Bryant vs carrier

If you are shopping for a new air conditioner, you will probably be torn between Bryant vs Carrier. Take a look below to know more about two of the leading names in the market right now so you can choose the right one for you and your home.

About Bryant

Charles Bryant originally founded Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems in 1904 as a company that manufactures water heaters. The brand has built a stellar reputation in the industry, establishing itself as a trusted brand that offers comfort to users. The company has also positioned itself as among the market’s top brands by producing reliable, long-lasting, and high-quality air conditioners.

Bryant develops residential heat pumps, central air conditioners, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, oil and gas furnaces, and heating and cooling units for commercial use and rooftops. Many AC units from the brand are also Energy Star qualified. This means you will get energy-efficient products that save money and protect the environment.

Consumers consider their products to be more superior to other brands. However, Bryant’s quality may be inferior compared to Carrier products. The brand’s product line is not as high-end as that of Carrier. The advantage is that they offer their products at more reasonable prices.

About Carrier

Willis Carrier founded Carrier in 1902 and they claim to be the first company that manufactured the modern air conditioning system.

Since then, Carrier has evolved to offer solutions that provide sustainability and feature building controls with energy services and energy-efficient products across residential, retail commercial, food service, and transport customers. Carrier has also positioned itself as among the world’s leading brands in the industry of home cooling.

Carrier manufactures and distributes HVAC or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, food service equipment, security and fire technologies, and commercial refrigeration. Their AC units, specifically the Infinity Series, are also found to be quieter compared to similar competitor products.

The product range of Carrier is considered to be more expensive and exclusive compared to that of Bryant.

Are Bryant and Carrier the same

Bryant is owned by Carrier, while Carrier is under the ownership of United Technologies Corp that also manufactures Payne, Day and Night, HEIL, and many other brands.

Where are Bryant furnaces manufactured

Bryant has long been considered the American icon when it comes to cooling and heating. The company is born, raised, and built in American, specifically in Indianapolis. Most of the company’s product lines, including their furnaces, are manufactured and produced in the US. Many of the parts of the systems are put together in Indianapolis and this is where furnaces are assembled and sold around the US.

Are Bryant furnaces made by Carrier

Bryant furnaces are made by the same company that produces other top brands of furnaces including Carrier, HEIL, and Payne.

Where are Bryant air conditioners manufactured

Just like the furnaces, Bryant air conditioners are also manufactured in the United States, particularly in Indianapolis.

Is Carrier or Bryant better

The question of whether Carrier or Bryant is better is not easy to answer because there are a lot of factors and considerations that can affect your decision.

What makes Carrier air conditioners better than Bryant air conditioners

The Carrier company has long established itself as one of the industry’s high-quality manufacturers and has been coming up with smart features made for homes, offices, gyms, and entertainment centers. Carrier is not just one of the market’s top brands as it is also a leader in the air conditioning industry.

They make up for the expensive prices of their units with the advanced features, low noise levels, high efficiency, and long lifespan, assuring you that your chosen unit will provide long-term comfort and savings.

Carrier air conditioning product range

The Carrier brand has three lines of air conditioning units with 11 different models.

Infinity Series

The Infinity Series has been designed as the most energy-efficient unit that boasts of noise-free operations. This is also rated as among the quietest AC units in the market. This is the ultimate in AC luxury that uses smart technology with seasonal SEER between 16 and 21.

Comfort Series

The Comfort Series provides minimized energy cost and units with SEER of 18.

Performance Series

The Performance Series is made for those who have limited outdoor space searching for a powerful but compact AC unit with SEER of 15.

Characteristics of Carrier air conditioners

The Carrier company manufactures six energy-efficient air conditioner models that come with the Energy Star stamp of approval. The following are the things you can expect to get when you choose a Carrier AC unit.

  • Noise levels ranging from 65 up to 76 decibels
  • Seasonal SEER ratios ranging from 15 to 21
  • Product ranges with compact units that can fit even in tighter spaces
  • Optional labor warranty available
  • Use of a compressor sound blanket and two-stage compressor
  • Use of Puron refrigerant safe for the atmosphere
  • 10-year parts warranty for registered product warranty

What makes Bryant air conditioners better than Carrier air conditioners

Bryant provides long-lasting and quality air conditioning units at affordable prices to offer comfort to the users. They provide the same equipment as the Carrier brand but this time, you can be sure that the purchase will leave a smaller dent in your pocket.

Bryant air conditioning product range

Bryant provides an extensive variety of air conditioning units and there are four lines for you to choose from. The company produces 17 central AC models with an efficiency that ranges from 13 up to 20.5 SEER. Their product range is considered as among the most complete out of all brands. Their product lines include the following:

Evolution Series

The Evolution Series boasts noise-free operations. Some models are equipped with two- or one-stage compressors while others have variable speeds.

Legacy Series

The Legacy Series is made up of affordable models with options in this line featuring single-stage compressors and achieving a maximum SEER rating of 16.

Preferred Compact Series

The Preferred Compact is specially made for homeowners who have space constraints and wish to have the unit installed outside. This is an energy-efficient series with a maximum SEER rating of 15.

Preferred Series

The Preferred Series is for people looking for cost-effective and high-efficiency systems with a 16.5 SEER rating. If you want to learn how to convert seer to eer, please refer to our previous guide.

Characteristics of Bryant air conditioners

The air conditioners under the Bryant brand are backed with a 10-year parts warranty if the product warranty has been registered. Many Bryant air conditioners are qualified for Energy Star rating, unlike Carrier that only has six. You can expect the following when you opt for a Bryant air conditioner.

  • Low noise levels that range from 66 up to 76 decibels
  • Energy efficiency ratings ranging from 13 to 14.5
  • Energy efficiency ratios that range from 15 to 20 which depends on the season
  • Excellent humidity control
  • Use of a compressor working in circular motion to lengthen lifespan
  • Use of Puron refrigerant safe for the atmosphere

Bryant vs Carrier furnaces

As mentioned earlier, the furnaces of Bryant are made in the same area that produces Carrier gas furnaces. The latest gas furnace units from both brands are almost similar for the most part, with cost being the only area where these two brands differ.

Bryant furnaces are often cheaper than Carrier. These two brands are also almost the same that if the time comes that you need to have your unit repaired, you can often interchangeably replace the furnace parts from either of the brands. With Carrier, you will pay more for the brand name although the home heating unit is almost identical.

Are Carrier and Bryant furnaces just the same

The furnaces of Bryant are Carrier’s sub-brand because it is under the ownership of Carrier. However, the furnaces differ a lot when it comes to costs. The latest gas furnaces made are almost the same as each other. However, Bryant furnaces are relatively cheaper than Carrier furnaces since Carrier has been established as a premium brand.

How does Bryant compare to other brands

Bryant has a lot of competitors yet their products manage to stand out when it comes to efficiency and quality. Several features make the products under the Bryant line different from their competitors. These differences can be measured in terms of efficiency, costs, and warranty for the systems.


Bryant is among the most popular furnace brands and is renowned for its efficiency. Considering the consistent performance of their products, you can tell that these are made with outstanding efficiency and detail.


Unlike other furnace brands, Bryant offers the best service and product quality. You can compare this quality with that of other premium brands such as Carrier, Bryant’s parent owner that doesn’t compromise in terms of quality.

Additional benefits

Bryant offers amazing warranties and unique features on their products even at such a low price point. The products are also meant to be quieter and more environmentally friendly than other similar models from other brands.

Bryant vs Carrier heat pump

Almost 95% of heat pump models from Bryant and Carrier are identical and the logo is the only thing different.

Bryant and Carrier both produce 17 models with 16 of them being the same. Each brand also produces a cheap or entry-level model that the other doesn’t make.

You might also notice the difference in prices for similar models from Carrier and Bryant, with Bryant being the cheaper one most of the time. This is because their parent company, UTC, uses a different marketing strategy to boost Bryant’s market share.

Overview of Bryant heat pumps

The Bryant brand is more energy-efficient and economical because it offers features that make it easier and more convenient to control temperatures during cold and hot weather.

Bryant combines variable-speed operation with system control intelligence to offer amazing reliability, ultimate comfort, and energy savings.

To ensure that your Bryant heat pump will operate efficiently, it is important to regularly replace or clean your air filter and have the system cleaned and inspected two times a year.

Are Bryant and Carrier heat pumps just the same

Yes, many of the heat pumps from the two brands are the same. The two companies both have 17 models and the difference only lies in the cheapest model in each range. Many of the heat pumps from Carrier are more expensive.

Who manufactures Bryant heat pumps

Bryant heat pumps are manufactured by Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems that Charles Bryant started over 100 years ago. This means that Bryant still produces Bryant products.

Overview of Carrier heat pumps

The Carrier brand is popular for its environmentally friendly heat pumps. With all the different technology features, the brand provides energy-efficient and high-quality heat pumps.

Heat pumps under Carrier are also among the most durable that you can in the market right now. These units come with an array of specialized features such as Greenspeed Intelligence, variable-speed compressor operation for excellent comfort and noise levels, optimal temperature and humidity control, compressor sound blanket, WeatherArmor Ultra protection, and Silencer System II design, Ideal Defrost heating operation complete with Infinity control, and non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant.

Bryant Evolution vs Carrier Infinity

Bryant Evolution and Carrier Infinity are two of the models that are often compared because of their similarities. Getting a good idea of both can help you choose the right unit for your needs.

Overview of Bryant Evolution

Bryant’s Evolution central AC series is made up of three models namely 187B, 186B, and 180B. It is reported that these units are Energy Star-qualified units emit nose that starts as low as only 68 decibels that making them almost as silent as a vacuum cleaner.

It is partly because of the AeroQuiet System II that offers sound-dampening properties in the fan and cabinet among many other things. All units feature Evolution™ diagnostic controls, DuraGuard Plus for protection from elements and exterior durability, and two-stage scroll compressors.

The models under the Evolution series come with SEER ratings ranging from 15 SEER for 186B up to 20 SEER in the 180A model. All models provide cooling capacities ranging from 1.5 up to 5 tons.

What do users have to say about Bryant Evolution

Several users and owners of Bryant Evolution air conditions are curious to know if the units advertised to have perfect humidity control are worth the price. Many of them claim that the price is justified, especially if the unit has been installed properly.

Warranty of Bryant Evolution

Bryant provides a limited parts warranty that lasts for 10 years that is subject to an on-time registration following the purchase. The warranty will only be valid for 5 years if you don’t register the product within 90 days.

For jurisdictions in which the benefits are not applicable after registration, there is a 10-year limited parts warranty. You can ask the dealer regarding optional warranties for the extended periods that might include costs like labor.

Overview of Carrier Infinity System

There is a reason why the word system is added to the name since these units will only work best if all the components have been perfectly matched with one another. The Carrier Infinity series is often called a Communicating system because every component communicates with the rest to achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and comfort. It means you have to make sure that the items below are matched:

  • Carrier Infinity Heat Pump or Infinity Air Conditioner
  • Infinity Air Cleaners or Infinity Air Filters
  • Infinity Air Handlers or Gas Furnaces
  • Infinity Thermostat Control System
  • Infinity Whole House Humidifier
  • Optional Infinity Zoning Systems

Thanks to how Infinity Systems’ variable-speed blowers, can sustain a 1 to 2 degree temperature range in your house very easily. The Infinity System automatically adjusts the blower’s CFM to distribute a steady and slow stream of cooling and heating in your house compared to blasting on for a certain number of minutes every time the unit is turned on.

Some sensors monitor all the functions of the Carrier Infinity systems and these, in turn, will communicate with a control system. When any of the sensors detect a low airflow, this will call for an increase automatically. Once it detects some issues, the unit will be automatically shut off to prevent any damage. If the filters are already dirty, you will also be informed by the control system that you need to change them because of the low airflow.

How much is the Carrier Infinity System

Compared to other similar units available on the market, the price tags of the Carrier Infinity Systems are a bit more expensive. You can even expect to pay at least twice the cost of a typical change-out to have the unit installed by a certified Carrier contractor.

If a standard change-out costs around $3,500 up to $6,000, for the Carrier Infinity System, it can go as high as $8,000 up to $13,000.

While many people will consider this price range to be out of bounds, you have to remember that the specific contractor who will install the Carrier Infinity system requires some extra expertise to ensure that your system is installed properly and perfectly matched.

In terms of efficiency, you might never recover the additional cost for optimal indoor comfort yet you can be sure that the quality of your indoor air will be so much better than what you can expect if you are only using a standard HVAC system.

Can you buy Carrier Infinity System online?

So far, carrier is one of the few brands that made it clear that they don’t honor online purchases under warranty. This means that if you have plans to get this system, it might be better to buy one from a certified Carrier dealer. It will give you the peace of mind that your unit will be under warranty, especially if the time comes that something goes wrong with your purchase.

Bryant vs Carrier cost

When the time comes that you need to buy a new air conditioning unit, the price tag is among the leading factors that almost all consumers consider before anything else. But, you mustn’t just choose any model just because it is cheap. After all, you still need to take into account many other essential factors aside from the price itself, such as quality and performance.

So far, Bryant is the cheaper option than Carrier. However, the two brands both provide high-quality products with only small differences in price tags. Whatever you choose between Bryant and Carrier, you can be sure that you will be getting a unit that offers great value with outstanding efficiency at reasonable price tags.

Bryant vs Carrier warranty

When shopping for any type of household appliance, you must consider and check the warranty that the manufacturer offers and avoid rushing into buying the first unit you find. Warranty is a factor that gives users the ultimate peace of mind for the purchase they made.

Throughout the duration of the warranty period, buyers can turn to the manufacturer for assistance once the unit becomes defective. Within the warranty period, the maker will either offer repair, parts and labor for free, all of which will depend on the specific terms and conditions.

Bryant and Carrier both provide a warranty period that can last for up to 10 years, which is by far among the longest that you can find in the industry. However, you need to remember that this warranty will not cover the entire unit but only the parts. To get rid of any doubts and uncertainties, make sure that you review the warranty conditions before you make a choice.

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