midea aircon review

Midea group is Chinese appliance manufacture, making washing machines, fridges, clothes dryers, and midea aircon. It is based on Guangdong and what you might not know is that it has been around for fifty years. Midea claims to give economic solutions for little areas with its air conditioners and manufactures window air conditioners, split systems, and portable ACs. So let’s review the series and view how much you can obtain for your money.

Midea air conditioners

Midea products a big range of air conditioners, from window air conditioners to split systems and portable air conditioners. Midea generally comes out affordable than leading brands and maybe a perfect fast-cooling solution for those on a budget.

Midea split system air conditioners

Midea offers the Singaporean market 5 split system AC, each with different cooling capacity.

  • Cooling capabilities range from 2.6kw up to 8.4knw – from a bedroom to a little apartment
  • Features contain: 3D airflow, sleep mode, auto restart, turbo mode

Perhaps most remarkable is the choice to add a Midea “Smart Kit” which usually makes your AC Wi-Fi friendly. All Midea split systems come with a 5-year warranty. The little units can be found for under $900, while midsized units are largely under $1,500. The little units are fairly quiet too, with 40db operating levels.

Midea window air conditioners

With window AC you can easily take out a window panel from your wall and fix it in there. If require, the window panel can be changed, or the window AC can be there indefinitely.

  • Midea window AC is split into 2 categories – reverse cycle or chilling only
  • Cooling capacities range from 1.6kwup to 5.6kw.

Midea window AC is usually controlled via a supplied remote. Note that although window air conditioners are pretty convenient and offer an affordable purchase price in a lot of cases, their power star rating often leaves a lot to be wanted. This is not special to Midea, but to window AC in general. In any case, if you are after an affordable and fast cooling solution, a window AC may be perfect.

Midea portable air conditioners

Midea products 4 portable ACs – three are chilling-only and 1 is a reverse series model. If you are looking for an affordable and simple solution for the bedroom or study.

  • Power figures are: 3.5kw, 4.7kw, and 3.0knw for the reverse cycle model
  • These models come with a 2-year warranty, turbo function, sleep mode, 180 auto-swing, and on/off timer.

Midea aircon also acts as dehumidifiers and can eliminate up to 1.4L of moisture an hour,  which could be a blessing for those in humid climates.

Note that these aircon units usually are not power star rated, so do not guess the best power technology, and many models spec operating noise levels of over 50db. Luckily prices are quite affordable, with midsized units costing just over five-hundred dollars at full retail price.

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