Daikin perfera review

There is no doubt that Daikin is a leading innovator and worldwide company, which provides advanced, high-quality HVAC system solutions for both homes and business applications. They are not just known as an air conditioner and heating system provider but as a great one that provides a quality personal service, commitment to quality, and uses the latest technology.

Daikin has come up with another market-leading residential HVAC system, which is known as Daikin Perfera FTXM-N. This particular air conditioner uses R-32 refrigerant – a next-generation alternating refrigerant that delivers extremely good performance and has a lower environmental impact.

Daikin Perfera system is a spilt air conditioner system, which means the units are located both inside and outside of the building. And uses the advanced inverter control technology that is powered by 80% solar energy and 20% electricity.

Daikin perfera ftxm-n is the next generation of air conditioners designed in such a way that it could surpass any other previous models’ energy efficiency. Because when properly installed, Daikin Perfera FTXM-N can offers high-efficiency performance up to 6.81 SEER and a SCOP up to 5.1, A+++ standard that can lower running cost compared to a unit with a lower SEER.

Daikin Perfera FTXM-N also have an in-built energy saving that enables the unit to know when the room is empty and immediately modifies the settings to minimize the power consumption, while the operating cost is reduced by inverter technology.

With its outstanding specs, the perfera system can now provide a wider operational range, which offers a cooling effect between -10°C to 50°C as well as heating from 24°C to 20°C, to ensure that reliable performance is achieved across the globe regardless of the weather conditions. 

Daikin FTXM-N Prefera Features and details

Two area intelligent eyes

This feature helps to detect the presence of people in the building so the airflow is sent to where people are located at a particular time, and if nobody is detected so the unit can save energy by automatically adjusting to the power-efficient settings.

Standby energy-saving mode

Once the standby mode is activation, the energy consumption will reduce by 80% when running on standby.

Online controller through an app

This particular feature will enable users to control their indoor unit, regardless of their location.

Multi-model application

If you own a large apartment or you are a business owner, Prefera FTXM-N is the best option because up to 5 indoor units, even with different capacity can be connected to a single outdoor unit. And even all the indoor units can run within the same cooling or heating setting.

Indoor unit silent operation

There is a “silence” button on the remote control that can help to reduce the outdoor unit operational sound to nearly silent sound so you can have quiet environment and more comfortable cooling experience.

Econo mode

Once the econo mode in daikin ac is activated, the power consumption reduces by almost 30%. You can use other appliances that consume power on the same time. This function is for users that do not have breaker capacities but still need to multiple appliances at the same time.

Night set mode

The mode helps to prevent overheating or overcooling at night time and in return save energy.

Fan mode

When the fan mode is switched on, the unit uses an internal fan and automatically turns off the compressor and as a result has great energy impact because the compressor is the most-power consuming of the air conditioner. 

Comfort mode

With Daikin comfort mode, users can conveniently use the mode to change the direction of the air conditioner louver to prevent the cold or warm air is from the room’s occupants. 

Powerful mode

When the powerful mode is activated, users can select either rapid cooling or heating to achieve a desired temperature within a short period. Once the mode is switched off, the unit will return to its default mode. 

Auto cooling-heating changeover

The option enables automatic selection of cooling or heating mode to determine the right mode to meet the desired temperature.

Indoor unit silent operation

The silent button on the remote lower the indoor unit operation sounds by 3dB(A) so you are less concerned about the indoor unit sounds.

3-D airflow

This feature helps Prefera FTXM-N to be more productive for even large space by combining both horizontal and vertical auto-swing to ensure the stream of cool or warm air is disturbed through the room.

Vertical auto swing

This enables users to automatically set the air coming out of the unit to a vertical swing (up and down direction) to maintain uniform airflow and temperature throughout the whole building.

Horizontal auto swing

Once the option is selected, the airflow blade will start moving in a right and left direction continuously to make sure the air circulates throughout the entire building.

Auto fan speed

This unit has a built-in sensor that helps to determine the existing condition and automatically adjust the fan speed required to reach or maintain the desired temperature. 

Dry mode

Aircon dry mode acts as a dehumidifier on the unit by removing excess humidity in the air while making the environment more conducive and save energy consumption.

Flash Streamer technology & Titanium apatite deodorizing filter

These are innovative technology that helps to improve the quality of air in the home while breaking down pollen, odor, pet hair, mold, and other hazardous chemical substance and also get rid of bothersome odors such as tobacco and pets. 


There is an inbuilt micro-computer that automatically runs a self-diagnosis when a problem is detected and interprets the problem to the user by malfunction code.

Daikin perfera installation

Daikin vs mitsubishi which is better? It depends on your needs. Both brands are well known with their top-notch quality products.

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