Daikin emura aircon

Daikin is the best and number 1 brand’s name over the world. It has some unique and outstanding features; it also provides a quality product. The quality product assures the best brand. Daikin Emura aircon is the best model of Daikin; it comes with the next-generation technology. It fits with all-weather and countries.

The unique smooth and curved silhouette design gives an attractive and gorgeous look on it. It comes with two pleasant colors that are silver and pure matte white. Daikin emura inverter aircon has extraordinary annual performances up to A+++ grade, and Silver allergen extraction and air purifying filter.

Daikin emura

Daikin forward technology captures allergens such as pollen and dust mites, which are very important. It gives whisper-quiet satisfactory 19 decibels sound levels only. You can also easily control energy consumption using a user-friendly app or remote control.

Daikin makes focuses on the design and the greatest quality product than others. They contribute their service to the planet is perfect. Daikin uses a swing bush technology to its rotary compressor, but the general brand doesn’t use this technology to accept spring compressor technology. Daikin has a patent on swing bush technology, which makes it unique to them.


  Brand  Daikin
  Model  Daikin Emura Aircon
  Dimensions (Height/Width/ Depth)  303 (3)/998/212 mm
  Weight(Unit)  12 kg
  Colure  Silver and pure matte white
  The Heat exchanger (Length)  610 mm
  Filter option  Titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification
  Fan Type  Crossflow fan
  Control systems (Infrared remote control)  ARC466A1
  Refrigerant type  R-410A
  Noise level  19 decibels  (very low)
  Fuse size (amp)  16A
  Cooling capacity (Min./Nom./Max.)  Kw 1.7/5.0 /5.3
  Heating capacity (Min./Nom./Max.)  kW 1.7/5.8 /6.5

Pros & cons

Low purchase and installation costsChallenging to understand installation and operation procedures

Highly durable and reliable product

No labor and average warranty periods

Eligible for tax rebates
High price
Respectable customer representation staffExtend warranty only for customer who willing to register their purchase.
High efficiencyGeneric parts don’t fit

Key features of daikin emura aircons

  1. Advance Inverter Compressor
  2. Cooling Range 50° to 114° F
  3. Heating Range around 5° to 65° F
  4. Pre-charged for up to 33 ft. of Liquid Line
  5. Indoor Sound Pressure as low as 19 decibels (A)
  6. Outdoor Sound Pressures as Low as 46 decibels (A)
  7. Titanium Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter
  8. Eco-friendly technology
  9. Dry Function
  10. User friendly LCD Remote Controller ( wireless )
  11. Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation
  12. Night mode
  13. Filter Technology
  14. Auto Fan Speed Control
  15. Self-Diagnostics with Digital Display
  16. Auto Restart after Power Failure
  17. 2-Area Intelligent Eye
  18. Comfort Airflow
  19. 3-D Airflow

Benefits of major features

Benefits of major features

2-Area Intelligent Eye:

By these features, Daikin Emura aircon can detect human movement, and change the airflow direction. It’s really helpful for the users.

3-D Airflow:

This type of airflow system gives vertical and horizontal auto swing. It ensures that every corner of the room will be cold.

Advance Inverter Compressor:

Daikin especially uses the swing bush technology to their rotary compressor; this advanced technology reduces the sound and saving power.

Auto Fan Speed Control:

When the room temperature is high, Daikin Emura Aircon controls the fan speed automatically to reduce the room temperature rapidly.

Filter Technology:

Good quality air is really important for a healthy life. Titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filters the dust, bad smell, and bacteria. By this feature, you will get fresh without a bad smell. There is a flash streamer technology that breaks down the mounds viruses and NOx.

Sound Pressure:

Unwanted sound is uncomfortable for everyone. You will always want a soundless environment in your living room.

Econo mode:

This function reduces the power consumption rate so that other large power consumption appliances can use the extra power. It’s also the most power-efficient system.

Home leave operation:

When no one in the home, Emura aircon can detect this and maintain it at a certain temperature level. It helps you to get the cheapest electric bill.

Night mode:

At midnight, when you are in sleep, you can’t control the aircon. But this time, night mode automatically prevents overcooling or overheating situation. It will help you save energy.

Can be used as a fan only:

By these features, you can control your aircon as like as a fan. It’s blow air without cooling or heating

Dry program:

This program allows reducing humidity levels without variations in room temperature.

Online controller:

You can control your indoor aircon unit by a mobile app from any location. But you have to connect with Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

Infrared remote control:

You can control Daikin Emura Aircon with LCD to start or stop and regulate the air con from a limited distance.

Anti-corrosive fin:

Daikin makes their condenser unit 100% of copper. This metal is the best metal for transfer heat or cool.

The anti-corrosive fin increases the durability of this component so high. Rain or flood water can’t damage copper for this coating.

Why you chose daikin emura aircon

Why you chose daikin emura aircon

1. Experts in Air Con

Daikin is an expert on aircon. They invented much technology to solve the user’s problem. Their smart engineer and advanced technology provide the best possible climate in your living room.

2. Specialist Network of Dealer

Daikin is available over the world. They have many dealers in this planet. The dealer assesses the plan and installation guide to users. This service is beneficial for users.

3. After Sales support

Daikin Aircon guarantees your comfort and gets the best service after buying their product. Their dedicated support team is constructive for any country.

4. Daikin Air Purifiers

Daikin air purifier can detect all bad thinks and gives you a great indoor environment for your comfort. They have a powerful six-layer mold removal system to circulate natural air entire your home; eliminate the bacteria and airborne particles. Their steamer plasma discharge technology can provide purifier air most effectively. This advanced technology discharge activates oxygen, and Nitrogen is one of the best technologies to eliminate bacteria or viruses perfectly. Daikin steamer technology has a broader range for release than other conventional air filter technology.

5. Benefits of Daikin advance technology

Daikin forward technology captures allergens such as pollen and dust mites, which are very important. It gives whisper-quiet satisfactory sound levels as low as 19 decibels. You can effortlessly command and maintain an overview of your energy consumption via a smartphone app or a user-friendly remote control. Daikin makes on the design and the most outstanding quality product than others


Daikin emura review

Daikin vs mitsubishi split system, which brand is better? Daikin is one of the respected and fast-growing brands over the world. Daikin is an all-rounder product. It is an entrenched air conditioner brand that uses art technologies. They will continue their global leadership, as their expertise in all market sectors combined with 90 years’ experience to deliver added value in long-lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and credibility.

Daikin service centers provide you with technical support before and after-sales, and on delivery of our products. They are prompt, reliable, and understanding, and their advice is tailored to their customers’ specific needs: onsite support for you, help with installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

You will get all of the latest and essential features with Daikin Emura Aircon. As an example, you will get high comfort with Coanda 3D airflow and 2-Area Intelligent Eye technology of Daikin. A healthy life is too much meaning. Titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filters the dust, bad smell, and bacteria. By this feature, you will get fresh without a bad smell.

There is a flash streamer technology that breaks down the mounds viruses and NOx. You can easily control your aircon unit by infrared LCD remote or mobile app. Daikin aircon does not disturb you with horrible sound. It makes a quiet environment that helps you to relax comfortably. Why don’t you choose Daikin Emura Aircon when it gives you all benefits you want?


Can I control 2 units of Daikin Emura Aircon with just one controller?

To control more than 1 Daikin aircon in your living room or office, you have to use the Daikin wired central connected controller. By this controller, you can control your entire aircon unit with only one infrared controller. You can contact the Daikin specialist for more information.

Set the perfect ventilation system:

If in your home can’t escape from mold growing of bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Then you can open a window to improve the ventilation system.

You can use the humidifier option to improve air quality in your living room. It will help you when you can’t open a window behind the mold growth area. Daikin Emura Aircon sucks the fresh air from outside and properly circulates it inside. This system is reducing humidity without affecting the room temperature.

Don’t let water hang around your aircon

Keep on the exhaust fan when you are showering and 30 minutes after the showers.

Use active mould-fighting products

You can use mold fighting products, or you can use Waterproofpaint inside of your home or where you are facing problems.

Waterproof indoor plants

This paint can help improve air by filtering air pollutions.

How to find the best palce for wall mounted aircon?

For the best position, you have to know which place needs. First, you have to fix a place where you want the best air to circulate. Even you can choose throughout your room. The upper part of a wall is the perfect place for an excellent position for a Daikin wall mounted aircon unit. But the too high rank is not suggesting to make sure the indoor unit is easily accessible. You can discuss it with your aircon specialist. He can recommend you the best option, to know your all requirements

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