Is an air conditioner good for asthma?

Asthma is a medical condition whereby the airway in the lungs constricts as a result of the tightening and inflammation of the muscles that surround the tiny airways. This condition is common among adults and children of all ages. Although an asthmatic patient may look fine until the attack is triggered by certain factors such as Dust mites, Tobacco smokes, air pollution molds, and many more.

Since sometimes air conditioners harbor these fungi that trigger asthma, people always wonder, is the air conditioner good for asthma? Can asthma patient sleep in AC?. I will be tending to those questions in this guide, as well as every other interesting question that best explains the relationship between asthma and air conditioner. Keep reading for details.

Does an air conditioner affect asthma?

Yeah, air conditioners affect asthma. If you are asthmatic and you stay inside a room with air conditioning for a long time, it could trigger an attack. Therefore, you are enjoined to stay away from prolonged exposure to air conditioners.

However, if the filter of your air conditioner is properly maintained, you may not suffer any attack at all. Also, if you have any ducted forced air heat or ducted central air conditioners tur two most popular cooling and heating system that is efficient at filtering out airborne allergens.

Is air conditioning good for asthma patients?

Yes, the air conditioner is good for asthma patients. Air conditioners are designed to refresh the air and keep it cool and can also reduce humidity as well as airborne triggers. When an air conditioner can achieve these qualities, it lowers the chances of having an asthmatic attack and improves breathing.

However, you should know that molds are the most likely to trigger asthma and it is a common habit of theirs to grow discreetly inside the air conditioners and will spread throughout your home once you switch them on. Therefore, to keep their growth in check, it is advisable to properly maintain your unit.

Can asthma patients sleep in AC?

Yes, asthma patients can sleep in AC. Even though the AC unit does not filter air, it can also help asthmatic patients. When the air conditioner is on, it is normal practice to shut windows and doors for effective results. When these openings are shut, it keeps out irritants and allergens that could trigger asthma. Another way in which air conditioning can help asthmatic patients is when the room temperature changes from cold to warm. During this period, molds are usually ineffective and there’s a very low possibility that they can trigger an attack.

Does air conditioning trigger asthma?

Yes, air conditioning can trigger asthma. It is recommended that you carry out general maintenance on your air conditioner at least 2 times or once a year. This is to safeguard your appliances from accumulating fungi or dust that may trigger asthma or cause any other medical conditions that may cause discomfort. Molds are notoriously known to hide in ACs and when you switch on your ac, they get airborne and infest your room. When this happens and you breathe in the air, it may trigger an asthma attack.

Does an air conditioner help asthma?

Yes, air conditioners help asthma. In the previous sections, I have listed ways through which air conditioners can help asthma. Summarily, the AC can help asthma if you keep your unit in good condition by ensuring it is properly maintained and cleaned. The two most common places you can find molds growing in your air conditioner are the evaporator coil and the drain pan. Make sure to check these places often and do some cleaning if necessary to avoid mold infestation.

Is fan better for asthma?

No, the fan is not better and not the best choice for asthma. If you were to decide between sleeping under an air conditioner or a fan, it would be in your best interest to go for an ac unit. This is because the electric fan is capable of circulating dust, allergen, and pollens throughout your room which could trigger an asthma attack.

Many times, people open their doors and windows while their fan is on to give room for proper ventilation which could lead to the transfer of these allergens and pollens from the outside to indoors which is not always the case with using air conditioner. You are only vulnerable to asthma attacks if you failed to properly maintain your ac unit.

Best AC temperature for Asthma

The best temperature setting for an asthmatic patient is a temperature level between 68° to 71°F. This is because, at this level, the temperature is balanced between cold and heat I.e. the temperature will be neither too hot nor too cold to cause any irritation in the airway which could lead to an attack.

What temperature is too cold for asthma?

As an asthma patient, do not expose yourself to any temperature level that is below 10°F or -12.2°C to avoid an attack. If it becomes mandatory that you go outside under uncontrolled conditions, make sure you cover your nose and mouth is that the air you breathe in will be warm. You can make use of a scarf to stay safe.

Also, if you are in a controlled environment (air-conditioned room) make sure to leave your unit working at a temperature level of about 70°F during the day. And when you are sleeping, keep the working temperature of your air conditioner at 65° to encourage optimal breathing.

How to maintain my AC to prevent Asthma attacks?

  1. Ensure that your ac filter is replaced as recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Install complete house filtration system. This can easily be achieved by making use of a central cooling and heating system as opposed to the common type that is usually placed in windows.

Can AC make asthma worse?

Yes, AC can make asthma worse. Air conditioners can trigger an asthma attack if they are not properly maintained and could make your condition worse by triggering asthma symptoms. A good way to maintain your air conditioner is by ensuring that it stays clean.

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