Does ac cause pimples

Can air conditioning cause pimples? The answer is yes, and there will always be such possibilities. After all, too many uses of air conditioners can cause various problems to your skin. 

In this article, we’re not only informing you of the possibilities of air conditioners cause pimples and other problems to your skin. We’re also giving you the solutions so you can maintain your skin’s health while not losing touch with the ideal temperatures of your air conditioners.

What are pimples?

Pimples are skin problems that people usually refer to as acne. Pimples are small pustules or papules that can develop because of many things, from changes in hormone productions to excess oils on your skin.

Whatever the causes are, pimples are present due to the hyperactive sebaceous glands that are located at the hair follicles’ bases. Dead skin cells, clogged pores, and sometimes also various types of infections, are often the causes of the hyperactive sebaceous glands.

Pimples often attack the face, back, chest, and shoulders areas. There are many types of pimples, from the more well-known whiteheads and blackheads to the more severe and rarer types of pimples, such as cysts.

Why should you pay attention to pimples?

Pimples can affect your skin’s health for short- and long-terms. They need immediate treatments regardless of how long they have impacted or will impact your skin’s health. 

In the short term, they can make your skin oily and rough to touch. They can also contribute to the faster aging of your skin. So, even one pimple on your skin can make you look not good. In some cases, pimples can also make people less confident with their appearances.

In the long-term, pimples can be the cause of other more dangerous skin problems. Some of these skin problems are skin cancers and pustular psoriasis. If you don’t take action on these problems, your pimples can damage your face and the internal systems of your skin.

How can air conditioning cause pimples?

By now, you know that dead skin cells are among the most frequent causes of pimples. The question is, how can air conditioning cause pimples? Or, how can such household appliances cause dead skin cells that contribute to the amounts of pimples in a person?

If you do any of these to your air conditioners, then, there are bigger chances for your air conditioners to cause pimples:

Setting the temperatures too cold

When you set your air conditioners’ temperatures, you should mind the temperatures in your outside environments as well. Normally, if your outside environments are already cold, you wouldn’t want to set your air conditioners’ temperatures cold as well.

For example, air conditioners with 16-20 degrees Celcius temperatures are normal when the outside environments’ temperatures are somewhere between warm, sunny, and hot. The “borderline” air conditioner temperature is 22 degrees Celcius and can be used when the outside environments’ temperatures are normal.

If you set your air conditioners’ temperatures below the standards, there are bigger risks for dry skin. Since dry skin causes dead skin cells, it is highly possible to get pimples or acne. 

Not placing any humidifiers beside your air conditioners

Humidifiers are electric household appliances that are small in size and have the role of increasing the moisture levels in a room. Placing them beside your air conditioners will not only make them “do the jobs”, but also purify the qualities of the airs produced by your air conditioners.

So, the lesser you place your humidifiers beside your air conditioners, the less likely you will breathe fresh air from your air conditioners. This thing can impact your skin. 

By inhaling and exhaling lesser-quality air, your skin won’t feel relaxed. As a result, skin problems such as dry skin or the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads can emerge.

Not setting the wind power right

Temperatures are not the only things that matter in an air conditioner. Many air conditioners these days have features in adjusting the wind power: How strong the wind should be, how many degrees of the wind rotation, and more – you name it.

Failing to set the wind power right can cause many negative things to happen. The simplest yet one of the most dangerous things to happen is the flying strands of hairs. Not only that they can cause your rooms to be dusty. 

As a result of the dusty rooms, you will also have difficulties in maintaining your skin’s health. If you don’t take immediate action, skin problems such as pimples may arise at any time.

Tips to prevent your air conditioners to cause pimples

The good news is that there are still ways for you to prevent your air conditioners to cause pimples. So, it’s possible to have the ideal temperatures of air conditioners while maintaining your skin’s health. Here are they:

Adjust the temperatures and the wind power accordingly

Don’t set your air conditioners super-cold if the outside’s environments are super-cold too. The same thing applies to super-hot environments: Don’t turn off your air conditioners if the outside environments are scorching hot.

No matter what the outside environments are, you should always refrain from setting the wind power to directly touch your bodies. Instead, adjust the wind degrees so they will touch other objects while maintaining the room’s moisture and coolness levels.

Place humidifiers around your air conditioners

Ideally, you should place at least two humidifiers: One on the left side and one on the right side. The humidifiers in diffuser forms are the most popular ones since diffuser-typed humidifiers will humidify not just the temperatures near the air conditioners but also the whole room. You can purchase humidifiers online or you can also make them by yourself. 

Seek help from professionals

Seeking help from professionals who can handle problems with your air conditioners is also highly advisable.

Be sure to choose the right professionals to inspect what needs fixing in your air conditioners. That way, you will save yourself from getting skin problems due to the low quality of your air conditioners.

So, those are the answers to the question: “Can air conditioning cause pimples?”, as well as how to prevent your air conditioners from causing pimples.

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