Is Arctic King a Good Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are becoming a need of every single house due to the rising temperatures and climate changes.

If you are planning to buy an air conditioner, you need to make sure that you are buying the right one. Otherwise, the hard-earned money you’ve spent on the AC will just go down the drain.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether the arctic king air conditioner is a good choice for you or not? You’ll get all the info you need about this air conditioner and then you can make your decision.

Who makes arctic king air conditioners?

The arctic king air conditioners are made by the Chinese company Midea.

Midea is a giant Chinese brand that is famous for its high-quality products. This company specializes in small appliances, refrigerators, and air treatment.

Midea is a southern Chinese corporation that is working since 1968. However, the company got its real recognition in 2016 when they were listed as a Fortune 500 company.

Fortune 500 is an annual list of the 500 largest companies ranked by the amount of revenue they generate in their fiscal year. The inclusion of Midea (Arctic king air conditioner) company in the Fortune 500 list tells us how popular and big they are!

Are energy-efficient air conditioners worth it?

Energy-efficient air conditioners are worth it.

Using an energy-efficient air conditioner can bring you so many benefits. Especially if you were using an inefficient air conditioner before, you will feel a magical change if you shift to an energy-efficient AC.

Benefits of energy-efficient air conditioners

Here are all the benefits of using an energy-efficient air conditioner:

1. Environment-friendly system

An energy-efficient air conditioning system always consumes less energy.

When your AC will consume less energy, it will emit less carbon into the air. This will reduce the pollution in the environment.

Therefore, if you will use an energy-efficient air conditioner, you can contribute towards the reduction of pollution and make this planet a better place to live for everyone.

2. You can save money

Energy-efficient air conditioners always consume less energy and still give maximum performance.

When your AC will consume less energy, you will see a decrease in your energy bills.

This way you will be able to save a lot of money and spend it on other important things. It is a great relief.

3. Better temperature control

The perk of using energy-efficient air conditioners is that they provide you with better control of the system.

You have complete control of the temperature and you are free to attain whatever temperature you want to feel comfortable. It’s a great benefit, isn’t it?

Are arctic king air conditioners energy efficient?

The answer is yes. Most of the arctic king air conditioner models are energy efficient. You can utilize many of their features to save electricity and money.

For example, some models have a special energy-saving mode that you can activate. This mode will automatically turn your AC on & off according to the current indoor temperature. This will help you save electricity and run the AC only when it is needed.

Moreover, arctic king air conditioners also have a timer function that allows you to set up a specific time when your AC should turn On and when it should turn Off automatically.

You can utilize all these features to ensure less power consumption & save money on energy bills.

Is arctic king air conditioner loud fan?

Yes, some arctic king air conditioner models are very loud. But at the same time, some models are very quiet and work silently all the time.

Which arctic king air conditioners are loud?

The arctic king 10K BTU air conditioner produces whistling noises while working.

Arctic king AC WPPH-08CR5 model also produces noise if the hose stays attached.

Similarly, the WWK05CM91N arctic king air conditioners produce very loud noises while working.

There can be some other models included in this list too.

Which arctic king air conditioners are not loud?

The arctic king 8k BTU air conditioner has a special design to ensure silent and smooth working. This model does not produce any noise so you can enjoy a peaceful and sweet sleep at night.

Similarly, the AKTW08CR71E arctic air conditioner also works silently & smoothly.

The arctic king AC-Heat 25KV 208V model is also known for silent working.

There are many more options in the silent category.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a silent AC, then we recommend you to choose an arctic king air conditioner model that works silently. Otherwise, you can choose any other brand.

Pros of arctic king air conditioner

Here are all the pros of using an arctic king air conditioner:

1. Arctic air conditioners are durable and long-lasting

The best thing we heard about the arctic king air conditioners from the users is that they are very durable.

They have a strong framework that provides enhanced protection to the unit and extends its life.

It is a very reliable option.

2. Effective performance

When it comes to the working of arctic air conditioners, they are very effective.

As per the users, these air conditioners perform fast and effective cooling.

They are powerful, fast, and effective.

3. Huge variety of options

Arctic air conditioners have a huge variety of options available.

They manufacture so many different models of air conditioners. You can explore all of them and choose the best one with your favorite features.

4. Affordable air conditioner

Arctic air conditioners are not considered to be very expensive.

They are available at an affordable price for everyone. You can get fast & effective cooling at a good budget-friendly price. Mostly ($150 to $730).

5. Ease of assembly

Arctic king air conditioners can be assembled very easily and smoothly.

The installation process is also smooth.

6. Easy to use

Using an arctic air conditioner is not complex at all. They are very simple to use. You can just turn them on, set a temperature, and enjoy the cooling. That’s all, there’s no rocket science involved.

There are some more advanced models as well that can be connected to the smartphone through Wi-Fi and you can control them easily by using your phone.

Cons of arctic king air conditioner

Here are all the cons of using an arctic king air conditioner:

1. Some models are very noisy

Nobody likes a loud air conditioner that disturbs your focus or sleep.

The worst thing about some arctic air conditioners is their noise.

Some models of arctic air conditioners produce whistling or loud noises while working. A lot of users hate this.

If this is not a problem for you, then it’s fine. But if you need a silent AC, we advise you to choose a model that works silently or you can choose another brand.

Arctic king air conditioner warranty

Do arctic king air conditioners come with a warranty?

The answer is yes. Arctic king air conditioners do have a warranty.

Most models of the arctic king air conditioners come with a 1-year warranty with terms & conditions applied.

However, the exact thing about warranty depends upon which model you are purchasing. That’s why you are recommended to confirm that before buying any specific model of an arctic king air conditioner.

According to Midea (the manufacturing company of this AC) – the arctic king air cons come with a 2-year warranty. It covers the replacement or repairing of the defective parts of your air conditioner.

Cases where the warranty does not apply

There are some cases in which the warranty does not apply. Such as:

1. Improper installation

If the damage to the AC was caused due to your negligence and improper installation then the warranty will not apply.

2. Damaged by 3rd party

If the damage to your AC is caused by a 3rd party member. Such as during installation or transportation by a person who is not authorized by Midea.

In such a case, the warranty won’t apply.

3. Commercial use

If you are using the AC for business & commercial purposes, then you cannot claim the warranty.

4. Altered serial number

If the original serial number of your AC is altered or cannot be determined, then claiming a warranty will be impossible or very hard.

Advice: We recommend you carefully read the warranty duration & terms and conditions before buying an arctic air conditioner. It will prevent any inconvenience later on.

Arctic king air conditioner models

Like we told you above, arctic air king conditioners are available in so many different models.

Let’s quickly take at some of the most popular and used ones.

Arctic king air conditioner 5000 BTU

The 5000 BTU arctic king air conditioner is considered as one of the best air conditioners of this company.

This air conditioner has a 5000 BTU energy rating and it can effectively cool a room up to 150 sq. What’s more? This air con has adjustable air fins, three fan speeds, and three cooling. Users have reported that this air conditioner is very easy to assemble and it also shows very effective high-quality performance.

Arctic king air conditioner 8000 BTU

The arctic king 8000 BTU air conditioner is very powerful and it can effectively cool big living spaces.

This AC also has a 24-hour timer which you can use for cooling the room even before you come back from work. You will come home and have a nice cool and comfortable room waiting for you. Sounds great, right?

This AC can cool up to 250 to 350 sq ft of living space very effectively. It has 2 different fan speeds. The design of an 8000 BTU air conditioner ensures lower noise so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

This aircon unit also features an auto-restart function. Overall, the working of this air conditioner is very smooth, easy, and effective.

Arctic king air conditioner 10,000 BTU

A high-quality air conditioner with 10,000 BTU power. It is enough for cooling large living spaces.

The air filters of this AC can be easily removed and replaced. It is said that this AC also comes with a window installation kit for the convenience of users.

It has multiple fan speeds for fast and effective cooling.

Arctic king air conditioner 15000 BTU

The 15000 BTU arctic king air conditioner is a very powerful unit that can effectively cool up to 700 sq ft of living space. This is a user-friendly air conditioner that is energy efficient and has 3 different fan speeds.

Arctic king air conditioner 25000 BTU

A very powerful air conditioner with a 25,000 BTU cooling capacity. This AC can effectively cool large living spaces up to 1500 sq ft.

The AC is not noisy and helps you sleep comfortably. It is a user-friendly air con that also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the temperature easily.

Can you connect the arctic king air conditioner to a smartphone?

The answer is yes. There are a lot of modern & advanced models of arctic king air conditioners that allow you to connect the AC to your mobile phone with the help of Wi-Fi so you control your AC easily.

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