Daikin skyfi vs daikin airbase (11 FACTS)

This article will show you the full guide on the Daikin skyfi and Daikin airbase features. Daikin is a Japanese producer of residential HVAC systems and one of the world’s biggest air-condition firms. Daikin was founded back in 1924, and today they have manufacturing plants all over the planet, including in North America. The key focus of the chilling system is creating power-efficient and durable products that offer reliable comfort during the hot months.

No doubt, a Daikin aircon is an amazing option if your main goals are standard, reliability, and affordability. They also have some remarkable power efficient choices, but their chilling system does not have most of the new specs and technologies that some producers are providing. Anyway, Daikin backs their products with the best warranty, and also their affordable models come with amazing coverage.

Daikin skyfi

Daikin skyfi

Daikin SkyFi permits you to manage your Daikin duct AC system remotely via your Smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) via your internet or Wi-Fi system.

Daikin Skyfi app, in union with the Daikin BRP15A61 Wi-Fi display, will offer the greater part of features already accessible through Daikin remote control wall mounted. Standard functions such as off/on, fan speed, temperature, remote of operation are simply set or monitored through the application.

Extra features such as configuration settings, easy set timers, dealer contact details, and maintenance features are also offered. Depending on the AC model, outside and indoor temperature is also shown. You can use these features and get the cool and heat air inside your room in a very fast time.

Zone control

If your heat pump is fixed with a Daikin Zone Controller, daikin wireless controller mechanically detects and displays your areas, so you can easily check and control each zone with a single tap.

Depending on your AC model, inside and outside temperature is also showed on the app.

The BRP15A61 SKYFi Interface can be fixed to all latest Daikin ducted AC at the installation time. Installation fees may apply.

How to control

In order to make use of the Daikin Skyfi manager, a skyfi interface card must be fixed to your AC.

Once fixed, the Daikin Skyfi display provides you 3 ways to connect:

The Daikin SkyFi application is accessible for download, without any charges from the iTunes store or from Google Play store, just download and install as you would any other application.

Direct link

If you do not have a home Wi-Fi set-up, Daikin SkyFi will work as a Wi-Fi access place, so you can link a single table or smartphone directly to your heat pump when in range within your house.

WiFi connection

If you do not have a local or home Wi-Fi network access, the SKYFi interface will work as a Wi-Fi access point and support a single Wi-Fi link from your Android device.

If you do not have a local or home Wi-Fi network access, the SkyFi interface can be simply configured from the application to join your local or home Wi-Fi network by entering the W-Fi network ID and password. In this feature, multiple devices can entrance the AC while retaining their Wi-Fi admission to other gadgets on the network.

If the local or home Wi-Fi network has a real link to the online world, it is easy to control the AC from anywhere on the planet where internet access is accessible to your device. There is no Daikin subscription cost for the service, anyway, local network access charges may apply.

Remote access

If your Wi-Fi network has a real online link then you can control your AC from anywhere your tablet or smartphone can link to the internet.

Accessible free, with no subscription charges from Daikin, Skyfi remote access means you can control and monitor your AC from virtually anywhere, turning it off and on, or adjusting your in-home temperature settings, for a relaxing atmosphere ready for when you arrive home.

With remote access, Skyfi also gets the new Skyfi system updates mechanically, so you will forever have access to the new specs as they are released.

Daikin airbase

Daikin airbase

Daikin introduces the latest airbase control structure for ducted AC and heating units. Retrofitting accessible. Off/on control and temperature control (all areas).

All you need is your WiFi and the adaptor installed.

Three ways to connect daikin airbase

  1. Wi-Fi connection

    A WLAN adapter equipped AC can simply be joined to a local Wi-Fi network. Once linked the system can be managed from any networked iOS or Android device.

  2. Direct connection

    For locations without a Wi-Fi network, the application can wirelessly link directly to a WLAN adaptor equipped AC, when in range.

  3. Internet connection

    Control and monitor your system from almost anywhere, managing temperature and setting for a relaxed environment all set for when you arrive home. With o subscription costs from Daikin, all you need is a real online link for your Wi-Fi network and an online link for your tablet or phone.

Daikin airbase compatibility

Daikin airbase compatibility

The Daikin airbase BRP15B61 controller is perfectly compatible with all new Daikin ducted AC systems, as well as those produced since 2010.

Further to this, all Daikin ducted warm pumps that have been produced after 2003 are expected to have Wi-Fi features, with the addition of the Daikin Airbase controller.

Note: Daikin remote control communications support the highest of two controllers at any one time. Because the Daikin Airbase controller  BRP15B61 is recognized as a controller, it cannot be installed onto an existing AC system that already has 2 remote controllers linked with it. In this condition, you would need to remove one of the existing controllers.

Daikin airbase installation

Installation is trivial for any person with any type of DIY experience and complete instructions for the installation, link, and usage of the Daikin Airbase BPR15B61 are supplied.

Summary: Switch off the power of the AC at the mains isolator or socket switch. Write down the device ID number and password of your controller. Once you have performed this, remove the cover to the internal electrics on the fail coil. Next, link the Daikin Airbase BRP15B61  to the P2 and P1 terminals then change the cover.

Place your Daikin Airbase in a place in near proximity to a nearby route, for simple communication over WiFi. Restore power to the AC system and download it the Dakin Airbase application on your tablet or smartphone. Using a Wi-Fi setting, locate a network known as Daikin AP. Link to that Wi-Fi network using the password you noted down previously. Finally, release the Daikin Airbase application and configure the system to match your needs.

Installation tip

You can piggyback the BRP15B61 off your existing link. So if you have two controllers then you can reuse the same wires with the airbase when you get rid of the least used controller. Similarly, you can install the Daikin Airbase near to an existing controller and use the same wired link – just include a little extension to the airbase.

The adapter and app also support Daikin night commercial split systems such as cassette and under-ceiling models.

If the inside unit has a swing louver feature, the application will recognise this and offer an extra air flow direction key and indication symbol.

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