Is 72 a good temperature for air conditioning

We all wish to spend comfortable time using an air conditioner in summer months. But when the summer starts, most of us start struggling to find an indoor air temperature. Especially on the hot summer days, all we wish is a comfortable temperature.

You should neither set the thermostat settings so cold to put a blanket on nor a hot climate to the unbearable range. Everyone likes a average house temperatures in every season.

After installing an air conditioning system, the next step is to set its temperature. Does outside temperature affect air conditioner? Is 72 a good AC temperature? Is 70 a good temperature for energy efficiency? What is the perfect temperature for AC? People search a lot of sites to get guidance in this regard. To resolve this issue of selecting an ideal temperature, we have listed a guideline below:

The outdoor temperature factor

After successful installment of an AC, next step is set the smart thermostat temperature settings. Before turning on an AC, make sure that the surrounding temperature must be above 60 degrees. If you run your AC below this temperature, it may cause a significant hazard to your unit. Be aware of the fact that a little negligence can cause irreparable damage. Follow the suitable conditions to avoid damage of unit.

Below this temperature, unit works too much efficiency, causing too much cooling indoor. This overcooling will damage the efficiency of the AC. It will cause a drop in indoor air temperature below 32 degrees. At such a low temperature, freezing starts. If you did not consider this, it might lead to internal failure. It may cause a compressor damage because of ice and frost formation. When ice and frost gets stuck in coil, it causes blockage. Which in turn block the airflow of the coil. We should be wise enough to understand this aspect.

To ensure the normal working of an AC, must turn it off at night when you notice temperature drop below 60 degrees. If you wish to turn an AC on some milder days also, one thing you should make sure of is the outdoor temperature.

By making these little observation, you can secure your air conditioning units from unmanageable damage.

The indoor temperature factor

Besides an outdoor temperature, indoor temperature is also important thing to consider. You should be conscious about setting the programmable thermostat in the summer months. You should select a temperature equal to your home in the winter months, such as 68 to 70 degrees. Moreover, a temperature below 70 to 72 degrees can also be hazardous for the whole unit. Such a low temperature is beneficial for AC as well as human health.

Turning on an AC unit with a lower indoor temperature as 70 will freeze the evaporator coil. But some companies come with a threshold of about 65 to 68 degrees. It will always be a safe practice to never go below a temperature of 70 to 72 degrees. But, it also depends upon other factors such as indoor humidity and air flow.

Running an AC below this temperature will drive up the energy bill. Hence, it makes us suffer in many ways.

So, it is necessary to consider the temperature factor either indoor or outdoor. As both of them have hazardous impacts.

Best thermostat temperature for the summer season

Once you got a suitable sized air conditioner, there is still a need to consider an ideal temperature. To ensure the normal functioning of an AC, set your thermostat below 72 degrees. Otherwise, the humidity level of the house will be very high. This rise will not only cause uncomfortable feelings but will be inefficient as well. As we all know, humidity levels above or below the normal range can cause breathing issues. This thing makes us understand how dangerous this thing could be. To avoid technical, health, and financial issues, we should set the thermostat temperature.

The impacts of the thermostat temperature on human health

The impacts of the thermostat temperature on human health

With the modernization, there is an increased trend towards technology these days. An increased rush towards the luxurious lifestyle has highlighted new emerging health issues. Sudden exposure to a new environment is a different experience to do. People working in offices spend a lot of time under air conditioners. When they expose themselves to a new temperature, they are at risk of harming respiration. They are at risk of Asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) within a few days or even hours.

Your minor negligence towards this matter may indulge you in an alarming situation. Such impacts of temperature and humidity remain hidden from the media’s eyes. Unless they sweep through a local population, they are not entertained in a proper manner. Due to this reason, a large population faces the health issues.

To get rid of such risks, we should be aware of seriousness of the situation. Without a proper knowledge we can not set this temperature for AC. In this case, we are more likely to ruin our health.

Adjusting to the fluctuating temperature (Acclimatization)

Tolerance is an ability to bear the unseen changes in things. When you are experiencing some thing for some time, you become habitual of that. So, changing the conditions requires the tolerance. You feel like stepping in a black furnace if go outdoor after spending a lot of time under air conditioners. Process of Acclimatization helps your body adjust to a wide range of temperatures. This process aids us to bear a wide temperature range. It will help you tolerate temperature below or above-average temperature.

Your physique, age, and some other factors decide your body cope with heat and cold. Individuals with more body fats can bear cold temperatures as data insulate skin. Older adults can not tolerate temperature fluctuations as younger ones can. Metabolism is a body process that deals with energy conversion processes. Body metabolism can also decide the range of tolerance of temperature. It is the metabolism that makes someone feel warm at 72 degrees and others cool at the same temperature.

While setting a thermostat temperature , we should consider an ideal temperature. This temperature, in sight of the majority of experts, is 72 degrees. This ideal temperature is best as it suites every age.

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