Ultimate aircon placement guide

Where should an aircon be placed? Aircon placement can reduce electric bill? Yes! From our study, if your house have several air conditioners, more than 20% of the power consumption of your electric bill are from aircon. We recommend you take certain steps to ensure that your air conditioner is installed in a prime place to reduce your bill.

Where should i install my aircon? Many factors contribute to better airflow, humidify and heat. This article, we will show you the best aircon placement in bedroom, where should an aircon be placed in living room and why.

We also recommend you read our previous article in regards to tick system and how to maximize aircon ledge to find the best sweet spot for aircon placement. Install the air conditioner in the proper place with the correct BTU calculation can get better cooling and reduce electric bill.

Best position for air conditioner in the living room

Best position for air conditioner in the living room

It should be high enough for excellent cooling

This is an easy rule that warm air goes up and chill air come down at any location. You need to keep this fact also in your mind while installing your air conditioner and you should keep the altitude at the top level.

If you install your machine at your feet height, then also it will not chill your area at all or it will waste time and power to offer you the needed cooling. In either of the condition, it will not provide you the wanted outcome and you will end up spending more cash on it. But if you will install it at a higher place then it will do the cooling in a much faster manner and you will get cooling for full living room.

Place of machine will also ensure that you obtain the right spacing for ducting pipe and you obtain pipes also it to in a simple way. So, when you perform this installation ensure follow this role as well and you install it at a higher place in your room to get the top and most relax feeling with it.

Your AC system should be in a shaded area

Too much sunlight is not perfect for your AC unit.

If you leave the machine in straight sunlight, it will extremely heat, and will be forced to work high to provide the chilling effects you want. High amount of sunlight can also lead to the development of mechanical issues over time.

By protecting your unit from sunlight, you will increase its lifespan and will reap the highest advantage from the device.

Keep your living room unit away from heat sources

Appliances that release heat within your home can make your aircon work harder than it should. When your air conditioner senses heat the thermostat may respond wrongly, affecting efficiency and temperature control.

Since the place of your air conditioner has an important impact on efficiency, you should reject placing your indoor unit near to heat sources. The heat generated by appliances can keep your unit running 24/7, even after reaching the present temperature. The thermostat may not react correctly if the aircon placement in the living room is too near to appliances like lamps, TVs, refrigerators, etc.

It should be near to your sitting area

When you install an aircon unit in your house, then you either purchase it for your living room or your bedroom. In either of the cases, it can provide you excellent cooling effects when it is next to your bed or sitting location.

Indeed, some people would say that the aircon unit will chill the full room and that is true as well. But you also need to understand that the chilling will be more close to the Aircon unit and at other ends, cooling will be less.

Keep the area well ventilated

Blocking the air conditioner vents with decorations, furniture or curtains can restrict airflow. You should also ensure you keep the air condition unit unobstructed by furniture and other items to guarantee the highest output from your unit.

Air conditioners best when it is surrounded by lots of areas and where air flows freely.

If you stuff the surrounding area, it will most likely suffocate and would not do much to control the temperatures of your rooms.

Surround with Mulch or grass

Air conditioner is generally fixed on concrete slabs for the reason that units have to be on a powerful, solid, and level area. Aside from the slab that an air conditioner sits directly on, though, it is top to not have any other stones or cement near an aircon.

Stones and cement absorb heat, which they then radiate. The high heat will raise the normal temperature around your air conditioner. If possible, place your air conditioner in an area that is surrounded by mulch or grass.

Blocked off from your dog

If you have a pet, you will want to put a barrier that stops any dogs from getting near your air conditioner in the living room. Dogs generally take to urinating on units, and their urine can cause aircon fins to tarnish. Even just a few pinhole marks of rust from dog urine will badly force how well a machine runs.

Putting a little barrier or a few well-kept plants around an air conditioner is a simple way to obstruct a unit off from dogs.

Best position for air conditioner in bedroom

Best position for air conditioner in bedroom

AC units in the bedroom should perfectly be located to the right or left of one of the sides of the bed rather straight above the bedhead or on the reverse wall facing the bed. This is to stop cool air throw directly onto your while in bed, which can too breezy and outcome in a dry throat in the morning.

Aircon placement in the bedroom should be in an area where chill air does not blow directly on you. This is a general rule of where to place an air conditioner, but is especially vital in a bedroom atmosphere.

Where to put aircon in bedroom?

Installing the unit where you sleep

If you are installing one unit in the house, think about which room you spend the most time in during the warmer daylight hours. If you work from home, this could be the living or study space. If you do not job from house, considering locating the unit in your bedroom, working away means you likely spend the biggest time at home sleeping. Aircon placement in the bedroom could provide the best atmosphere for a best night’s sleep.

Air conditioning and bedroom doors

Advice varies regarding unit doors and placement. Installing close a door could mean inefficient cooling and heating as the unstable temperature from draughts mean the unit reads room temperature wrongly. In these cases, the unit could get overstressed and down.

Anyway, the unit must also be located to work with the airflow of the bedroom and not against it. It is perfect to get the best of both worlds, and you can be assured that professional installations experts will know how to balance the unit airflow in relation to the room.

Placement on shorter wall

Place the indoor unit on the little wall to cover the long area of the bedroom. For rooms that have a length of more than thirty feet, we advise placing 2 indoor AC units on the same wall. This is a vital factor to take into account when your thinking of air conditioning a bedroom.

Installing the unit high enough

The master bedroom is a best example of a relatively big bedroom. This way, the external part will not have to work as hard to blow in new air into the bedroom.

If it is in the study or lounge room, fix it so that you can straight the airflow towards anywhere you sit. inside units should be fixed on a high area on the wall to make sure that chill air is blown out throughout the room. The key downside of this type of room air conditioner is the installation needs. They use very pretty power to operate, permitting you to cut your monthly power costs by an important amount. Measure the width and length of the room to determine its square footage.

Placement on the center of the bedroom

In little rooms, they should be installed in the center of the room to permit a perfectly even flow of air. Most homeowners will find that a window air conditioner is the most affordable and simple to buy, but they may be hesitant when it comes to the installation process. You need to consider carefully the place of the system since some parts of your house may be better for this than others.

Do not install near a source of heat

For little reasons, locations near radiators, ovens, and fireplaces are not best candidates for AC installations. The internal thermostat of an aircon is sensitive and being in proximity to something that generates heat could give bad readings and make it runs continuously. The right positioning of an Air conditioner unit will not just provide you with the best atmosphere, but keeps your money too.

Why install aircon in proper place matter?

Why install aircon in proper place matter

There are lots of ways to make your air conditioner work more efficiently, and that will mean more manageable power bills for you. Positioning your replacement or new air conditioner correctly is a vital step in achieving power-efficiency.


Each air conditioner has specific needs for the amount of airflow it needs. A qualified technician, using the item specifications, will be capable to advise you on the most power-efficient positioning. This will take into account things such as where the windows are placed, what type of ventilation is accessible, and whether there are any heat-producing appliances close by.

Be aware, anyway, that the top position in a technical sense may not be the best place from an asymmetrical or aesthetic point of view. You will have to use your top judgment to ensure the AC unit works with your decor.

Which room?

Work out which rooms you want the air conditioner to chill. Do you want it to chill the main living place or do you want to try and chill the whole home? Much will depend on the size and capacity of your air conditioner system, but you may be capable to a position is centrally between 2 areas you would like cooled.


A machine that makes noise outside and inside the home, can be a problem when it comes to ACs. It can affect your sleep, your focus, or your mood, so consider the specs and advantages of different brands, such as the quiet modes based on the place for which you are buying the system.

A noisy air conditioner can affect your relationship with your neighbours. Check domestic council needs to ensure you comply with any regulations that address noise levels in your neighbourhood.

External unit

Ensure you locate the outer part of your air conditioner out of direct sun where easy. Exposure to hours of the extreme Singaporean sun will mean your unit will have to work much harder to combat its own inside temperature in to chill your home.

Also, locate the outside unit where it will be least uncovered to dust or debris. A close-by tree that sheds leaves or pods, or a dirty driveway below it, may make your air conditioner more susceptible to getting blocked or dirty, leading to bad function.

As well as risking become bad, positioning outdoor units on the ground may hurdle access for repairs or maintenance. Think about the roof or wall brackets instead.

End words

Ensure your aircon no matter inverter aircon or non inverter aircon is installed on the right spot and that there are no spaces around the window when using a window AC unit. Any spaces around the air conditioner should be sealed to keep out any drafts of hot air. A note. Properly installed aircon vent may also help.

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