Can you sell a house with a broken air conditioner

The global temperatures are rising every year and an air conditioner is becoming the need of every house. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to live comfortably in a house without an AC unit.

Can you sell a house with a broken air conditioner? How will it affect the value of your house?

That’s our topic for discussion today so let’s get straight to it without wasting any more time.

Does replacing your ac unit increase home value

Yes, replacing the air conditioner may increase the value of your home. But it depends upon a lot of important factors.

In some cases, replacing the AC unit will increase your home value, whereas, in some cases, there will be no increase.

Here are the factors that play an important role in determining whether replacing the AC will increase your home value or not:

Is air conditioning needed in your area?

If you are living in an area where air conditioning is not even needed then the customer probably won’t care about the AC. Thus, you will not get any increase in your home value.

Is air conditioning possible in your area?

If your area is not suitable for air conditioning then there will be no increase in home value if you add a brand-new air conditioner.

Should you replace a furnace before selling house

Are you have a plan to sell your house and wondering whether you should replace the furnace before selling the house?

Well, the answer depends upon different scenarios:

Is the furnace too old?

If the furnace is too old and has problems with it then we recommend you replace it.

The reason is that no buyer would like a faulty furnace. So, replacing it may work as a cherry on top. It can help convince the buyer to throw a final offer on the table.

Plus, if the buyer finds out problems in the furnace during an inspection, then they would use it as an excuse for negotiating a lower price. It may also reduce their confidence in making a purchase.

Therefore, in this scenario, we recommend you replace it.

Do you want to sell the house quickly?

If you are planning to sell your house as quickly as possible then replacing the furnace might be a good idea.

A new furnace will always be attractive to the buyers and such small details increase the confidence of the buyer and convince them to make a purchase.

Condition of your house

If everything in your house is perfect & the furnace is the only weak link then replacing it will help you finalize a deal. It will help attract buyers who need a completely perfect house.

On the other hand, if your house has even bigger problems then you probably need to repair them first instead of the furnace.

Hope you got the point.

If the furnace is perfect

If the furnace is already perfect and in good working conditions then there’s no need to replace it. Why would you replace something that is completely fine?

Should the air conditioner have been mentioned in the sales contract

If both the seller & the buyer want to include the air conditioner in the sales contract of the house, then you can just simply do that as there’s nothing wrong with doing it.

Can you sell a house without air conditioning

Yes, you can sell a house without air conditioning but it might be very challenging for you to find a good customer & a good price.

It depends on your location as well.

If you are living in an area where air conditioners are not even needed then no AC might not be a big concern for the customer. So, you will easily find a good deal.

But if you live somewhere where you need air conditioners then it will be very challenging to find a customer.

The reason is that the temperatures are increasing worldwide due to climate changes. It is becoming extremely difficult to live comfortably without an AC.

Buyers prioritize comfort when they are looking for a new house. So, not having an air conditioner might be a matter of concern for them.

Should I buy a house with an old HVAC system

Are you planning to buy a house that has an old HVAC system? Don’t do that before reading this:

The average life of an HVAC system is between 15 to 25 years old. HVAC systems start degrading with time. The older an HVAC system is, the more problems it might have.

If the HVAC system in a house is 14 to 17 years old, then it means that you will have to replace it very soon. Most likely in the next couple of years. The replacement can cost you a lot of money.

Therefore, if the HVAC in that house is more than 10 to 14 years old, you have these options:

  1. If you can afford an HVAC replacement that soon, then you can buy that house.
  2. You can negotiate a lower price for the house so you can use the saved money for replacingthe HVAC in the future.
  3. Don’t buy the house if HVAC is a big concern for you and you cannot afford an HVAC replacement anytime soon.

Tips for choosing the right HVAC system that will increase your home value

If you have planned to replace the HVAC system of your house and want to increase your home value, then you should follow these special tips:

Choose an energy-efficient system

Buyers love to pay more for a house that offers them long-term savings.

If you will choose an energy-efficient HVAC system then it will help the buyers to save tons of money on energy bills.

This will significantly increase your home value and earn you more money.

Environment friendly

You need to follow the trend and go green! It will be an amazing marketing trick that will help you attract more buyers and good offers.

So, choose an environment-friendly HVAC system for your house.

Keep it small

Buyers prefer small HVAC systems that are effective and also save them some extra space.

Thus, you should not prefer too big HVAC units for your house.

Heat pump

A heat pump can further increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. It will increase savings and also add more value to your home.

Right unit size

Don’t choose an HVAC unit that’s too small and doesn’t perform effective cooling.

AND don’t choose an HVAC unit that takes too much space. Choose something balanced in-between.

Should I completely replace the HVAC unit or just some parts

Well, it depends on the following factors:

Age of your unit

The life of an HVAC system is around 15 to 25 years. So, if your HVAC system is older than 15 to 20 years then you should consider replacing it completely because its lifespan is over.

If you will only replace some parts, it won’t make a difference and you will eventually have to replace it completely again.

Your location

If air conditioners are not needed in your location, then you the buyers probably won’t care about a new AC. So, you can just replace some essential parts.

But if you live in a hot area where life is so difficult without a good performing AC then you will need to replace the whole unit (in case there’s a need).

Condition of your AC

If your AC is completely fine and only replacing a few parts will make it perfect again then why replace it completely?

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