Daikin smile series

The Daikin smile series ( some people also call it Daikin i smile series ) has every spec and advantage you need in your house aircon. It is rated at five marks competence which will keep you around thirty-three percent in power bills matched to a three tick model. It has a wonderful and strong cooling performance that will win the war of Singapore’s hot temperature.

When you are looking for an aircon brand in Singapore, Daikin is not just famous in Singapore but also all around the globe in more than 150 countries. Actually, Daikin is the number 1 aircon brand in the full globe.

As a Japanese brand ダイキン工業株式会社, the standard is one of its core competencies. When you purchase a Daikin aircon, you will obtain a standard product that will work for a long time. Daikin has put money more than three hundred million into its R&D business enterprises to continually offer the highest standard and technologically improved aircon to the planet.

Currently, Daikin has the following product ranges for their aircon – Super Multi NX, Super Multi HW, SMILE series, Ezi series. Let’s dive into some of the advantages of their famous residential aircon the Smile SERIES.

The Daikin smile air conditioner is also best for your bedroom as it is super quiet at 19dB – silent than a soft whisper. It is also equipped with the sweet eye sensor which senses your movement and sends the chill air wherever you are. If you want the top aircon for your home – the Daikin smile is one of the best series.

Why people want to buy daikin smile series

Why buy daikin smile series
  1. One specializing in air conditioning and only Japanese company
  2. 1st HDB multi air room conditioning system
  3. One brand for all cooling solutions with a big range of air conditioners needs across the planet.
  4. Fifteen consecutive years as readers digest trusted brand gold prize in the Singapore air conditioning industry.
  5. One mission to provide customers with the top standard after-sales service

Daikin smile series features

Daikin smile series features

Superflexi combi

Daikin smile series aircon is developed to fit your house structure and lifestyle, you may include inside units to the system later without changing the outdoor.  Different mixtures were accessible to match your area.

Powerful cooling and quietest at 19dB (A)

With the powerful cooling ability, the Daikin smile series air conditioner needs just a single open-air unit to maintain calm up to five rooms. Enjoy a complete rest with a sound level of just 19dB which is just like a whisper.

WiFi/phone smart control

Daikin smile series aircon appears with a big variety of smart clever functions and controls to offer more savings and convenience.

Compact and stylish

Daikin smile series aircon comes with a stylish and simple panel design to harmonize with home interior decoration.

High standard clean air

Daikin smile series aircon comes with Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic air-purifying filter rightly absorbs and decomposes viruses, bacteria, and impurities, impurities and viruses such as cigarette and dust smoke, Mould Proof operation stops the generation of odours and mould.

Other clever technologies

Weekly Timer to schedule off/on times and wanted temperature, intelligent eye mechanically controls aircon operation according to human action in a room using an infrared sensor. Night set mode stops excessive chilling for lovely sleep where the temperature of the room is raised by 0.5 C after 1 hour of chilling operation.

Advantages of daikin smile series

Advantages of daikin smile series

Five tick energy efficiency

The smile series of Dakin has won awards not just for its best designs but also for its remarkable power efficiency as it performs as per the layout of your house.

3D airflow

Dakin AC from smile series can offer your airflow from all the directions including vertical and horizontal as they are programmed with two airflow technology.

Adjustable sensors

The infrared feature in the Dakin smile series can manage the speed of your air conditioner after observing your action in the room.  In this way, it can keep power without affecting your relaxation.

Smart technology to control

Dakin has released air conditioners from the smile series with a number of creative digital controls by using the new smart technologies.  Now you can control your aircon via your smartphone like starting and stopping its work, show and set inside temperature, show open-air temperature, child lock, notification of errors, setting the password, speed of airflow as well as setting the choices of operation mode like heat, cool, auto, dry and fan, etc. You can also customize six actions every day as per your need via your mobile phone by installing a further adapter card and D-mobile adapter.

Quiet and strong

The Dakin air condition from the smile series is the top because they work professionally without creating any useless background noise. It makes a soft and low sound at 19dB just which makes it the silent and successful air condition from Dakin as it chills down your full home very fast and silently.

Daikin smile series inverter aircon buying guide

Daikin smile series inverter buying guide

We all use aircon, but we may not know the reasons for picking the best air conditioner for your home. Sometimes, we just listen to the retail salesmen and guess everything he or she says is right. Well, they may be right, but the top way to know is to arm yourself with some information to cross-reference. Here are some of the most vital things you should know before buying smile series inverter aircon:

What is BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units. In terms of air conditioner, BUT figures how much BTUs it can remove or add from the air per hour. So is the higher BTU forever better?  Generally yes, the higher the BTU, the more strong and air conditioner is. That means it will be capable to chill down the room quicker.

How much BTU to cool a room?

So how much British Thermal Unit should your air conditioners have to chill down a room effectively and efficiently? It all depends on the room size or area, you should also take note of how many rooms you need to chill concurrently if you are using a split AC setup.

For a single 150 square feet room, you would need an AC with 5000 BTU. The average room in an HDB flat is around 150 to 180 square feet. For every fifty square feet intense, you need an extra 1,000 BTU. If you are planning to chill down every area in your HDB flat exclusive of your kitchen that would equate to around seven-hundred feet of area.

How loud is daikin smile aircon? 

A noisy aircon is a nightmare, mainly when you just brought it. For a quiet and peaceful sleep night, it is vital to pick a quiet AC. The sound produced from an air conditioner can be calculated in terms of decibels. According to the WHO, you should not be exposed to more than 40dB of noise at night. Otherwise, you might have insomnia and other health issues.

Honestly, it is difficult to imagine what is dB of sound. For reference, general breathing is approximately 10dB. A whisper would record at approximately 20dB. 40dB would be the noise of snoring light. If any person snores in the same room as you, it will likely affect your sleep. So, you should obtain an air conditioner that produces less than 40dB of sound, if possible like smile series 30dB and below.

Overall, Daikin smile series air conditioner is a good choice for hdb. We also recommend you read our previous article if your daikin flashing green light.

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