Ultimate daikin vs mitsubishi aircon comparison guide

Singapore is a tropical country with warm temperatures on a hot day. All Singaporeans need an aircon.

Is Mitsubishi or Daikin better? It depends. Different aircon brands offering different features with different price tier. We will give you an in-depth daikin vs mitsubishi aircon comparison review now.

Daikin vs Mitsubishi aircon singapore


When it comes to air conditioner efficient, only a few companies can beat Daikin. In fact, Daikin has always been a top contender for why everyone in Singapore likes it. It’s extremely accurate when it comes to regulating the temp and so, you don’t have to work so difficult to achieve whatever you want with this AC brand.

In addition to that, it comes with automated functions which mean when utilized well, it can regulate itself and leave you to worry about anything. It also is a unit that’s super easy to use.

On the other side efficiency of the Mitsubishi air conditioner is also great. What sets it apart from the several other companies that you’re likely to find in this part is the fact that at any given period, you’ll never find it hard to reach your preferred condition. It’s a unit that so rays to utilize even for those who don’t have any slightest idea of such air conditions.

Just because of this most of the start companies and new homeowners in this country prefer to install it. They reason that they might be updated to something best after some time. Though, with regular use, they often realize that they don’t even have to seem for any other Air conditioner unit because they already have the entire that they could ever wish for.


Everybody likes it when they find an aircon that lasts for very long. In the case of Daikin Ac units, those who’ve utilized it say that they like it because of the fact that when it’s purchased and rightly installed, you can speed an extremely long time before you notice any kind of problem.

This is because of the fact that it comes with the best quality parts and so you can be certain that unless any other issues happen, you have a machine that will take care of the entire aircon needs for a long.

On another side, the Mitsubishi Company is a heavy-duty air conditioner that lasts long. The fact that it can be utilized in extremely harsh conditions such as weather is something that makes it a preferred option for many.

Though there might be some issues that could happen with increased usage, the fine thing about them is that it is always very simple to fix any sort of problem. You, therefore, do not have to worry about something especially when you have a reliable technician who’ll forever fix the problems whenever they arise. In fact, there’re a few that can even fix on your own.


Of course, everybody likes it when they get an air conditioner that is simple to maintain, whether it is Daikin or Mitsubishi. This is perfectly what you find when you pick Daikin Air conditioner. With the perfect use and right adherence to the guidelines, there’s no doubt that you can find a simple and smooth time taking care of the aircon unit.

What’s more? Is that it comes with consumer guidelines that’ll forever guide you on what you’d do. With such a model, there’re several things that you can forever do on your own though it’s quite vital to make sure that you utilize the services of a skilled aircon professional when doing this.

The fact that Mitsubishi air con is a heavy-duty product is an indication that you don’t even have to do a lot take and care of it. it can withstand almost every condition before it can break down. However, you have to alert at every moment so that can you can contact the aircon technician whenever you notice that anything is going is not in the right way. Detecting issues early enough will make it very simple for you to right them and save your aircon unit from complete damage.

Replacement and Installation

Daikin Brand is a darling of several aircon experts because it provides them quite a very smooth time when installing. In fact, as long as the whole the needed equipment and tools are available, a skilled aircon technician will need a very short period to install. It’s extremely helpful particularly when a customer desires such a product fitted extremely fast.

If you’ve been in such a kind situation, you definitely, know the experience that this process can be frustrating when you can’t find a simple to fit air conditioner. Though, you’ve reason to be eager because, with such an air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about any sort of thing.

The main benefit of the Mitsubishi aircon is that although it might need a few stages of the art experience, it always is the finest option when it comes to repair and maintenance.  As long as you get a skillful expert to fix it, you forever will have a simple time whenever you need to repair anything. The fact that Mitsubishi AC spare parts are forever readily available in the shops makes it even great.

Things such a huge noise or overheating parts should not concern you when such an air conditioner because all that you need to do is to call in your most favorite air con expert and in no time, the entire will be fine. The single thing that you’d be careful about is the sort of air con technician that you rely upon the job.

Daikin vs mitsubishi aircon price comparison

A lot of chances are pretty well a new air con unit is going to charge very less than a new model of Mitsubishi air con unit. If your main priority is the budget, more than likely the Daikin air conditioners are going to be your top choice. Though, if budget is not your problem, chances are Mitsubishi air conditioner systems are going to offer more value over using period.

Pro Advice: This is not forever the case. With air con contractor advertising and factory rebates, you might actually get Mitsubishi air con less than Daikin air cons. In other words, get the best quote to compare Daikin and Mitsubishi AC – you might get a more affordable unit for fewer prices. Most air con brands do not charge anything to give a new mode quote so you do not have something to lose here.

Daikin vs mitsubishi which is better?

With the growing fame of hybrid units, both air con brands have a solid comparable footing. Both offer ducted, low wall, high wall, recessed as well as ceiling mounted air flower handlers that can be mixed and linked in a home. This smoothness is very unique in that, not every air conditioner company can be pair ductless and ducted air handlers to singe outdoor air con unit.

With the joined forces of Mitsubishi and Daikin, the possibilities are even additionally expanded. This is great for users who won bigger homes or apartments with a couple of heating and cooling units. While it is not essential, most house owners prefer whole the brand names in their house to match.

Mitsubishi vs Daikin  

Daikin air conditioner advantages

  • Daikin brand is the world’s biggest HAVC manufacturer – They’ve been around for more than 90 years and have built limitless types of aircon and heating units during that period. They have the experience as well as longevity we’re looking for when partnering with an air con manufacturer.
  • Daikin brand is a leader in inverter technology in ac –Though the heating and air conditioning sector is not perfectly known for its innovation. Daikin is working really hard to change that tag! The inverter models are the heart of your heating and air conditioning system affect both lifespan and efficiency. The innovative inverter tech of Daikin advantages both.
  • New Daikin units boast the finest warranty in the market –with twelve years of parts coverage and six or twelve years of system replacement coverage, all depending on the application and unit.
  • Daikin’s local support is of the top class in the marketplace – This is vital especially if an issue arises. We have an amazing relationship with the Daikin brand representatives who’re reliable and forever willing to serve their clients perfectly.
  • Daikin uses entire aluminum evaporator coils – if you are wondering how it has the solid confidence to honor such a massive warranty, it’s partially due to these best sorts of coils. All-aluminum evaporator AC coils cause a very little break down than any sort of coil. Should i buy extended warranty on ac?

Daikin air conditioner disadvantages

  • Daikin doesn’t make their own zone brands –if you’re interested in zoning your house (being capable to adjust the temp in a single area of your house without affecting the other areas), it’s vital to know Daikin air con doesn’t presently manufacture their zone brand.  This has reasoned the present way of zoning to be a bit glitch affected. Thankfully, again, we’ve heard that this’ll be changed now and Daikin will manufacture their zone brands in Singapore very soon.
  • Air handles or Daikin cabinet could utilize ore insulation – thankfully, we have been told that they heard our plans and cries to fix these major issues in the future. For now, it’s still a big con. Having a well-isolated air handler is vital, particularly in Singapore, where the handler is prone to sweating. The final thing we need is a lot of moisture where it is not desired, like an attic.
  • Daikin is might be too particular on who they let to be a dealer – they will only work with a contractor if they meet their very strict criteria. Several contractors that are a dealer are not let to and therefore are not capable to offer Daikin brand products.

Benefits of a Mitsubishi Ductless Split AC System

  • Mitsubishi air cons are considered among one of the most reliable and durable ductless systems available
  • The efficiency of the small systems up to 24.6 SEER, is super fine.
  • Old ductless units let up to 25% loss of cooling, but that’s not a factor with ductless air con units
  • Ductless units are perfect for retrofitting areas where installing other models is not a practical choice
  • The huge range of indoor systems provides you style installations and options flexibility
  • Because Mitsubishi air cons are a well-known brand, it is very easy to find service and parts.

Cons of a Mitsubishi Ductless Split AC System

  • Mitsubishi aircon units are not suitable for areas that need heat too. it works very hard on particular areas where heat is the issue.
  • The large capacity and mid-size Mitsubishi air-cons offer SEER efficiency markings that are super mediocre compared with the finest standard split Air condoner units from any other brands, available in the market.
  • While ductless aircon outdoor systems are relatively quiet, while these aircon units need an indoor system with a fan in every zone or room. There might be a noisier in the immediate room than a standard split air conditioner unit would produce.

Is daikin better than mitsubishi?

If you have better budget, our experience is you will be very happy in the long run if you pick Mitsubishi aircon. If budget and installation cost is the main thing to take into account for you, then Daikin air con units are for you.

Is daikin better than trane too?

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