Can air conditioning make you sick (10 FACTS)

Can you get sick from air conditioning blowing on you? Yes because low humidity contribute to virus spread.

Sleeping in aircon room for a long period is not good for health. However if we set the right temperature in thermostat, our body can stay cool during deep sleep and release melatonin. This hormone made by pineal gland can reduce the aging process.

Can sleeping under the ac get you sick?

is sleeping with air conditioner bad

Yes, sleeping with air conditioner on can make you sick.

Did you know that the feeling of winter, fullness, weakness can stay inside the body for a long time under the influence of an air conditioner? All you have to do is feel your summer sun outside. This feeling is not uncommon for your health.

Although people with asthma and allergies are almost always prescribed heat control, some wonder if it is more harmful than good. Air conditioners do not cause illness, but they treat our environment in a way that can make us sick.

Due to the rising heat, the conditioner comforts us with cold air, so we all like sleeping with ac on. Sleeping with air conditioner on is terrible for our health.

Different people ask different questions about aircon. One of them is whether can you sleep with the air conditioner on?

No, it’s dangerous for your health.

Harmful effects of air conditioning on your health The environment and air conditioners can also affect human health with shots. Many people can get various diseases due to sleeping with aircon on. Now I will talk about the conditions that are caused by sleeping with ac on.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes can be irritating and cause blurred conception, tingling, and burning sensation. If you stay in the AC room for too long, it can accelerate dry eyes. If you do not want to suffer from dry eyes, you should avoid staying in an air conditioner ventilated room for a long time. Because later, the problem can be more harmful.


Ac often brings out more moisture than needed when cooling the house. If you set it to a lower temperature, the place is more likely to dry out. Air conditioner sucks water from the human body as well as indoors. If you do not hydrate yourself enough, you are more likely to become dehydrated. And you all know that dehydration is not suitable for the human body. It is very dangerous.


The indoor and outdoor heating separates the poles, and you don’t get enough time to acclimatize to the air conditioner when you enter the room. The result is a headache. It can transpire due to dehydration. People who suffer from migraines may start having headaches due to constant exposure to aircon.


It can cause air conditioning, health problems, nasal congestion, and dryness of the mucous membranes. One reason is that mucus leaves a protective layer to protect the body away from infection. The infection will affect the body if it is interrupted by air conditioning unit.

Respiratory problems

Regular susceptibility to air conditioner can disturb the normal functioning of the nose and throat. It can cause blockage and epidemic in the mucous membranes. It can also affect the lungs.

Dry skin

Ac can cause dry skin problems in people. Air conditioning unit dries out human skin and hair and can lead to itching. It weakens the scalp. An aircon can continue the rate of hair loss.


Prolonged stay in the aircon room makes people tired and lazy. You understand how productive it can be in the workplace. It is better to have natural ventilation instead of ac in the workplace.

Asthma and Allergy

If the ACs are not cleaned properly at the right time, it can start an asthma attack. Timely removal of contaminants helps prevent allergies.

Pain in muscles

Aircon decreases the room temperature. Our body cannot take enough energy, and any headache, back pain, and muscles start to contract. Studies have shown that those who work in buildings with direct air conditioning affect the nervous system, such as fatigue and headaches.

Cold and cough

Many people get colds because of sleeping in aircon room all night. It is not surprising to cough after spending time sleeping at a temperature of 16 degrees. People who spend more time in a temperature control environment has a high level of health care services for the common cold symptoms.

Besides, all these cooling temperatures can reduce your body’s ability to produce natural hormones. You can see that many diseases are caused due to sleeping on aircon room.

So, those who had the question is it bad sleep with an air conditioner on they get their answer.


is it bad to sleep with air conditioners on

People ask, is sleeping with air conditioner bad?

No, that’s not the right point. When you live in a hot country, you need to use aircon inside your house. It makes your home comfortable and relaxed for a long time. It is not advisable to sleep with Ac on at night as it can make you sick. Due to this, people suffer from various diseases.

The thermal environment in bedrooms is important for high-quality sleep. Studies confirm that, even during sleep, the human body remains sensitive to the ambient air temperature. This study assesses how changing indoor air temperatures at different sleep stages affects the subjective evaluation of sleep quality.

Effects of Changing Air Temperature at Different Sleep Stages on the Subjective Evaluation of Sleep Quality by Jack Ngarambe, Geun Young Yun, Kisup Lee and Yeona Hwang

Air conditioners help people to sleep comfortably, but Researchers have found that when airflow is directed at a human body, even at a sensitive speed, it affects sleep and affects sleep depth.

So, we should not use aircon for a long time for the sake of our environment and our health condition. We need to do this to stay healthy and live peacefully. It gives us comfort for a short time but is very harmful to our health. Please also read our previous article in regards to best temperature for sleep.

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