MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air conditioner

Midea Group Co. was established in 1968 and is based in China province Guangdong in Beijiao. It was until 1980 that the company started producing home appliances, but soon after that, they become a big force in the industry.

Today, Midea has eleven manufacturing plants globally, including India, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Argentina, and Brazil. This is China’s top export company that has successfully brought millions of AC units into homes throughout the planet.

The Midea AC Range

In terms of products, Midea experts in a big range of residential ACs. They provide window, split, portable, window, and dehumidifier AC as well as commercial units for bigger areas. It is not just homeowners that trust in Midea products for cooling, but also big corporations.

Having been started work in 1968, Midea has gained quite a status, and it is the biggest producer of big machines on the planet. It is also the number 1 brand of air treatment and cooling products.

Midea MAW05M1BWT window air conditioner 5000 btu review

Enjoy a hot atmosphere on a chill day with MIDEA compact and durable window air conditioner that fast cools and warms your home when required. It specs 2-in-1 functionality, including the AC and fan mode for the highest comfort in your house. Likewise, it has a chilling capacity of 5000 BTU perfect for cooling a 150 square feet room. The window AC cool your apartment, office, and home fast for your best comfort.

Additionally, it specs an effortless operation, including seven temperature and two-way air direction for a perfect cooling every time.

Additional, this midea window ac have a compact design for the best fit in little rooms for cooling during hot month periods. Equally vital, it is simple to install and is well-suited with windows of 23-26 inches wide and a height of thirteen inches. Similarly, it has a combined power efficiency rate of 11.0 to reduce energy costs. Another essential point is that it specs a reusable and washable mesh filter to reduce bacteria, airborne particles, and odors for the highest comfort and fit the atmosphere.

It is not very big, nor is it that heavy, but it provides a strong motor that produces 5,000 BTUs of chilling power. From that 5,000 BTUs of chilling power, you can use this midea 5000 btu air conditioner to chill an area that is around 150 square-feet.

As an outcome of that highest area coverage, this is the best window mounted air conditioner for a living room, office, or bedroom.

When you first take this midea window ac unit out of the box, you will realize that, while this is a pretty hefty, picking it up is not very hard. MIDEA has designed this window mount air con in such a perfect manner, moving it around is very easy. 

Once you find a window that you would like to set this midea window aircon up in, you can simply do so. This is one of the top feature of Midea MAW05M1BWT because there are lots of other air conditioners that are much hard to set up and use.

MIDEA has added all the tools and a well writen midea user manual that will help you install this window air conditioner.

While midea maw05m1bwt is working, you have access to a lot of different settings and specs. These specs and settings are placed on the front of the window air conditioner, and they are accessible using 2 dials.

With one dial, you are capable to fix the temperature that midea maw05m1bwt is generating. There are 7 different temperature settings that you can pick from, and they do not match up to a specific temperature, they match up to a cooling setting.

For example, the first temperature setting permits midea maw05m1bwt to generate the lowest amount of chill air, and the 7th temperature setting permits midea maw05m1bwt to generate the most chill air that is capable of generating.

Under the dial, there are other dial features that is special for chill settings. There are 2 fan specs – one for ” Low Fan” and another for “High Fan” as well as 2 settings for cooling – one for “Low Cool” and another for “High Cool”.

These settings are accessible via easy dials, it is very simple for you to just grab one of the dials and turn it, so you can manage the amount of cool air that is being generated.

What is perfect about midea maw05m1bwt is that it has a fan built into it. This fan jobs well at pushing the chill air that is coming out of the window AC all through your area. But, along with that, it is also able of taking the hot air in your area and pushing it out, so that your area is not too hot.

When midea maw05m1bwt is working, you will barely hear any noise. This is another selling point of this awesome midea window air conditioner. You can have this window AC running while you are asleep or when you are working or something vital, and it would not disturb you.

This midea aircon also has a washable filter. When air is pulled from outside of your house and into the air conditioner, the bacteria and smells outside are removed. This filter keeps your area perfect and nice. When you need to clean the filter, you can just take it out and place it under the faucet.

Features of Midea MAW05M1BWT

Flexible control

This Midea window air conditioner have different settings, two cooling modes, and two different fan modes, adding a sleep mode. The mechanical thermostat permits you to precisely and conveniently manage the temperature and fan speed. The comfort control four-way air direction permits you to direct the air you want it.

Convenience and ease

This wall AC is DOE certified. The Midea 5,000 BTU room AC, Mechanical Control, DOE also contains an inside timer that you can set to your wanted cooling time period and go about your day. The one-year limited warranty promises your customer satisfaction, while the fast and simple installation will get you chill in no time.

Quick cooling

Five-thousand BTU window-mounted mini-compact AC is best for cooling a room up to one-hundred and fifty square feet. Fast cool down your office, home, apartment, or office for the highest comfort.

2-in-1 functionality

AC and fan mode work combine to raise the relaxation of your home.

Highest comfort

The working noise of this compact window-mounted air conditioner will not disturb your sleep, work, or other activities. 5.000 BTU of cooling power is powerful enough to keep your room consistently chill all through the night.

Washable filter

The washable and reusable antibacterial mesh filter decreases germ, the room smells and other airborne atoms for a fit, more relaxed atmosphere.

Compact design

Best for little spaces or rooms, offering cooling comfort during those warm summer days.

Effortless operation

  • Seven temperature settings
  • Two-way air directions

Gives you the best amount of cooling each and every time

Seven temperature settings, two cooling, two fan only speeds, and two-way air direction provide you the best amount of cooling every time.

Simple installation

Install simply with the least modification to the existing window frame. Perfect for windows 23”-36” wide and minimum thirteen high. All mounting accessories are added.

Why you should buy Midea MAW05M1BWT

MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air conditioner review
  1. Seven temperature settings and the way air direction
  2. 2-in-1 functionality
  3. The chilling capacity of 5000 BTU
  4. Simple to install and compact design
  5. Perfect for cooling a 150 square feet room
  6. Compatible with windows 23-26 inches and a height of thirteen inches.
  7. Simple to install and compact design
  8. Reusable and washable mesh filter
  9. The combined power efficiency rate of 11.0
  10. It specs an effortless operation with a seven temperature settings and a two-way air direction for a perfect cooling every time.
  11. Also, it has a combined power efficiency rate of 11.0 hence reducing the costs of power.


How do you use a Midea air conditioner?

There is no single size fits all as to how you use a Midea AC. It generally depends on the controls, type, and even the specs. Consequently, you would perform well to get a copy of the manual for your device. This will provide you instructions on how to use the machine you purchase.

How do I reset my Midea AC?

This is quite a simple exercise, no issue you are using manual or remote control. For the former, there should be an LED key that you will be needed to press up to 4 times. For those not using the remote feature, you need to press the manual control key 3 times. For on-time the device to reset itself.

Where are Midea AC made?

Midea is a Chinese firm, you have to note that their manufacturing center are more than twenty-one worldwide. As such it becomes increasingly hard to pinpoint where these air conditioners are made.

How long can I run a Midea window AC continuously?

You can likely run a Midea air conditioner full time, but this would not be very power proficient, let alone cost-efficient. Also bear in mind that the higher you run the air conditioner, the faster you will need a replacement.


Overall, the Midea MAW05M1BWT window ac is a remarkable air conditioner that is affordable and great for little rooms and areas.

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