Is air conditioning good for guinea pigs

Is air conditioning good for guinea pigs? Yes, just as other animal species, guinea pigs can live in a room with an air conditioner (aircon) and should be placed in the ideal temperatures for their bodies.

Short or long-haired, no matter what the breeds are, guinea pigs tend to have thick furs. The thick furs guinea pigs have don’t stop in only protecting them from cold weather. Those also mean that they can’t sustain themselves in rooms where the temperatures are either too hot or far from ideal.

So, in this article, we’re going to see what temperatures are ideal for your guinea pigs, starting by considering the sizes, ages, and breeds of your guinea pigs, as well as their weights and the health issues that can impact how you should set the temperatures.

Then, slowly afterward, we’re going to let you know if placing an aircon is a great idea for your guinea pigs.

The size and age of your guinea pigs

The size and age of your guinea pigs

As with other pets, the size and age of your guinea pigs play a major part in determining whether the air conditioning system is good to be placed or not. Baby guinea pigs and guinea pigs with small sizes need to be placed in a balanced temperature of a room with an aircon.

The ideal sizes for guinea pigs to be placed in a room with an aircon are when your guinea pigs fill in at least half of the 7.5 square feet cages. Once your guinea pigs reach at least 4 months old, they are ready to be placed in a room with an air conditioner.

The breeds of your guinea pigs

Even though all guinea pigs tend to have thick furs, the breeds play a pivotal role in determining the temperatures you should set for your air conditioner. Some guinea pigs have thicker furs, such as the Texels, the Silkie Satins, or the Peruvian breeds. They can sustain colder air conditioner temperatures more than other breeds of guinea pigs.

The weights and health issues of your guinea pigs

The weights and health issues of your guinea pigs

These things also become the important things you should consider while setting the right air conditioner temperatures for your guinea pigs.

As with the thicker furs, the more weight (and the body fats) your guinea pigs have, especially if they have reached at least 4-month old, the more likely you should set your aircon temperatures lower.

Yet, this can be adjusted when they have health problems, such as upper respiratory infections and heat stokes. If your guinea pigs suffer from upper respiratory infections, you would normally increase the temperatures. Else, decrease the aircon temperatures if they suffer from heat strokes.

So, the next question: What are the ideal temperatures for your guinea pigs? Some say 65oF should be the lowest aircon temperature for your guinea pigs. Are they correct? Keep reading to know more.

The ideal temperatures for your guinea pigs

The ideal temperatures for your guinea pigs

The ideal temperatures for your guinea pigs should be between 70-90 oF, with the +/- 5 oF as the tolerance levels. So, the aircon temperatures below 65 degrees are considered too cold, and those above 90 oF are considered too hot. When is it too cold to run ac?

If you set up the aircon temperatures too cold for your guinea pigs, your guinea pigs may suffer from upper respiratory infections, hair losses, runny eyes, swollen foods, and more. The same things happen when the aircon temperatures are too hot, which leads your guinea pigs’ small feet to be uncomfortable and also can lead to heat strokes.

If any of these symptoms happen, you should redirect your mind back to the ideal temperature ranges for your guinea pigs:

  • Excessive salivating
  • Increased heart rates
  • Becoming restless while lacking interest or becoming apathetic to the daily activities
  • Breathing with short and quick breaths

Therefore, to answer the main question in this article, which is, is air conditioning good for guinea pigs? The answer is yes, as long as the ideal temperatures are met.

Is air conditioner good for guinea pigs? (+The Alternatives!)

Generally, guinea pigs should be placed in a closed room with an air conditioner. The follow-up question: What if your guinea pigs sleep outside the room? Is air conditioning good for guinea pigs that sleep outside the rooms?

Just as fans and other coolers are essential for guinea pigs, you need a proper air conditioning system for sustaining your guinea pigs’ healths. If it’s not possible to set up your air conditioner’s temperatures to the ideal 70-90 oF, you should substitute it with fans, ice packs, gel cushions, or cool tiles.

If you have windows in your rooms, it’s important to close the curtains while setting up the aircon temperatures. You should avoid exposing your guinea pigs to direct sunlight as much as possible regardless of where they sleep.

These supporting items help indirectly cooling down your guinea pigs’ temperatures while keeping the aircon temperatures comfortable for both of you and your guinea pigs. These are especially useful when your guinea pigs stay outside.

Apart from the aircon, you should also provide your guinea pigs with plenty of hays, small amounts of fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C supplements every day.

This is not to say that air conditioners aren’t important for guinea pigs. After all, your guinea pigs still need an air conditioner. Yet, you shouldn’t rely only on air conditioners. You should also supply your guinea pigs with foods and other cooling down tools such as fans and gel cushions apart from setting the air conditioner in the right temperatures.

Do guinea pigs like air conditioning?

It greatly depends on the size, age, breeds, weights, and health problems that your guinea pigs have. If you set the aircon temperatures too cold or too hot, that wouldn’t be great for your guinea pigs.


As long as you set the temperatures right, air conditioners are always good for your guinea pigs. Please also make sure your guinea pig have a good diet. so far contributed many in-depth guides on what can guinea pigs eat. They work in pet veterinary clinics and know what they are doing.

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