Mitsubishi GR Series

Mitsubishi GR Series review

Mitsubishi is notable for its cars. Indeed, the automobile is only one of the few organizations that are controlled by the Mitsubishi group which happens to be the biggest exchanging organization in Japan. They have a few business tasks going from account to banking, from hardware to vitality, from food to chemicals, utilizing more than 60,000 individuals over the globe. Furthermore, they have two separate organizations to give Air Conditioners.

They are the leader in air conditioning systems for private, business, and mechanical use. Tested to make air conditioning systems that give you the best performance even in a harsh environment. Every Mitsubishi inverter aircon is a stunning accomplishment all alone, conveying long periods of calm activity, vitality proficient execution, and least effect in all over the world.

But we’re gonna talk about on specific series here which is Mitsubishi GR Series.

What is Mitsubishi GR Series?

What is Mitsubishi GR Series

Most importantly, this series is from the Mitsubishi Electric group. The other one is Mitsubishi Heavy which has no connection with this one. This GR series air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric permits clients to modify both the level and vertical airflow in all the headings. So now with such an exact control, you can bring solace at any side of the room.

The GR series has the highest quality motor engine. It gives you fresh air effortlessly and energy efficiency with being as silent as possible. With it’s inverted innovation, the aircon compressor will draw less force or more force based on the temperature of the approaching air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and intensity of the compressor are balanced properly.

They accompany a tropical inverter that has a profoundly specific inverter power module which resembles a cerebrum of the air conditioner ready to change the recurrence according to the encompassing barometrical conditions for open to cooling and proficiently overseeing power utilization. It can work under a great deal of higher temperatures. GR series Mitsubishi work really well because of the propeller fan it has. The best thing about it is that it alters its rotational movement at ease. And because of that, it works more efficiently and silently at the same time. You won’t even notice any sound from it.

Mitsubishi Electric has consistently conveyed great items, keeping clients and the earth on need. Since the GR series is accessible in the market, this is something beyond uplifting news for consumers.

Why should we choose Mitsubishi electric gr series?

Why should we choose the Mitsubishi GR Series

It’s an obvious fact that an air-conditioner vigorously indicates the month to the monthly electricity bill. Thus, an AC that expends less force and meets your necessities ought to be favored over the rest. The best air conditioners ought to have better insulating materials and more clear guidelines that help guarantee you get a decent seal around the unit, limiting leaks. Another significant perspective to consider because a miss here and your ACs will either feel lacking or will chill your room so much that you feel living on the north pole.

Getting the correct size air conditioner additionally causes you further spare electricity since you will utilize your AC ideally. Now, the Mitsubishi GR air conditioners have literally all of these traits and many more. So, you can ask yourself the same question while trying to pick the best air conditioner for yourself. Cause this is the best pick for you without a doubt. in the market, this is more than just good news for consumers.

Key Features

Mitsubishi GR Series key features

Innovative Cooling

Current Mitsubishi ACs accompany exceptional crossflow fan development that permits air to stream easily through each pivoting blade with absolute minimum commotion age. Mitsubishi GR is one of the calmest air conditioner series around. Considerably under unforgiving tropical conditions, these units can keep up the appraised cooling limit and give powerful Air Conditioning.

The quick Cooling mode begins promptly with the press of a catch. As per inclination, air bearing can be changed uninhibitedly. They have incredible cooling with high vitality effectiveness. One of the major useful features here is the enhanced heat exchanger. This permits Air Conditioners to guarantee proficient cooling at extremely high temperatures.

Extra Protection

The brand name itself is dependable. The GR series has some serious level covering which keeps it from consumption. The circuit boards are totally sheltered from humidity and it’s protected.

The printed circuit board is additionally covered to guarantee protection from the damp condition and snacking creepy crawlies or rodents. Truth be told, PCB can bear a truly significant level of voltage. Inverter models can have inside stabilizers which can work inside the voltage scope of 198-264 volts.

New Mitsubishi Electric models accompany pulse amplitude modulation technology that controls the flow signal so it looks like with the voltage signal. The loss of imperativeness is restricted. The company has developed cutting edge technology that works both power and performance efficiently.

And it works best with the DEVs that work on both sides allowing it to maintain the refrigerant system easily. It helps the cooling system smoother and better.

Micro particle filter

These GR models come with nano filters and they are a lot important than it seems. These filters prevent and give protection from small particles along with insects and other things that might damage the circuit board. It works efficiently to protect your AC system which is pretty much flawless. The air conditioners have long airflow and double transporter covering that guarantee better execution and an expanded life expectancy. Additionally, the top-notch filters fitted in the Air Conditioners can get the best residue particles and dispense with PM2.5, ensuring you breathe in invigorated air. It works efficiently flawlessly to provide you fresh air with a great quality of airflow. The series even has functionality for preventing molds from affecting the system. It even helps the system by preventing other small particles from damaging the circuit board.

Cutting Edge Technology

The inbuilt Aerodynamics Technology empowers exceptionally productive conveyance of incredible and reviving airflow while keeping up a quiet indoor condition. This has been generally conceivable because of Mitsubishi Electric’s extraordinarily planned cross-stream fan that takes in and ousts air all the while through the smooth activity of the turning blades.

The Quiet Operation feature in these series guarantees that the commotion level of the indoor unit is as low as 19dB. This feature permits clients to have a sound rest, further controlled by an uncommon Sleep Mode that somewhat lessens the general temperature to help the body in delivering heat.

Emergency Autostart

Force cuts aren’t exceptional. With power traveling every which way imperils the life span of electrical machines as well as resets their running settings i.e., assumed you were running your AC on fan-only mode yet after a force cut, the aircon’s settings will be slowing down to default and the ac compressor will be working again and even temperature setting would be changed. This function keeps logs of your preferences all the time. So, it doesn’t matter if the system was forced shut down somehow, it’ll still operate with the same preferences after a forced shutdown so that you won’t have to go through all settings to fix it. So now you can rest calmly the entire night without stressing over AC settings getting changed after a force cut.

Useful LED Remote

One of the loving parts of the GR series is that they come with an amazingly designed LED Remote controller that you will absolutely love. The design makes it hard to miss. You can use it for multiple occasions for leveling the temp control and other functionalities. The flawless LED in it shows you the current temp and other functionalities right on the remote. It additionally accompanies an Error Code Display feature that can assist clients with the advantageous investigation.

Pros and Cons of Mitsubishi GR Series

Pros and Cons of Mitsubishi GR Series


  • Eco Friendly
  • Ozone depletion potential
  • Can work in a high-temperature environment
  • Premium quality
  • Works with silence


  • Limited stock in online stores
  • No windows AC available
  • A bit expensive

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

The official website of is undoubtedly marvelous with it’s an advanced and graphically amusing user interface. It’s like an adventure going through its thousands of betting platforms.

It’s so interesting that the site structure is unique in its own definition. This causes the whole website to seem so amazing which comes in a bundle.

Customer Service

As the world leader in air conditioning systems and automobile business, you’d expect to have it straight down concerning their customer care and without a doubt they do. Complete the form from the website. They’ll hit you up when they can. They’ve focused customer care and correspondence that is open to their customers.


Mitsubishi GR Series aircon

Mitsubishi electric vs mitsubishi heavy, which one is better for your home? It depends. Mitsubishi Electric offers air conditioners for changing applications, from little to enormous, from non-inverter to inverter, which addresses private and business client’s issues the same.

The majority of the GR series aircon is liberated from R22 refrigerant which would be eliminated soon and accompanied the copper condenser which is more dependable than aluminum one which makes Mitsubishi Electric a brand worth considering. Even though there is no window AC availability,  this series is still worthy of your money. And you can buy it without any doubts.

If you have having problem with your Mitsubishi air conditioner, please feel free to check our Mitsubishi air conditioner error codes guide.

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