Kapsul air conditioner review [WITH FACTS]

When the cold season officially comes to an end, the last thing you want is to deal with an old AC unit that is nearing the end of its life. It might be time for you to bid goodbye to that bulky junk and get something newer and better. In this Kapsul Air Conditioner review, you will learn more about this AC unit and what makes it a great replacement for your old one. 

You might be familiar with the innovative Noria window air conditioner that claimed to be the first-ever premium air conditioner in the world designed especially for you. A Kickstarter campaign funded the brand and there was a delay of over a year.

The Noria brand name was since then changed into Kapsul Air. The Kapsul Air Conditioner was due to be released back in early 2020 with preorders taken at a price of $499.

What is Kapsul air conditioner?

Kapsul Air, formerly Noria Home, is a new revolutionary type of slim, portable, and smart window hair conditioner. Through their Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns, the company was able to create lots of buzz around the unique and one-of-a-kind features of Kapsul Air as well as enough money to turn the idea into reality and have the product ready to be shipped to the market really soon.

One look and it is easy to see that Kapsul Air is a true beauty compared to other types of portable ACs that are available right now. However, reading any Kapsul Air Conditioner review will make you realize soon that there is more to this unit than what meets the eyes.

Features of Kapsul air conditioner

  • 5,000 BTUs

At first glance, you might think that 5,000 BTUs is one of the spectrum’s lower end if you compare this to other heavier-duty air conditioning units. Now, this is understandable because the unit is geared more towards being portable and slim instead of BTU power.

But, 5,000 BTUs can still be considered decent enough for cooling down a sizeable room. This means that if you don’t really need lots of cooling power, the Kapsul Air Conditioner is a great choice to consider.

  • Compact size for easy storage

Small, compact, and slim, you can store Kapsul Air Conditioner almost anywhere and everywhere when not in use. This can be easily placed under the bed or inside the above-average-sized drawer.

  • Fresh air option

Sometimes, you don’t really need cooling and instead, you would rather have some fresh air to fill in a stuffy room. One of the best features of the Kapsul Air Conditioner is its fresh air feature. Instead of cooling,   the unit will simply divert the fresh air from outdoors into the room. Think of this as exchanging the polluted indoor air with fresher and cleaner outside air.

  • Innovative installation

The Kapsul Air Conditioner has a sturdy and solid plastic frame that can easily fit into a window with a width of 21 to 36 inches. A 40lb AC unit can fit into the frame’s opening and securely lock into place.

  • Lightweight

Even though the brand is not yet completely released, the exact size and weight of this AC is stated on their site. It states that it is about 8 pounds lighter compared to those average window air conditioners available on the market today.

  • Money saver

Considering that it has a low BTU combined with extremely lightweight machinery, it is safe to assume that Kapsul Air can run very efficiently and let you save some money at the same time. The site estimates that it will cost you about $50 to run the unit during the summer months. This is a very cheap price to pay if you want to stay cool and comfy amidst the scorching heat.

  • Refrigerant

The current market of window air conditioners is switching to R32 from R410A. Both of these don’t deplete ozone although R322 has lower GWP or global warming potential compared to R410A. The first generation Kapsul W5 uses R410A.

  • Simple installation

Kapsul Air comes with a lightweight and small window frame that lets you place it with ease on any window you like. The only thing you need to do is set it up is to hook up the power supply, lock it in the window frame, then, you will be good to go.

  • Smart controls

Everyone appreciates a smart air conditioner and the good news for you is that Kapsul Air Conditioner happens to come with an application that lets you control the unit using your smartphone no matter where you are. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

The unit integrates with the cloud, Google Assistant, and Alexa, and has a programmable timer. All of these features let you control the unit using either the mobile application or your voice.

Pros of Kapsul air conditioner

Below are some of the key strengths of Kapsul Air Conditioner that makes it a great product to add to your to-buy list:

  • Aesthetic design

The Kapsul Air Conditioner is possibly one of the most beautiful units that have ever come into existence and are the most modest at the same time. It features honeycomb lattice vents, sleek silver curves, a LED display, and an uncomplicated and friendly face with one dial. This air conditioner has both personality and class that will surely make your friends envious.

  • Connected and smart

Kapsul Air gives you complete control over your home’s temperature. The unit is WiFi-enabled and is also compatible for integration with Alexa, Nest, and Google Home. To make things even better, Kapsul also comes with a free app that lets you turn the unit on by setting a schedule before you even arrive home. This gives you full control straight from your smartphone.

  • Easier and safer installation

Thanks to the window-frame adapter separate from the unit itself, you can painlessly and effortlessly install the Kapsul Air all by yourself. Its independent frame forms a secure dock that can slide into the unit. Its adapter is airtight, is only 10 inches high, and can be adjusted for window openings that are 21 to 36 inches wide. This has made it easier than ever to install a window AC.

  • Low profile

With a height of only a little more than 7 inches, Kapsul Air has a very low profile that lets you enjoy your window more. Even with the adapter frame included, this unit can still help you save a few inches of your window’s height. The comparable units for smaller rooms have a height of 14 to 15 inches. This gives you more sight of the trees, light, skyline, and definitely more chances to daydream.

  • Noiseless operation

Even if it runs full blast, the Kapsul Air clocks in at only 50 dB. This is almost half the total amount of sound that comes from your good old AC unit. This means that you no longer need to wake up all of a sudden once the compressor kicks on right in the middle of your sleep.

It is also the kind of AC that you would want to install in your living room since you don’t need to turn off the cool air while watching your favorite movies. It can also sit well in your office where you don’t want ambient noise that makes it sound as if there is a space shuttle being launched right beside you. A quiet and cool AC is always the best way to go. 

Cons of Kapsul air conditioner

  • Not meant for casement window models

Kapsul Airis only made for double and single-hung windows and not for sliding or casement windows.

  • No heating element

These units are AC-only, unlike most other brands and models that come with a true heat pump technology or heating element, or space heater.

Is Kapsul air conditioner a good value for money?

With all the good features of the Kapsul Air Conditioner, it is easy to say that the unit is worth your money. You might find it a bit expensive if you will consider that it is just 5,000 BTUs. However, considering the amount you can save for using it, its aesthetic beauty, and the fact that you can keep it hidden when not in use, its price tag of $499 is pretty much justified despite not being cheap at all.

Where to buy Kapsul air conditioner

Kapsul Air Conditioner is exclusively available on its official website. So far, it is not available yet but it is expected to be launched in the market soon.

Is Kapsul air conditioner recommended?

Yes, Kapsul Air Conditioner is recommended. While the price tag is a bit steep, it is still worth its price. As long as you got the money, you are confident that you can afford it, and you don’t need a lot of BTUs, the Kapsul Air Conditioner is a good buy. There is a sound reason behind the hype around the product.

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