Daikin SkyAir Cassette

Featuring a big range of models with high seasonal power efficiency, SkyAir leads the light commercial market with solutions that provide design flexibility corresponding to any commercial setting.

Why choose Daikin?

Daikin is an international leader and is dedicated to building creative, power intelligent heating cooling system serving commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Their systems are designed to give years of relaxation for your home while keeping you to get high power efficiency standards.

Daikin advantages

SkyAir Cassette Series

Enhanced comfort with inverters

Inverters keep set temperature by detecting load and using uneven speed control to maintain optimum comfort and efficiency.

Optimum solution

Outdoor units covering a big performance range along with a complete selection of inside units deliver customized solutions to customers that exactly match their individual needs.

Power efficient

Daikin advanced inverter aircon technology deftly controls operations during partial loads to deliver the highest power efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Flexible layout and installation

Installing places with area limitations has become easier with our compact open-air units and the capability to use long piping.

SkyAir Cassette Series

FCF-C Series

Installing a cassette type air conditioner needs a 65 inches height clearance from the ceiling (varies depending on the model). Thus, it would cause to be the ceiling much lower after setting up. So, this is definitely a factor to keep in mind.

In spite of that, some owners still favor it for its aesthetic, and also it can be located more strategically in a room. For example, you can locate it at the center of a huge living room so you can get an even chilling effect from the air conditioner.

The inverter FCF-series Daikin SkyAir is the top cassette type AC in the market. These big series have 2HP and up to 6HP units. Depending on the area you intend to chill down, you can pick the necessary horsepower you required.

The 360 Airflow distribution makes uniform comfort all through the area and the room remains to relax even when the set temperature is raised 1℃.

This model comes in 2 color choices which are black and white to match different design themes. It uses R32 as a substitute for R410a, which is the best option since it is ecological.

Besides, each of the four sides of the air discharge outlet can be managed individually to make sure optimum airflow control. You can direct the airflow to those who like direct chill air blowing on them and divert the airflow away from those who dislike it.

It also comes with an anti-bacterial and anti-mold treatment with silver ions to stop the growth of bacteria, slime, and even mould. It is best that the silver ion cartridge should be replaced once every two to three years.

It also comes with silent operation mode for night time. Its operating sound is measured approximately 4dB quieter. For detail, humans experience twice as calm for every 10dB drop. Although 4dB is not high, it should at least decrease the sound by approximately 20-25 percent matched to general operation.

Daikin pays a lot of focus on its design to cater for simple installation and maintenance. Anyway, those specs would not be encouraged by average-end users. But these specs definitely will advantage the users in the long term which resulted that we favor Daikin cassette type aircon over other brands in the market.

This type of AC is no doubt the best air cassette type AC for its strong performance and well-thought specs. Daikin offers a year’s local producer general warranty and a five-year warranty on the compressor.


Individual airflow directional controlAirflow direction can be independently managed for each air discharge vent to deliver the best air distribution. A simple setting is easy with a remote wired controller.
Dual sensorsDual sensors and individual airflow control directions mechanically offer the best airflow control. It is valid when sensing panel BYCQ125EEF is fixed and wired controller remote BRC1E63 is used.
Circulation airflowCirculation airflow chills the full room to deliver relaxation that never feels cold. It is applicable to wired controller. Auto airflow matches load level make sure the best comfort all night and day.
Anti bacterial silver ion-drain panAn en suite antibacterial cure that applies silver ion in the drain pan stops the development of bacteria, slime, and grime that cause clogging and odors. (The lifespan of a silver ion cartridge depends on the usage atmosphere, but should be replaced once every 2 to 3 years).
Anti-mould antibacterial treatmentStops molds and microorganisms growing out of the moisture and dust that adheres to the filters.
Non-flocking flapsFlaps can be detached without the use of instruments. Condensation does not simply form and dust does not grip to non-flocking flaps. They are simple to clean.

FCC-A Series

FCC-A series eight-way airflow offers the highest cooling comfort to every corner of the room and its attractive butterfly inspired panel beautifies the ceiling.


Sleep modeSleep mode makes sure a relaxed environment for restful sleep. Depending on the mode, fixed temperature is increased slowly (max twenty degrees Celsius).
Strong operationThe new strong operation boosts airflow to the highest volume for a twenty minutes period with the highest fan speed before mechanically returns to its previous settings.
Latest I-plasma technologyTop effective in deactivating bacteria by destroying the microbial DNA and their surface structures by this latest I-Plasma technology. It emits big negative and positive ions, and sterilize surrounding air more perfectly,  and thus offer an excellent indoor air standard.
Simple installation with slim bodyFCCA-series Cassette unit height is as low as 246mm to simple installation.
Eight way airflowRelax air-conditioning to all places covering every side of the room by gathering eight-way air discharge.
High performanceUtilizes high-performance compressors to get higher specifications. R32 refrigerant properties improve the efficiency and capacity of units for picked models to get complete tonnage.


CN Series 8 way airflow offers the highest chilling comfort to every corner of the room and its attractive butterfly inspired panel beautifies the ceiling.


Latest i-plasma technologyHighly successful in deactivating bacteria by destroying the microbial DNA and their surface structures by this latest plasma.

It emits big negative and positive ions, and sterilize the surrounding air more perfectly. FCN-N series emits a hundred times more ion than ionizer technology in the present market by using our latest I-plasma technology.
Eight way airflowRelax AC to all areas covering every side of the room by combining eight ways of air discharge.
Auto random restartIt permits the AC to restart mechanically at various intervals when energy resumes after shutdown.
Final memoryThe unit restarts the last restored setting when energy resumes.
Anti-CorrosionBetter resistance to salt corrosion and environmental pollution, facilitated by an anti-corrosion treated fin for mainly coated heat exchangers.
Presence sensorA fitted sensor can manage the set point or switch off the unit if no one is in the room, keeping unnecessary heating or cooling. It then resets when motion is noticed.
Silent operationOne of the silent units in the commercial market with different features that are designed to improve user comfort.
Dust filtrationThe latest filters help remove dust particles to make sure the air is clean.
Daikin SkyAir mobile controller appThe Daikin SkyAir application, used in conjunction with the Daikin LAN wireless adaptor, permits you to simply control your AC from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. Turn the aircon off or on, adjust the temperature of the room, or troubleshoot issues with ease using the Daikin SkyAir app.


Daikin fully flat cassette is a strong, efficient, and discreet solution for retail, commercial and residential applications where both performance and aesthetics are paramount. The fully flat cassette gathers the latest technology with creative functions for high operating competence and user relaxation, all within a special design that permits the noticeable panel to fit flush within normal architectural ceiling panels.

Designed for use in restaurants, shops, and little offices, Daikin Sky Air offers a relaxed atmosphere for building inhabitants all year round and provides building owners large operating eases to help reduce operating costs. The latest Sky Air series has been made as an R22 retrofit key. With a large figure of existing R22 structures in the field achieving the finish of the helpful operating life, the timely release of Sky Air series offers a simplified replacement solution which is also affordable.

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