Panasonic SKY Series and AERO Series

Did you notice? The indoor air can be ten times worse than outdoor air! This is complete thanks to our dead skin, fallen hair, clipped toenails, and animal fur which contribute to these unwanted intruders.

No to mention our country Singapore is prone to annual haze time, making our, in general, a lot worse. But, no issue what we do, we can’t prevent the natural world from spreading haze, nor can we prevent shedding our hair or skin clean each minute. Instead, what I can do is enhance the quality of air in our offices or homes.

Recommended for all those who need the best air quality, Panasonic has 2 supremely powerfully and energy-efficient AC lineup; Sky and Aero.

Panasonic SKY Series vs AERO Series

Inspired by the continuous comfortable cooling indoor natural caves and clean air in nature, Panasonic Singapore unveils the premium Sky series and Aero Series inverter aircon. Situated at the top, the new sky wing in ideal combination with radiant cooling allows Sky series freely spread cold air all through the room.

Inheriting the sky series feature, the aero series is connected with shower cooling to superior direct cold air, preventing the breeze to straightly contact the human body. Thereby, the mania of overcooling not much exists that’s very helpful to our health.

In addition to the capability of spreading cold air evenly all through the area, the 2 latest air conditioner also features additionally fast cooling, 35 percent quicker compared to the non-inverter aircon with the help of Panasonic’s advance P-Tech technology.

NANOE-X and NANOE-G technology

Apart from the wish to bring naturally cold summer to users with breeze side function, Panasonic is amid at providing consumers a healthy and fresh summer as well. The entire of Panasonic’s 2020 AC series are integrated with NANOE-G technology. And NANOE-G technology competence is as extreme as 99 percent in expressions of airborne element elimination, glues micro-organism deactivation as well as filter deactivation or even particle deactivation as small as 2.5 PM.

Panasonic’s Aero and Sky series are presently available in the marketplace to provide customers with clean air in the next hot season. With a view to providing users more options to experience and know modern AC, Panasonic Company is conducting a big marketing plan at shopping areas, and big supermarkets of the city.

Panasonic SKY Series

SKY Series

On a hot season, you rush to put the AC on complete blast and get comfortable as you cool down. As it begins to get un-comfy cold, you turn the unit off and almost quickly you feel warm air radiating from the home walls and filling up space quickly. Sounds like a familiar?

Now, we have a solution for you; meet state of the art AC, the new premium inverter Panasonic sky series AC. The Sky series has been made with the best innovative details to give you comfy, beauty, and health. At first look, you’d experience its sleek and stunning design, making it a supreme compliment to any area.

One of the most striking functions though is the Sky wing that’s situated at the peak and features many directional breaths of air which brings us to uncover a new method of cooling as you have never experienced before.

Multidirectional air which controls the Sky Wing lets it to assist you stays cool in two ways. When the Sky Wings tilts fall, you experience efficient and powerful fast cooling that cools you down rapidly. Once the area has reached the set temp, the Sky Wing will be angled upwards to straight cold air to the walls and ceilings, spreading cold air smoothly and evenly all through the area, which is what we named, radiant cooling.

Why need radiant cooling?

Why need radiant cooling

The outdoor heat of the home gets trapped in walls and ceiling making our living areas inside uncomfortable and hot. By turning on Radiant cooling heat is eliminated from the walls and ceiling resulting in complete around cold and even without the follow of air being directed straight at you.

This method of cooling makes this Panasonic sky series maintain the cold air of the room in a very smooth and even way that also assists to keep skin moisture and avoid dry skin. Other issues reasoned by the direct flow of air such as dry throat in the midnight, being too cool, and cold air blowing onto your body reasoning ache will be minimized also.

Besides the new cooling process, the Panasonic sky series is also concerned about your quality of air. Equipped with Panasonic’s state of the air purification feature the NANE-G, now function the new dirt sensor to continuously monitor element concentration levels in your area. The dirt sensors turn on the NANEO-G feature when particle level is up to purify the air of dangerous airborne particles, assuring you and your families are surrounded by the clean and fresh air.

Of course, any best design has to be energy know-how also. A traditional non-inverter AC maintains the set temp by turning the compressor on-Off repeatedly. This results in a huge temp fluctuation guiding to wasteful consumption of power.

The Panasonic sky series comes with unique technology that varies the AC compressor’s speed to keep a set temp, therefore less power, so you can maintain comfortable and cool always.

With a long time of creating AC equipped with advanced technology, the Panasonic Sky series is the most revolutionary one so far. The lineup is a quantum leap in performance and deigns and bringing healthy air and comfortable living in an elegantly modern design.

Panasonic AERO Series

Everyone knows Panasonic has been one of the most popular brands in the Singapore consumer electronic area and has been recognized to keep ahead of the play by introducing timely products in their Air Con lineup. The mercury levels in Singapore can soar up during peak summer and ACs are most of a need now than a luxury. To tackle the similar, AC space in the Singapore market has been evolving continuously with new age additions like Aero Series Inverter technology coming into the game.

First Impressions

AERO Series design and layout

The Aero Air conditioner comes in 2 separate packagings, 1 for the inside unity and 1 for the outside unit. The installation process is very easy and normally it took just around an hour. The Aero Series Air conditioners come with inverter technology and a five start bee rating that make sure that you get the finest of cooling without consuming too much power.

What is interesting about aero series?

The interesting things include a state of the art tech function that these models come with, they get NANOE-G function which is brand Patent, air purification method. What Air conditioner eliminates the PM 2.5 as well as other particles from the air utilizing 3 stages purification procedure:

  1. The PM2.5 air filter eliminates airborne elements that are smaller than 2.5 micrometers
  2. CATECHIN air filter coated with leaf extracts damage bacteria up to 90 percent and eliminate bad smell.
  3. PM2.5 working filtration where the NANEO-G technology system release three trillion NANEO minus ions reactive most of the particles such as viruses, bacteria, and molds. Along with removing airborne elements, it also perfectly works on microorganisms in our areas such as furniture and fabric, etc.

The company also claims that it is I Auto X function that provides 35 percent quicker cooling at start-up and assists you save up to 60% of power along with a smart inverter. Well, the room where the AC has been installed at the time is almost 160sq.ft and remains the complete area gets ideally cool in about 15-20 minutes!

If your home is on the end floors of a 5 story building which is extremely close to sea tends to get warmed up pretty fast due to straight sunlight and wide windows. Though, complete of that is of no tension for this beast series as it has been working perfectly! One more net worthy bit is that the Air Conditioner has a silent mode which decreases the fan pace ad you can hardly listen to any sound form both outdoor and indoor units.

What’s exactly Inverter technology?

panasonic Inverter technology

This technology is the advanced version of technology concerning the electric motors of the compressors. An inverter tech is utilized to control the pace of the motor, to regularly regulate the temp. The microcontroller can sample every ambient air temp and fix accordingly the pace of the compressor.

The inverter AC have increased effectiveness in contraction to conventional AC, extended lifespan of their parts, as well as the sharp features in the load, are removed. The Inverter air conditioner systems might be more costly than the constant pace AC, but this is balanced by lower energy costs.

Other special features

These Air-Cons are also equipped with the Company’s inverter as well as the ECONAVI system. What the inverter unit does is decrease energy consumption by fixing the compressor’s pace accordingly to the room’s tempo. ECONAVI, on the other way, is a sensor tech that detects individual energy extends in the area, therefore adjusting cooling power to avoid electricity wastage.

Who is it for Sky and Aero Series?

If you are still doubtful, just keep in mind that we breathe in millions of harmful particles each day, and that is not a good though. While we cannot decrease this figure, we can at least enhance our quality of air. Old and young, everybody advantages from having clean and fresh air. Not only will these series clean your home from bacteria, dust, dirt, and viruses, they also give odor deodorization.

If you’re interested to buy and want professional help, contact us now. Please also refer to our previous Panasonic air conditioner troubleshooting guide if you are having issue with your Panasonic air conditioners.

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