Can air conditioner be used as a heater

The purpose of the Air Conditioner and refrigerator is the same, as most of the time they are used for the cooling purpose but refrigerator cools only the place inside it, but Air Conditioner is the appliance which is cooling the place outside where it is placed. It cools the whole house, your room, or your business place.

The gases used in Air Conditioner convert the hot air into cool, take the hot air outside the room and make your room comfortable in warm weather. It consists of three main parts compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

The compressor and condenser are mainly placed outside your house, and the evaporator is fixed inside your house or room. If we observe the outer part of the Air conditioner, we see that this part consists of metal fins all around. These fins help in releasing the heat outside the house. Nowadays, Air Conditions are not only used to cool the room but there is a large number of portable Air Conditioners which work as a heater as well.

They have both the qualities of heating and cooling your house. Their features are amazing. They work in a reverse way. They work in a magnificent way to give you relief in all kinds of weather. This kind of Air Condition gives you more advantages than the simple one.

Here in this article, we will give you complete details of these portable Air Conditioners, which are also heating mode air conditioners. They have both the features of cooling and heating.

Portable air conditioners with a heat pump

Portable air conditioners with a heat pump

You want to choose portable air conditioners with a heat pump that works as a space heater in your room and house. This will not only give you comfort but also be less burden to your pocket because you don’t need to buy a separate house or room heater, or you don’t even need to install the expensive heating system in your house for yourself.

They work as both heater and cooler. It heats your houses in extreme cold. Not all people are fortunate to live in the area where they enjoy all the season, but one who lives in this area portable air with heat pump is the best choice for them. We are spending a lot on Air Conditioners to keep ourselves comfortable during the hot summer season, but what about the cold weather, especially when you have a tight budget.

You need 2 in 1 solutions for your problem. As boilers are too expensive to buy and difficult to install and the heater is also a difficult choice for you where there is too much cold, you need not worry now that most Air Conditioners are used as a space heater. These are the heading mode air conditioners. They are used for both purposes and are light to your pocket as well.

It is a difficult question that how one appliance works as both. How do appliances manufacture to cool the air as well as provide heat? It is easy to understand.

What is a heat pump?

Have you ever heard the term “Heat Pump”? In scientific language, it is the appliance that moves heat from one place to another. This device is used to move heat from one location to another. These portable Air Conditions are a type of heat pump which moves heat all around the room. It increases the temperature level of a place and moves heat around the room. Any appliance which is used to move the air all around is known as Heat Pump. 

There are many kinds of heat pumps. All the heaters, Air conditions, and refrigerators are different kinds of heat pumps used to move heat from one place to another in different ways. These refrigerators and freezers are used to cool things, but they also release the heat from the back.

In the language of HVAC, heat pumps are the devices that are used to providing heating and cooling at the same time, but in the case of Air conditioners, they work in both reverse ways if an inside room is cool, it releases the heat, and if the room is hot they pumped the cool air inside the room and through the hot air outside the room. It is having a 2 in 1 feature of both heating and cooling at the same time. The scientific principle about this is very similar to how an air conditioner works like magic in cooling and heating.

How to operate the Air Conditioner

If you want to learn how air conditioners work, you have to keep in mind the “The water compression refrigeration cycle,” which works the same in all kinds and sizes of Air conditioners. Whether your air conditioner is small or big, it works the same. This process is similar to chemical refrigerants. Its process is to carry heat from one part of a system to another and then release it.

This cycle works in both portable air conditioners as well as central air conditioners. Their mechanism is the same. It takes the Thermal energy from one part to another and then releases it to another.

Four major components are involved in this process. The Compressor is compressed into a high pressure, and hot gas is pumped into the coil. This long coil tube is known as a condenser. In the central AC system, this condenser is placed outside the house.

When the refrigerant moves through the coil, heat is released out through the fan. When this heat is cool down, this gas will be turned back into a liquid and then move into the expansion valve, decreasing its pressure before pumping into the evaporator. There is another coil known as an evaporator. It is a long coil. This coil again changes the refrigerant into gas.

As the gas evaporates, it pumps the heat from the air. This gas absorbs the heat and cools the air. This process is complicated, but it transforms heat inside and outside. In a nutshell, we can say that it takes the hot air outside the room with the help of components installed in it.

How does air conditioner change into a heater?

If you think that the process of transfer of heat can be reversed, you are right. This process can be reversed by the addition of one component, which is the reversing valve. It is through the thermal energy with the help of the heat pump system. The energy flow can be reversed with this reversed valve, and it efficiently transforms the air conditioner into a heater. They have unique heating modes.

When this mode activates, it changes the cooling system into the heating system. The hot coil becomes cool, and the cool coil becomes hot. Instead of pumping hot air outside the room and cool air inside the room, it starts venting hot air inside the room and cool air outside the room.

This is a vice versa process. Warm air is pumped into the room or house in this process. When you put your AC into heating mode, the reversing valve is flipped, and the refrigerant changes direction through the system. You get air conditioner heat after this entire process.

Advantages of using air conditioners as a heat pump instead of using convention heaters

Air conditions as a heat pump are beneficial in two ways. One is economically, and the other is environmental. It uses less electricity than a conventional heater. It is the best electric saver because heat pumps are far more efficient than conventional heaters. These are the best way to spend less money on your electric bills. It is also beneficial for the environment.

Heat pumps also take advantage of the environment and move heat from one place to another. Heat Pumps are becoming the best choice for the heating and cooling system of the house. These are best for the people who don’t afford the whole house heating system. And want the heating and cooling system in one or two rooms.

How to install Portable Air Conditioners

It is vital to install the system properly to get better advantages. It is better to install your system with the help of experts, especially from the company where you buy your portable air conditioner because hiring a local person can damage your system and not install it properly.

The portable unit is placed outdoor whether you can use it for heating or cooling purpose. You can also get the installation kit with every unit. If you are using your Air conditioner in heating mode, you need to drain the condensation tank to decrease the humidity. If you perfectly installed your portable air conditioner. It will provide you comfort from all kinds of weather all year effectively and efficiently.

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