Does air conditioner reduce dust

Many people believe air conditioners are among the most effective household appliances to remove dust. Yet, this greatly depends on the air conditioners’ conditions and the completeness of the components. So, do air conditioners remove dust?

Even though a simple “yes” can be the answer, it is too general when we only rely on the simple “yes” or “no”. So, this article exists to give you answers to the questions, such as do air conditioners remove dust? How can you make your air conditioners remove dust? And many other more.

The dangers dust brings to your health

Dust is a minuscule substance that can be found everywhere. This includes household appliances, so, air conditioners are also vulnerable to dust. In general, any environments, including air conditioners, that are either worn out, old, dirty, not cleaned well, not covered, and more, are more subject to dust.

No matter how big the dust’s magnitude is, dust is still a dangerous substance for your health that you should get rid of. These are some of the dangers that dust brings to your health:

  • Frequent coughs and colds.
  • Worsened allergies.
  • Toxic substances are consumed inside the blood.
  • Lung diseases and problems (pneumonia is no exception).
  • Cancers.

So, if your environments are dusty, you need to take action to remove the dust. Yet, the question: How can you do it?

Short tips to not have to live in dusty environments

Personal hygiene is key so you don’t have to live in dusty environments. Showering, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your houses, are among the basic hygienes that you should practice so your environments will be less dusty.

Applying personal hygiene is not enough when it’s on its own. It should be supported with adequate tools that help to enhance personal hygiene, such as mop cloths, feather dusters, brooms, robot cleaners, and more. 

Household appliances, or the “sticky” tools around the house that are almost always in electronic forms, are also useful in helping you not having to live in dusty environments. Air conditioners are one of those household appliances.

Do air conditioners remove dust?

Most people will think about placing an air conditioner in their rooms or vehicles that contain dust particles. This is because an air conditioner has tons of features that are believed to remove dust effectively.

Yet, do air conditioners remove dust? Yes, but not always – it all depends on the factors that we list below:

The air conditioners’ ages

As with other household appliances, every air conditioners are subject to aging. When they reach the maximum age, their performances won’t be as great as when they were new. Removing dust particles is one of the performance aspects in air conditioners that can deteriorate when the air conditioners have reached the maximum age. 

The completeness of other components

The air conditioner unit is just one of the main units that the air conditioning systems have. Other components should also be present in every air conditioner, such as filters, stabilizers, and more.

These other components’ functions are to support the functions of the main air conditioner unit, which is to provide you with fresh air to breathe. So, if you miss even only one component, the abilities to support the main function will decrease, including the ability to remove dust particles.

Damages in the air conditioner (And The Components)

Damages are the aspects that you should consider, apart from the air conditioners’ ages, when thinking about whether your air conditioner can reduce dust or not. This is because many things can damage the air conditioner and the other components even before the air conditioner age.

Insects building nests inside your air conditioner, your air conditioner’s components got burned, and more, are often the causes of the damages in your air conditioner. If so, the ability to remove dust can decrease.

So, as long as your air conditioner hasn’t aged, the other components are complete, and there are little to no damages in your air conditioner, your air conditioner will have superb ability to remove unwanted dust particles.

How can i make my air conditioner be able to remove dust?

So, now, you know that you can remove dust using an air conditioner, as long as your air conditioner satisfies the requirements for the ability to remove dust particles.

Yet, just knowing is not enough without acting. So, you need to take concrete steps to make your air conditioner be able to remove dust. In the end, you will enjoy the dust-free lives you’ve dreamed of.

Those ways, this point in this article exists to help you take actions to make your air conditioner become optimal in removing dust particles. These are the “how’s”:

Always remember to cover your air conditioner

Hiding your air conditioner on both the outdoor and the indoor areas with plenty of covers is the most popular way to cover your air conditioner. Yet, covering your air conditioner is not limited to hiding your air conditioner unit.

You should also cover your air conditioner with huge-sized plastics when you clean your air conditioner. This is to ensure that the dust and other particles go away while you clean it.

Clean the inside parts first

The inside parts of your air conditioner may look invisible, but those should be the first when you clean up your air conditioner. The inside parts of an air conditioner consist of air compressors, expansion valves, and more.

Since dust can invade the inside parts of your air conditioner, be sure to clean them up first before cleaning the outside parts, such as the air condensers.

Seek professional help

The final thing you should consider is to seek professional help as soon as you notice the slightest signs of damages to your air conditioner.

The right professionals will not only fix your air conditioner unit but also makes it dust-free for you.

Last, you will enjoy the dust-free lives with your air conditioner unit.

Don’t forget to always make time for repairing and maintaining your air conditioner unit, so, the ability in removing dust won’t deplete.

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