How to hide air conditioner unit on balcony

How to hide aircon on the balcony? Why do you need to hide your aircon? Perhaps, those questions have popped inside your mind since you buy your aircon. 

Indeed, people hide their things around their houses, including the aircon, for many reasons. There are also various decent places to hide your aircon, including on balconies. First of all, we’ll dig deeper into the reasons you need to hide your aircon and the places to hide your aircon.

Why do you need to hide your aircon?

Many aircon these days are equipped with high-technology features. Some of them are the “I feel” and the Intelligent Air Flow features in Haier aircon. Other types of aircon, such as Samsung, are categorized as smart aircon that can be connected to Wi-Fi and other electronic devices.

These smart features often attract thieves to take away your aircon, especially if surveillance cameras, PIN-protected devices, and more, are too expensive to be bought. Even an aircon with standard features can attract thieves if it’s not protected well.

There are also other reasons why do people need to hide their aircon, from surprising your friends to preventing your aircon from excessive dust, moisture, dirt, and other debris.

Where are the best places to hide your aircon?

Now that you know the reasons to hide your aircon, you may want to know where are the best places to do it. You can hide window air conditioner unit outside or inside your rooms. To hide your air conditioner inside your rooms, you have to learn how to hide aircon trunking.

If you want to hide it inside your rooms, you can do so by recycling your old room’s doors and hiding it behind, making a DIY couch inside your rooms to hide your aircon below the couch, making indoor wood panels to hide it, and more.

If you want to hide it outside your rooms, some of the popular ways are hiding behind the fences and the plants with wide-sized leaves, such as caladium and elephant’s ears. The balcony is also the popular way you can apply to hide your aircon.

Things to consider before hiding your aircon

Before you hide your aircon, you must pay attention to the things listed in this point. Failing to do so can cause your aircon to fail to be invisible.

The first thing you need to consider is to make sure you can easily access your aircon. While it’s true that your aircon should remain as invisible as possible, you should be able to access your aircon in case it needs repairs and maintenances.

The second thing you need to consider is to allow sufficient airflow around your aircon to prevent it from overheating or breaking down. The third thing that is also important for you to consider is to prevent insects, such as ants and roaches, from getting into the aircon and the hiding place that you use to hide your aircon.

How to hide aircon on balcony?

The balcony is often wide, open-space areas in your houses that can appear almost impossible to hide things around them. Fortunately, there are still hopes to hide the aircon on the balcony.

So, in this article, we’re going to provide you the tips on how to hide aircon on the balcony. Here are the tips:

Use A Well-Ventilated Structure

An aircon’s presence should be able to improve the air quality around your house. So, if you want to hide your aircon, the best way to do is to hide it in a well-ventilated structure. 

Think about a full-height equipment shed that can house your aircon and other outdoor stuff around your house. You need a strong foundation to do so, such as the fully-filled gravel trenches to build a well-ventilated structure for your aircon. 

Use A Shutter Screen

A shutter screen is a thing that we often see around the balcony. So, it’s possible to use a shutter screen to hide your aircon. A shutter screen can also be repurposed as outdoor fence.

Make sure your aircon and your shutter screen have the same colors. If not, paint the shutter screen the same colors as your aircon so you can use that as your aircon’s hideout.

Use Several Birdhouse Picket Fences

Plywoods are the most popular materials used for hiding your aircon. There are many ornaments you can create using plywoods, and the birdhouse picket fences are no exception.

If you want to hide your aircon inside several birdhouse picket fences, you can place the picket fences on the bottom parts of your aircon and cover your aircon using the flower garlands that are attached to the picket fences.

Build Fences With Wild Plants Around Your Balcony

You may think that hiding aircon inside or behind fences is for outdoor areas other than the balcony, but, think again. You can build fences around your balcony to both preserve your privacy and hide your aircon.

To further beautify your fences, you can use wild plants. Don’t have to be planted with wide-sized leaves. You can also use tiny-sized but colorful flowers, such as lavenders or larkspur. Make sure the leaves and branches are hanging in garland shapes.

Build Wooden Cabinets With Plants On Top

Cabinets are almost always excellent and economical ways to hide everything you want to hide, including the aircon. Cabinets are also common to be found in the balcony area and they are also easy to make by yourself.

Square and rectangular-shaped cabinets are the most popular cabinet shapes for hiding an aircon on the balcony. You can also place potted plants and flowers on top of the cabinet. That way, people looking at the cabinet won’t think that it contains an aircon inside.

End Words

Apart from those 5 ways in hiding your aircon on the balcony, there are still many ways you can apply in answering the question: “How to hide aircon on the balcony?”

As long as you pay attention to the three things to consider before hiding your aircon, and you’ve set your mind to not let everyone know that you have an aircon, we’re sure that your efforts in hiding your aircon will be paid off.

Finally, feel free to refer back to this article whenever you feel confused to hide your aircon.

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