How to keep squirrels away from ac

You may think that squirrels and all other related small animals are cute but keep this fact in mind that this is not all true. If they get inside a place where they shouldn’t be, such types of animals and pests can cost a lot of money to the owners of houses or offices.

Once they get inside your air conditioner or any other HVAC system, they can cause some significant issues such as biting wires, pipes, and other minor accessories in the unit.

Although they can only damage small parts, this small step can lead to significant hazards and sometimes failure of your air conditioner as well. You may think of taking help from some professional and pest control experts, and it is right thinking as well, but you should know some tips and techniques that may help you protect your AC.

This article will answer all your minor to significant questions regarding the main one, how to keep squirrels away from AC?

Do squirrels like air conditioning?

Do squirrels like air conditioning

Squirrels are not big fans of air conditioners as they don’t like freezing weather. Experts and pet doctors claim that squirrels like to love in sunny weather with a clear sky. They don’t like to live in places with extreme temperatures. If the temperature is at freezing point, you will not find a single squirrel in the whole jungle.

Everything said is facts, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be found in the air conditioner. Air conditioners usually work at 16 to 30 degrees celsius, and they can survive at this temperature. Also, they can find some food and shelter inside the air conditioner unit, which makes it an excellent place to stay for a short period.

Can squirrels stay in the AC room?

Squirrels usually like to stay near to their nests and don’t go into anyone’s room, whether it is an AC room or not. Especially if squirrels have small babies that cannot go out with them, there are minimal chances of seeing them in your AC unit or AC room.

But this fact cannot be ignored that squirrels can get inside an AC room while roaming around. They can get stuck in your room as well, but the truth is neither they like to stay in an air conditioning room, nor they will stay for a long time if they have come inside by accident.

Why are squirrels coming through the air conditioner?

Squirrels usually come through an air conditioner if there are plants, trees, or vegetables near the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Apart from this, if your AC has been installed at an easy to access the place without any fence or mesh covering, the chances of squirrels and other pests coming through increase rapidly.

Squirrels don’t come in an air conditioner for an extended stay or a permanent shelter; in most cases, they get inside while looking for food and get stuck in the air conditioner unit. The best thing to do here is work on the preventive measures, which will become a rare scene.

How to protect an AC outdoor unit from squirrels?

There are a lot of things that you can do but some of the most efficient, effective, and common practices are mentioned below:

  • There is a moving panel that is used to open the outdoor unit at the time of repair, cleaning, or maintenance. Each time you open it for some reason, make sure that it is locked properly and there isn’t any gap that allows squirrels and other pests to get inside the AC unit.
  • Never place the outdoor unit directly on the ground instead install it on a base that stands above or away from the surface.

How to stop squirrels from getting in the air conditioner?

You can take care of this factor by regular cleaning and maintaining your AC unit. Cleaning the ducts of your AC unit should be your priority, at least once a month.

Working on this step will not only stop squirrels and other pests from entering your AC unit but will surely increase the performance and lifespan of your AC system. The discussion below will give you some other ideas that can help you out in such situations.

How to keep squirrels out of the air conditioner?

There are some practical ways and methods that can allow you to keep squirrels out of your air conditioners. We all know that keeping out means that we have to stop them from entering the unit. Below are some of the most efficient tips that will surely help you in this regard.

  • The outdoor air conditioner is the most common passage for animals, squirrels, and pets to get inside your indoor AC unit. Hiding this component of your air conditioner will reduce the chances of squirrels in AC up to 90 percent. Install a screen of mesh fencing around the unit. This will not only stop squirrels from entering the air conditioner but will protect it from other external hazards as well.
  • You may have heard of pests and squirrels repellent sprays that are now commonly found in markets. These sprays have a weird smell which is not liked by such animals. Apply such a spray near or onto your outdoor unit of the AC. This factor will keep squirrels and other pests away from the AC unit for a long period of time.
  • Holes, gaps, and ducts are considered the easiest path to enter your air conditioner and these parts should be taken care of. It is highly recommended to keep the ducts, gaps, and holes in your air conditioner taped so that nothing can get inside, squirrel aside, not even a bee.
  • AT the time of installation, try to choose a place for your outdoor unit that is clear and has no plants or vegetation near it. This will surely decrease chances of squirrels in your AC.

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