequent nature of wind current and client experience stays unaltered.”

The roof tape configuration gives an extra alternative to the item offers from Mitsubishi Electric. It is successful paying little mind to roof tallness due to its movable wind stream. Also, its auto vane control is fit for altering the air course dependent on the property holder’s solace needs.

Moreover, the MLZ One-Way Ceiling Cassette can be overhauled from straightforwardly underneath the unit itself, without requiring an entrance board. This further dispenses with the requirement for temporary workers or remodelers to change the encompassing region to introduce or support the item. It additionally incorporates an underlying condensate lift component with a 19″ lift. With less need to control joists, mortgage holders can appreciate huge cost reserve funds on the establishment.

The newest PLFY-P – Ceiling – Cassette offers a suitable, square-edge, and smooth structure that suits into a comparative 2′ x 2′ estimations a similar number of standard rooftop tiles. The four vanes permit air to stream in different ways for the greatest solace.

The PLFY-P is accessible with a discretionary component – the 3D I-see Sensor™ – which persistently examines the space for inhabitance and makes acclimations to look after solace. The sensor wisely screens the warm profile of a space; consequently recognizing when an individual enters and their warmth mark is identified. It can recognize temperature levels among people and other warm marks, for example, creatures. At the point when a room, for example, a meeting room, lodging, or homeroom, is abandoned, the sensor naturally changes the temperature levels or changes to a vitality effectiveness mode.

MLZ series one-way cassette

The PLFY-P is extraordinary in the manner it fits so well into standard roof tiles, conceivably diminishing work time and expenses for legitimate establishment. We are additionally excited about the incorporation of the 3D I-see Sensor and its capacity to decrease vitality squander by performing several sweeps and constantly observing a space’s temperature. Building proprietors are progressively aware of vitality effectiveness, and we’re happy to have the option to give an innovation that adds to their productivity objectives.

Joe Bush, head of item arranging – business, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s. Cooling and Heating Division

The 2′ x 2′ size of the PLFY-P roof tape makes establishment effective and straightforward. It is accessible in limits running from 5,000 to 18,000 Btu/h. Extra highlights include:

  1. Ventilation air consumption uphold
  2. 3D turbofan to expand wind current
  3. Four fan speed settings, including auto-fan
  4. Corner-pocket plan for the streamlined establishment
  5. Built-in condensate lift system intended to give up to 19-11/16″ of lift
  6. Improved establishment highlights, vitality sparing highlights, and inhabitance location when utilized with the PAR-32MAA-J regulator (bought independently)
Mitsubishi Electric One-way Ceiling Cassette

Slim, streamlined design with many qualities

  • Mitsubishi Electric are specialists in heat siphon customization for all models, huge or little. The MLZ Series One-Way Cassette Heat Pumps might be thin and smooth, however, they sneak up suddenly with regards to unrivaled warming and cooling.
  • MLZ Series One-Way Cassette Heat Pumps are introduced into roof pits to totally let loose floor and divider space. The Dual Level Airflow Selection permits you to modify the warmth siphon vanes to suit the stature of your roof and the Auto Vane Control lets you disperse wind current toward any path you pick. With these highlights readily available, awkward drafts will be no more!
  • The level plan, unadulterated white completion, and very tranquil activity make the MLZ Series One-Way Cassette Heat Pumps a tactful and unpretentious type of warming and cooling.

Mitsubishi electric wi-fi control upgrade

  • With the expansion of grant-winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can control and screen your warmth siphon from anyplace through your cell phone, tablet, or online record.
  • You can pre-warmth or cool a room regardless of what the circumstance – in transit home, running late, getting back home early, or in any event, when you’re in an alternate nation.
  • With Wi-Fi Control you’ll generally show up home to add up to comfort paying little mind to what New Zealand’s capricious climate is doing outside!

MLZ series one-way cassette

Smooth, slim line designAt only 185mm in tallness, the MLZ Series is the ideal answer for low roof holes, while the level, unadulterated white completion gives a smooth and tactful establishment.
Double level airflow selectionThe MLZ Series is ideal for those with standard or high roofs. With the capacity to alter wind current as indicated by roof stature and course (up, down, left, and right), awkward drafts are a relic of times gone by.
Auto vane controlFor a definitive in wind current control, the MLZ outlet vanes can be moved left, right, all over utilizing the distant regulator; for wind stream precisely where you need it.
Calm operationBeginning from simply 26dBA, the MLZ Series offers subtle, calm solace. No other single direction tape is calmer!
Wi-Fi control – never return to an infection home againControl your warm guide from wherever with award-winning Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control! Open with the MLZ-KP Series.

Why choose mitsubishi MLZ series

Why choose mitsubishi MLZ series

Roof box designed for Multi-Split Series, a line elegant and stylish modern design and refined performance, quiet operation, and optimum airflow distribution.

Type mounted on the roofIntroduce roof-mounted streamlined assistance of the rooms. The arrangement of the roof is likewise a great arrangement when lighting hardware is introduced in the focal point of the room and fittings, for example, racking books are mounted on the divider surface.
Thin bodyThis new gadget is furnished with a thin group of the only 175mm in stature, giving simple establishment in any event, when establishment space is restricted. It likewise takes out the requirement for diminishing the roof space administration in more measurements required for establishment.
Econo coolEcono Cool is an insightful temperature control work that manages the measure of air coordinated to the body range situated air outlet. Encompassing temperature can be raised by 2 degrees Celsius without losing solace, in this way accomplishing expansion of 20% vitality proficiency. (Capacity accessible just during the cooling activity manuals).
Econo cool moduleIt keeps up an agreeable domain in the room in any event, when the set temperature 2 degrees Celsius higher than the regular cooling mode.
Auto vaneThe fan kills consequently when the forced air system isn’t utilized, covering the outlet air and making a level surface that is stylishly appealing.
Anti-allergy enzyme (optional)The “Counter allergen electric compound channel” uses the force of the grinding based power charged in the channel, similarly as plasma delivered in the plasma cathode unit to get the microorganisms, dust, and various allergens observable in general, which are then executed by the impetus in the channel.
Catechin filter (optional)Catechin is a bioflavonoid that is found in green tea. Bioflavonoids are a gathering of concoction substances present in numerous plants, that has both antiviral and cancer prevention agent characteristics. Notwithstanding these advantages, Catechin likewise offers superb aerating attributes; which is the reason Mitsubishi Electric uses this compound in its cooling channels to improve air quality as well as forestall the spread of microorganisms and infections inside a room. The channel can be handily eliminated and when washed routinely, aerating adequacy should keep going for over 10 years.
SwingFumes cutting edges go here and there with the goal that air is uniformly spread around the room.
High ceilingOn account of rooms with high roofs, air volume eliminated can be expanded to guarantee that air is circled to the floor.
AutoSpeed mode consequently alters the wind stream inside the gadget fan speed contingent upon current conditions in the room.
Timer function on/offUtilize the far off to set when it begins/stops the climate control system.
ACOThe cooling consequently switches among warming and cooling modes to keep up the ideal temperature.
Auto restartParticularly helpful for power disappointment, the gadget consequently restarts when the current comes.
PAR-30MAA/PAR-21MAA control device (optional)The gadgets are viable with your request or RIP – RIP – 30 mA – 21MAA, which contains an assortment of Management capacities, including a week by week clock.
Centralized control on / off (optional)The gadgets are viable with your request or RIP-RIP-30mA 21MAA, which contains an assortment of Management capacities, including a week after week clock.
Groups of system control device (optional)The same control gadget can control the operational status of up to 16 cooling frameworks.
M-NET connection (optional)Gadgets can associate with the framework control contraption MELANS (M-NET control gadgets) and AG-150A.
Self-diagnosis function (display verification code)Check codes are shown on the controller or activity pointer to advise the client about distinguished shortcomings.
Failure recallOperational disappointments are recorded, permitting affirmation when vital.


The MLZ-KPNA is a roof tape indoor unit for use in multi-zone frameworks. The position of safety configuration is matched with calm tasks that give comfort without disturbing your space. The main obvious part of the unit is its grille, which times in at a thin profundity of 15/16″. With numerous working modes, different fan speeds, and the capacity to fit between standard 16″ joists, this unit can oblige the necessities of about any room. Regardless of whether you are planning an essential warming and cooling framework or enhancing a current one, the MLZ-KPNA is an incredible expansion. 5 Year parts guarantee included.



  • Fits between 16″ joists
  • Available sizes: 9, 12, 18k Btu/h
  • Stylish, square structure board
  • Adjustable fan paces and vane headings
  • Built-in condensate lift instrument (19.6″)
  • Pocket inside the unit for Kumo cloud remote interface
  • Serviceable from the base (electrical and flare associations)


  • Cooling BTU: 9000
  • Cooling Capacity: 9000 BTU
  • Maximum Flow of Air: 325 CFM
  • Minimum Flow of Air: 212 CFM
  • Minimum Level of Sound: 26 dB
  • Maximum Level of Sound: 38 dB

Electrical Data

  • Phase: 1
  • Frequency: 60 Hz


  • Gas Connection Size: 3/8 Inch
  • Liquid Connection Size: 1/4 Inch
  • Product Height: 7 1/2 Inches
  • Product Width: 45 11/16 Inches
  • Product Depth: 15 1/8 Inches
  • Product Weight: 34 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 44 Pounds
  • Grille Depth: 15/16 Inch
  • Grille Width: 16 11/16 Inches
  • Grille Length: 47 1/4 Inches

Bonus: If your Mitsubishi aircon indicator light blinking, our mitsubishi ac fault codes guide will help.

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