Is airtemp a good brand

In every engagement involving multiple people, there are always leaders and followers. The leaders create trends while followers struggle to catch up with trends. This article is about one of the leaders in the cooling system business – Airtemp. Airtemp, just like every other company around the world is oftentimes faced with a similar question from intending customers, “Is Airtemp a good brand?”

After a long stressful day at work, or hanging out with your friends in the hot summer weather, I bet the least anybody would want to do is to go back home to start struggling with heat as a result of a malfunctioning air conditioning system. Sure no one can stand that horrible feeling! This is why most homes opt for the best cooling systems to give their interior the perfect coolness, fresh filtered air, and humidity to help keep their body temperature stable and bearable.

Of course, we live in a world where individuals are in constant search of business ideas and opportunities, and providing efficient comfort systems that make homes livable seems like one of the smartest ideas. Hence the principal reason we have so many companies in the comfort system business, and with competition comes the responsibility to set and meet standards.

As a result, over the years, Airtemp has been able to deploy state-of-the-art technology to achieve these standards, thereby making them one of the leading companies in the business.

Airtemp is a company headquartered in Houston, tx that provides arrays of services ranging from installation, general maintenance, and upgrade Of mechanical systems for homes, schools, offices, museums, and any kind of buildings with over 30 affiliated companies spread across the country.

Airtemp provides series of mechanical assistance and services like refrigeration, water treatment, security, plumbing, automation e.t.c. So with no further delays, will swiftly shift my gaze to providing informed answers to the frequently most asked questions about Airtemp and its products.

Is Airtemp a good air conditioner

A company’s brand is the distinguishing trait that brings out the uniqueness of the company’s product. There are lots of factors that determine the quality of a brand. Such factors as Creativity, knowledge of the market, value proposition, consistency, brand objectives, and marketing. There’s so much to be discussed about the individual factors listed above but I would suggest that you read more about them to avoid diversion from the topic of discourse.

So far, Airtemp has been able to meet these benchmarks that determine the quality of services provided by a brand. For example, with the presence of their subsidiary companies in over 30 location with the country is a sure direct message to the customer that they are easily accessible and they priorities their customer’s convenience.

Also, Their presence on every social media platform shows how committed they are to reach a wider audience with their product.

And lastly, with their retrofit services which offer customers the benefit of after-sales services like installation, maintenance, and upgrade, there’s a distinctive message that they care for their customers even after the first encounter.

Therefore, with their unparalleled commitments to customer satisfaction and convenience, it can be categorically undoubtedly stated that Airtemp is a good brand.

Who makes Airtemp air conditioning, heat pumps, HVAC, and Oil furnaces

Airtemp products are made by Nortek Global Inc. and sold exclusively by R.E. Michel co.

Nortek is a company with its headquarter in O’Fallon Missouri. Nortek specializes in the manufacturing of; heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps, oil and gas furnaces, air handlers, coil, and packaged systems e.t.c.

What’s is Airtemp furnace

Airtemp furnace is usually less than 2.9 ft in length and accurately designed to efficiently provide homes with constant reliable and comfortable temperature. Airtemp furnaces are manufactured with thorough attention to the slighted details to ensure, hitch-free performance and a noiseless operation all year round.

Airtemp ensures that its furnaces are tested at each crucial manufacturing stage and offers some protections to their intending and current customers in form of warranty to help drive home their value proposition of Quality, reliability, and value. Airtemp furnaces come with some unique features such as;

Direct-drive blower: The multi-speed motor which ensures a wide range of uninterrupted airflow delivery helps to keep manage the energy consumption level. I.e it reduces the use of energy to the most minimal level.

Blower delay at startup: When switching from coolness to warmth, this feature ensures that the blower is slowed down a bit to prevent a rush of cold air and start with warm air right from startup.

Appliance type igniter:  Airtemp furnace can last for 20 years before it could be due for replacement.

Dependable heat exchanger: The Airtemp furnace major parts come with a lifetime limited warranty from the point of registration.

What is an Airtemp heat pumps

Airtemp heat pump was designed with two major objectives in mind – economical comfort and versatility.

Economical comfort: Airtemp heat pump is affordable as it is believed to be one of the cheapest in the market and this does not necessarily translate to reduced quality as it also comes with one of the best temperature regulating features.

Versatility: Airtemp heat pump comes with an exceptional reverse feature which enables it to provide your home with pleasant coolness and fresh air during hot summer and can also provide your home with the much-needed earth during cold seasons.

Features of Airtemp heat pump

Durability: Airtemp heat pump is designed to be able to withstand the test of time. This is achieved as it is equipped with galvanized steel with a polyester urethane coat finish which ensures it is corrosive resistant.

Formidable protection: The inner part of the heat pump is protected against any hazard and extreme weather by a complete metal wrapper and with a classic dark gray styling with contrasting wire discharge grille to give it its uniquely attractive appearance.

High-performance compressor: The adoption of energy-efficient scroll compressor technology allows for a noiseless operation.

Innovative: The all-aluminum microchannel coil allows for an interrupted airflow and air transfer while also providing top-notch resistance against corrosion.

What is Airtemp HVAC

Airtemp HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is designed to provide homes with the perfect filtered air, pleasant coolness, and constant warmth to keep the interior environment comfortably habitable. Airtemp HVAC came into existence in 1934 and is believed to be the leading brand during the early years of air conditioning.

Today, Airtemp HVAC just like every other Airtemp product is produced with sophisticated technology right from the assembling stage down to the quality control stage and boasts of the best consumer warranties ever known.

Features of Airtemp HVAC

Environmentally friendly: Airtemp HVAC is equipped with EPA-approved environmentally sound R-410A refrigerant.

Durability: Just like the Airtemp heat pump, it is also equipped with galvanized steel With a polyester urethane coat finish. And a corrosive resistance level of 50% extra than other comparable units.

Solid protection: The inner part of the Airtemp HVAC is also protected against environmental hazards and extreme weather conditions by an absolute metal wrapper.

Innovative: The all-aluminum microchannel coil allows for an interrupted airflow and air transfer while also providing top-notch resistance against corrosion.

High-performance compressor: The use of energy-efficient scroll compressor technology allows for a noiseless operation.

What are Airtemp Oil furnaces

Airtemp is an oil furnace is designed to provide the interior of the home with less harmful and moderate heat to help keep your home cozy and warm during winter. Airtemp oil furnaces are designed to achieve; noiseless performance, speed operations, and enhanced temperature control.

Some other notable features include;

D.O.E. compliant:  The United States department of energy efficiency and standard (D.O.E.) sets benchmarks for more than 60 pieces of equipment and appliance products within the country. Airtemp oil furnace either meets this standard or exceeds to ensure it is not subject to complaints.

Proven Design: Heavey gauge wrap-around design heat exchanger encourages the uninterrupted flow of air and ensures optimal performance throughout the operation.

Noiseless operation: Airtemp oil furnace is equipped with high-density cabinet insulation which helps to regulate its sound level throughout the operation.

Engineered airflow: Airtemp oil furnace is designed to provide a wide range of airflow delivery to accommodate diversities in different home systems. I.e They ensure that there’s always one that can blend well perfectly with the energy system in your home.

Is Airtemp made in the USA

All Airtemp comfort systems are designed and assembled in Northern America. And they make sure qualities are built into these products using sophisticated technologies and by ensuring that the products are painstakingly tested at each manufacturing stage.

Are Airtemp reliable

Airtemp products are usually accompanied by a whopping 10 years warranty and a 1-year component replacement service. This of course is an affirmation of their watchword – Quality, Reliability, and Value. Therefore, one can safely say they are reliable.

Are Airtemp AC unit good

With their state-of-the-art technology, use of best quality materials, error-free installation service, and a 10-year warranty with 1-year replacement service of their air conditioners, Airtemp AC is unarguably one of the best you can fund out there today.

Are Airtemp heat pump good

The unique features of Airtemp heat pumps especially the VSH1BE series make them stand out from others in the market. The VSH1BE series is assumed to be the best choice when the customers prioritize, cost efficiency and comfort. Of course, my choice of VSH1BE is not aimed at demarketing other models as my choice is greatly influenced by popular opinions.

Are Airtemp furnaces reliable

After having gone through various reviews online and some interviews with some colleagues and neighbors, 65% of the correspondents rated Airtemp 4 on the scale of 1- 10 when it comes to reliability. However, this doesn’t necessarily represent the actual reliability level of the Airtemp furnace as the sample used in the research is not up to 10% population of actual Airtemp customers. Although it can offer useful insight.

How to read Airtemp serial number

The Airtemp serial number usually located on the data plate allows users to figure out the production date or the age of the various Airtemp products.


Airtemp styles their serial number in different formats.

1st format;


Description: The first format is a seven digits serial number that starts with five numbers and is followed by two alphabets that represent the month and year of production. The month of production is determined by using the 6th digit. While the 7th digit shows the year of production. 

2nd format;


Description: The second format is with digits serial numbers which start with two alphabetical digits and are followed by six numerical numbers. The month and year of production are determined using the first two digits.

3rd format;


Description: The third format is a twelve digits serial number starting with three alphabetical digits and followed by nine other numerical digits. The month and year of production are determined by numbers the fourth digit and the next three digits of the serial number.

How does Airtemp rate

According to information gathered online, Airtemp is rated 1 star. However, readers must carry out their personal information gathering exercise as the rating could is highly prone to subjectivities.

Where does Airtemp stand in consumer satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Airtemp warranty claim

All Airtemp products come limited part warranty of 10 years and also offer a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty with 1 year replacement service if any of the parts of either the air conditioners, heat pump, or furnace breaks down within the first year of use. However, users must register within the first 60 days of installation to enjoy this benefit.

What remote works for Airtemp

Airtemp Ductless mini splits are equipped with a variable-speed indoor blower for improved efficiency and wireless remote control for easy usage.

How many BTUs is a five-burner Airtemp furnace

British terminal units (BTUs) are the amount of heat needed to heat 2 cups/ 1 pound of water when the water is at sea level.

Oil furnace BTUs ranges between 60000 to 160000 BTUs/h

Gas furnace BTUs ranges between 40000 to 140000 BTUs/h

Note: Figures provided here are not based on the number of burners a typical Airtemp furnace has. But a general figure for furnace BTUs.

Can you use different coils on Airtemp condenser

Airtemp coils are designed to match each unit of their air conditioner and heat pumps for optimal performance. Therefore to protect your warranty and hitch-free performance, users are advised to change coils when they change any outdoor units.

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