Can Snakes Come Through an AC? [+TIP TO PREVENT]

The process of welcoming hot summer months cannot be completed without using your air conditioner. This is one of the first things that is considered by almost all households when the temperature starts to increase rapidly.

Surviving on extremely hot summer days is almost impossible in countries where temperatures remain 40+ for almost the whole season.

In these weather conditions, a room with an air conditioner is the only place to live and relax with prolonged comfort. There are possibilities that your air conditioner may not work properly in the beginning.

One of the major reasons behind this could be a small animal that was living inside the unit during winter days, such as a mouse. You may have heard about snakes in AC, and the question that arises here is, can snakes come through an air conditioner?

This article will provide you with all the useful information, tips, and prevention regarding snakes in AC.

Do snakes like air conditioning?

Snakes are attracted to some most common things such as humans, waste, and a good shelter. All these things can be found while living in an air conditioner. This is the reason that snakes like to enter inside the houses of humans. As all other places where snakes can hide are dangerous for them, they opt for a compact area. Even if they hide under a bed or sofa, there are huge possibilities that humans will reach them while cleaning the room.

This is the fact that snakes don’t like places where the temperature is too cold or too hot. Many researchers and experts claim that snakes can survive efficiently between temperatures ranging from 15 degrees to 35 degrees celsius. This is the reason that snakes are not able to live in an air-conditioned room for a long time. An air conditioner can be classified as a pit stop (temporary stay) for snakes or any other cold-blooded reptiles.

Can snakes get into air conditioners?

Snakes can definitely get into an air conditioner if there’s a hole or gap. This hole and gap will allow snakes to get inside the air conditioner and stay there for the time they want. Snakes can also get inside an air conditioner through places such as cable entries, block access panels, pipe entries, air vents, etc.

Although it is not so common problem as most of the air conditioners are installed in such a way that a snake cannot even reach the AC unit, it is best to stay safe and work on precautionary measures. There is a huge danger to the life of your family and other people living in your house but snakes can also cause some issues in the unit which may cost you a lot of repair costs as well.

Can snakes come through air vents?

Air vents are probably the best places for snakes to enter. This is not only the best passage to enter but stay as well. There are plenty of cases where snakes were found sitting in the air vents. Pest control experts suggest that the first thing that should be looked out for is air vents.

Snakes can enter through holes and gaps and all these parts should be covered with some kind of material. One of the best things to be used in such places is the covers of nets. This cover will not cause any disturbance in blowing air while preventing snakes and other kinds of pests as well. 

Why is a snake found in an air conditioner?

Snakes cannot enter from the main door as our pets do. They do have to find a backdoor so that they can enter the room without being noticed. Thus, air conditioners and air vets are considered the most common place where snakes, mice, or other pests can be found.

Air conditioners have outdoor units that are commonly placed on the roof. Also, there are pipe ducts that allow easy passage to the air conditioner. This is the reason that most of the snakes and mice are found in an air conditioner.

How to keep snakes out of an air conditioner?

Nothing can harm your air conditioner from inside more than snakes, mice, and other pests. If you want the AC unit to work flawlessly without showing any disturbance, protecting it from such hazards is essential.

One of the first things that you can do is to make sure that a minimum of 3 feet of the area around the air conditioner’s outdoor unit is clean and clear. There should be nothing except a place surface. It is highly recommended to install a cage around your air conditioner’s outdoor unit with narrow mesh so that nothing can pass through it and reach your AC unit.

How to prevent the snake from coming through the air conditioner?

There are a lot of tips, techniques, and methods that can help you to stop snakes from entering your air conditioner. Some of the best tips that are being practiced by most of the people around the world are discussed below:

  • There are various kinds of mesh covering made up of nets available in the market. These covers can be used to put on your air conditioner unit, pipes, and air vents so that snakes and other kinds of pests cannot get inside the system.
  • Ducts should be taped the whole time. Whenever you repair your air conditioner, make sure that ducts are taped properly and there is no gap for snakes to get inside. Not only after a repair but you should keep on checking the ducts and gaps on at least a monthly basis.
  • The outdoor unit should be placed at a place away from plants and waste. These are things that usually attract snakes and not having these near AC’s outdoor unit will definitely bring positive results.
  • Eliminate puddles, holes, or any other thing that can allow the water to stay near the outdoor unit. Water standing near the air conditioner unit can attract snakes and other pests as well.

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