Do curtains help with air conditioning

For someone who does not fully understand how an air conditioning system work, hearing something like, “close all windows and blinds to trap in the air to improve the efficiency of the AC” may sound gibberish until it is finally implemented and there’s actually an increase in efficiency level. This has been the norm among homeowners to ensure an even flow of air through indoor space.

However, quite often, people always want to find out the actual relationship between curtains and air conditioning and would ask questions like, do curtains help with air conditioning? I will be looking into this question in this informative guide.

Do curtains help with heat?

Yes, curtains help with the heat. By bringing down your curtain while the AC is running, you will be able to ensure the efficiency of your unit because all heat or cold that is generated will be contained within the room without escaping outdoors. This can be achieved virtually by all kinds of curtains as they work generally by forming a barrier between the window and indoor spaces to retain heat.

How do curtains keep heat in?

It is possible to retain heat within indoor spaces with curtains because they limit the rate at which air flows between indoor and outdoor spaces, I.e., there will be little (if any) or no exchange of heat between indoor and outdoor areas. They will all be trapped.

What color curtain keeps heat out?

When it comes to comparing curtains in terms of heat absorption and reflection, using their color as a parameter, it is often narrowed down to two colors — white and black colored curtains.

Between these two colors, light-colored curtains tend to reflect heat more, meaning they keep heat out and make the room cooler. While black curtains tend to absorb heat more, making the room hotter.

What curtain helps with cooling?

In terms of size, a full-length curtain will help you keep your room cool all day because there will be no space for heat to enter the room, thereby making it easier to keep the room under regulated (cool) conditions.

In terms of design, a blackout and shade curtain will help to drastically reduce the amount of heat that is transferred from your window to indoor spaces by up to 24% leading to a cooler indoor temperature during summer and warmer temperature during winter. This will enable you to save energy while also increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Can curtains make rooms cooler?

Yes, curtains make rooms cooler. Curtains are designed to fit into windows and prevent heat from the outside from being transferred to the inside. This makes using them one of the most efficient ways of keeping the room cool without having to spend extravagantly on protective screens to keep out radiation from solar radiation.

Can curtains block aircon?

Yes, curtains will block the aircon. Just as curtains can prevent heat or radiation from outside from getting into your room, they can also obstruct the circulation of air through your room.

Therefore, whenever you are doing your interior design, always make sure that your curtain is not standing in the way of your AC vent, as it can impede the flow of air.

Is an air curtain an air conditioner?

No, air curtains are not air conditioners. Although just like air conditioners, air curtains are also used for maintaining indoor temperature, they are totally different. You will find details about their differences below.

Air curtain vs air conditioner

  1. Air curtains consume more energy compared to air conditioners.
  2. Air curtains are economy friendly and save space while air conditioners are costlier and occupy more space.
  3. It is easier to install an air curtain compared to an air conditioner.
  4. Air curtains provide better comfort compared to air conditioners.
  5. Air curtains are designed to be positioned at the entrance of a room, while the air conditioner can be installed by the window or any spot with current ventilation.
  6. Air curtain contains components like an inlet, air outlet, fans, and motors, while an air conditioner contains 4 main components, Condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, and compressor.

How to hang curtains with a window ac unit

  1. Hang the curtain above the window unit. Not exceeding 1 inch in height.
  2. While the AC is running, pull the panels of the curtain to one side so that the curtain will not block the airflow.

How to hang curtains around the air conditioner

  1. Cover a curtain rod around the window of the air conditioner. You can skip this step if your unit is a new one.
  2. The curtain rod should be attached to the bracket.
  3. Attach curtain rings to the top rods of the curtains.
  4. Short curtain panels should be nicely placed over the ring.
  5. Fix two rings to each extension cord
  6. Hang a valance at the top of the window from the wall or ceiling using sticky hooks or curtain rings.

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