Is Kelvinator a Good Brand for Air Conditioner

When you are purchasing an air conditioner, you need to make sure that you are buying the right one. Because purchasing the wrong AC will become a headache for you. You will end up spending a crazy amount of money on its repairs and maintenances.

If you are planning to purchase a Kelvinator air conditioner, then this article is for you. Today, we will be discussing that, is Kelvinator a good brand for an air conditioner?

We have all the information you should know about the Kelvinator air conditioner before you decide to buy it.

Is Kelvinator a good brand?

The answer is yes, Kelvinator is a very good brand that is famous all over the world for its different electronic products including the air conditioners.

This brand is considered very reliable in the market because it is very old and trusted by the customers. Sources say that the Kelvinator has been selling its products for the last 80 to 100 years.

Although the Kelvinator air conditioners are not as much popular as the other competitors like Panasonic or Daikin. But they’re still a very decent & budget-friendly option for you.

Who makes Kelvinator air conditioners?

The Kelvinator brand is owned by Electrolux. They are a manufacturing giant based in Sweden. Electrolux is famous for manufacturing and selling multiple electronics products all over the world such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and most importantly, air conditioners.

The Kelvinator air conditioners are also manufactured by Electrolux. Generally, it is said that they only manufacture 2 types of air conditioners – split air conditioners & window air conditioners.

The Kelvinator air conditioners are considered budget-friendly because they are cheaper as compared to the competitors. Moreover, they also come with a variety of features to ensure effective performance.

Where are Kelvinator air conditioners made?

Kelvinator air conditioners are made in different parts of the world. The company says that some of their products are made in Australia whereas the rest of them are imported from South East Asia, China, Europe, etc.

Kelvinator air conditioner company is owned by Electrolux. It is a giant Swedish manufacturing company that is famous for making different electronic appliances like air conditioners.

Their products are purchased in huge amounts all across the world.

Are Kelvinator air conditioners good?

Are Kelvinator air conditioners good or bad? Every customer needs an answer to this question.

That’s why we have listed all pros and cons of the Kelvinator air conditioner below. You can read them & determine if this air conditioner meets your needs or not.

Pros of Kelvinator air conditioners

Here are the top 15 factors that make Kelvinator a good air conditioner brand:

1. Budget-friendly air conditioner

The price of an air conditioner is a major concern for the majority of customers.

Kelvinator air conditioner is a good choice for everyone who’s looking for a cheaper air conditioner. The price of these air conditioners is less as compared to the competitors.

Therefore, if you are low on budget and just want a cheaper air conditioner for simple cooling, then Kelvinator AC is one of the best options available.

2. Easy cleaning

Kelvinator AC is easy to clean.

If you ever want to clean your Kelvinator air conditioner, you can do so very easily.

3. Wireless connection

One of the amazing features of the Kelvinator air conditioner is its wireless connectivity.

4. Flexible installation process

The Kelvinator air conditioner is very simple to install. The installation process is flexible, easy, and not complicated at all.

5. LCD remote control

Kelvinator air conditioners also come with LCD remote control systems.

6. Advanced inverter technology

Kelvinator air conditioners are equipped with one of the best and modern inverter technology that increase the energy efficiency of these air conditioners.

These inverter aircon units can sense your room temperature and then operate accordingly for effective cooling.

7. Voltage stabilizing feature

This air conditioner is designed to maintain a constant voltage supply in case of any voltage fluctuations.

With this feature, you don’t need any additional stabilizer for your AC. It will also reduce the risk of damage to your AC unit and increase its life.

8. Turbo feature

You just have to press a single button and your Kelvinator air conditioner will start operating on turbo mode.

The AC will run at the highest speed and cool your living space in less time.

9. iFollow mode

iFollow is one of the unique features of the Kelvinator air conditioner. The remote of this AC has sensors that detect the temperature of your surroundings & then activate the iFollow mode to start cooling the room quickly.

10. iClean feature

Kelvinator air conditioners also have the iClean feature. You just have to press a single button and your AC will dry the water and clean the dirt present on coils.

It will prevent humidity and bad odor.

The life of your AC will also increase.

11. Good air filters

Air filters are one of the most important parts of an AC unit. Kelvinator air conditioners are equipped with a smart air filter.

This AC has a PM2.5 pollutant filter that will purify the air from bacteria and germs.

12. Eco-friendly refrigerant

Kelvinator air conditioners have R32 refrigerant which is environment-friendly, less inflammable, and energy-efficient.

13. Copper coils

Kelvinator air conditioners use copper coils. They are non-corrosive and give a longer life to your AC.

They also consume less energy and provide more effective cooling.

14. Modern coating technology

The condenser coils of this air conditioner are coated with anti-corrosive material. It will protect your AC from damage due to the accumulation of acid, water, salts, etc.

This way the life of your AC increases.

15. Smart air conditioner

Kelvinator air conditioners are smart. They have wireless connectivity which means you can connect them to Wi-Fi & control them using your smartphone or tablet.

You can install their app on your phone and control the air conditioner’s power, temperature, and speed by using your mobile phone.

It is simple & easy.

Cons of Kelvinator air conditioners

Kelvinator air conditioners are not perfect. They have some drawbacks as well & we have listed them below:

1. They have a limited range

Kelvinator air conditioners are available in a limited range only. You have only two to three options like window wall air conditioner, split system air conditioner, and reverse cycle air conditioner.

Whereas the top air conditioner companies offer you a wide range of options such as ducted air conditioners, wall-mounted air conditioners, cassette, ceiling consoles, floor, and multi-type air conditioners, etc.

So, if you are going for a Kelvinator air conditioner, then you will have to choose from a very limited number of options.

2. Lack of duct systems

One more drawback of Kelvinator air conditioners is that there are no ducted systems available.

3. Fewer features

Air conditioner manufacturing is not the primary job of Kelvinator and Electrolux company. That’s why the Kelvinator air conditioners are not as famous as other competitive brands. They also may not have a lot of enhanced features that you can get in other top air conditioner brands.

However, this AC is still a budget-friendly and decent choice for simple effective cooling. It has a lot of good features too.

How long does a Kelvinator air conditioner last?

When it comes to lifespan, the Kelvinator air conditioners usually have a longer life.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Voltage stabilizing feature will protect your AC

Voltage fluctuations often damage the air conditioners can reduce their life.

The Kelvinator air con has a built-in voltage stabilizing feature. Its job is to provide a constant amount of voltage to your AC. This feature will protect your AC in case of any voltage fluctuations.

Thus, your AC will stay safe from any significant damages and its life will increase.

2. iClean feature extends the life of your AC

Kelvinator AC Has an iClean feature. You just have to press one button & the AC unit will dry all the water and also clean the dust present on coils.

This feature keeps your AC clean & extends its life.

3. Non-corrosive coils give a longer life

Kelvinator AC unit has copper coils. They are non-corrosive and will keep your AC alive for longer.

4. Coating layer for enhanced protection

Kelvinator AC has modern coating layers made of non-corrosive material that protect the coils of the air conditioner from water, salts, and acids.

This way your AC gets enhanced protection and longer life.

Kelvinator air conditioner app

Kelvinator air conditioner has wireless connectivity and it can be controlled through the Kelvinator air conditioner app.

You can connect the AC to your mobile phone or tablet with the help of Wi-Fi.

Then you can install the Kelvinator air conditioner app on your phone/tablet.

The app has a very simple and interactive interface. It allows you to power ON/OFF the air conditioner, control the speed of fans, set your desired temperature, schedule timers, and much more.

You can control the AC through your mobile phone while laying on your bed. It’s a great feature, isn’t it?

Kelvinator air conditioner troubleshooting and FAQs

Here are some more questions & tips about the Kelvinator air conditioner that might be helpful to you:

How to reset the Kelvinator air conditioner?

Resetting a Kelvinator air conditioner is very simple and easy. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Unplug the power supply of your AC.
  2. Now turn off the isolator of your AC that is next to the outdoor unit OR you can turn off your house’s electrical supply.
  3. Leave the AC alone for 15-30 minutes.
  4. Your AC has reset successfully.

How to clean the Kelvinator air conditioner filter?

Clean air filters are very important for the smooth functioning of your Kelvinator air conditioner. If you will keep the air filters dirty, then it will affect the performance of your AC & reduce its life.

  1. Open the front cover of your AC as per the instructions given in the user manual guide.
  2. Remove the air filters as per the given instructions.
  3. Wash the air filters with water and make sure there’s no dirt left.
  4. Let the air filters dry out completely.
  5. Once they have dried, place them back in the AC & close the front cover of your AC as per the instructions.

How to remove Kelvinator air conditioner cover?

Different models of Kelvinator air conditioners have different ways of opening the cover.

We recommend you follow the instructions given in the user manual guide for your specific model of air conditioner and open the cover accordingly.

There are 2 locks on each side, you have to press them and gently pull out the cover.

How to use Kelvinator air conditioner remote?

The remote of a Kelvinator air conditioner have different buttons like:

  1. Power button – for turning the AC on and off.
  2. Temperature button – for increasing & decreasing the temperature.
  3. Mode – for changing the modes of operations of the AC.
  4. LED display – for using an LED display.
  5. Fan – for using & controlling the fan of AC.
  6. Turbo – for activating the turbo mode and getting faster cooling.
  7. Swing – for controlling the movement of air vents of your AC (like making them swing or stopping the swing).
  8. Clock & timer – for setting schedules and timers for the AC.

You can look at the user-manual guide of your AC for clarity.

Where to buy Kelvinator air conditioner remote control?

Here are some ways to buy a Kelvinator air conditioner remote control:

1. Buy it Online

Many online marketplaces are selling the remote control for the Kelvinator AC unit.

You can also place your order right now and get it delivered to your home.

2. Buy from a local electronics store

You can also find the Kelvinator AC remote control at any of your nearest electronics stores.

3. Buy from Kelvinator stores

If there’s a local Kelvinator store in your area then you can buy the remote control from there as well.

Why does my Kelvinator air conditioner turn on by itself?

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Short circuit or some problem with the power supply of your AC.
  2. Unclean air filters (clogged, dirty, dusty) also affect the working of your AC and can make it turn on and off itself.
  3. Problems with the thermostat of AC.
  4. Problem with the coils of your AC.

Why my Kelvinator air conditioner is not cooling?

Here are some main reasons why your Kelvinator air conditioner is not cooling and how can you fix that:

Reason #1- Problem in air filter

If the air filters of your AC are clogged, dusty, or dirty then the air won’t be able to flow through them properly. It will also lead to the freezing of evaporator coils of the AC.

This problem will significantly reduce or stop the cooling of your air conditioner.


You should clean the air filters regularly. If cleaning isn’t possible then you should go for replacement.

Reason #2 – Dirty condenser coils

If the condenser coils of your Kelvinator AC are dirty, then it will reduce the efficiency of your AC.

It will have to work harder for a very long time to cool down your room.

Thus, its cooling will stop or decrease.


Check the condenser coils of your AC regularly and keep them clean.

Reason #3 – Faulty compressor

A faulty compressor stops the cooling of an air conditioner.


Get the compressor of your AC checked by an expert to make sure everything is okay. If there’s a problem, then get it fixed or replace the compressor (if needed).

Reason #4 – Problem with thermostat

If the thermostat of your AC is not working fine, then it won’t be able to do any cooling.

Reason #5 – Problem in the control board, main control board, or temperature control board

If there is a problem in any of the following:

Control board, main control board, or temperature control board.

Then your AC won’t be able to perform cooling.


Get them all checked, diagnose the problems, and get them fixed.

Reason #6 – Thermistor & run capacitor problems

If the thermistor OR run capacitor of your Kelvinator AC isn’t working fine, then the AC will stop cooling.


We recommend you get them checked by an expert and see if they are working fine. If there’s a problem, then get it fixed so your AC can cool again.

These were some of the main reasons why your Kelvinator AC is not cooling. You should get it checked by an expert & see if you are facing any of the problems we have mentioned above.

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