Lennox vs American Standard

Do you plan to buy a new AC system soon? Lennox vs. American Standard is a hot topic for debate when it comes to shopping for air conditioners. Read on below to learn which one is the best choice for your needs.

About Lennox

Lennox International was established in 1895 in the United States, making it a century-old brand. Mr. Lennox, its founder, owned a railroad repair business and developed the first-ever riveted steel furnace. His furnace business was sold in 1904 to D.W. Norris who founded the Lennox Furnace Company.

This company was the one that made the original heating appliances for homes with the use of a forced-air furnace. From then on, the company developed some of the country’s best air conditioning models. The headquarters of Lennox is in Texas although its factories, representatives, and dealers can be found in all states.

The Norris family established Lennox International Inc. in 1984. It became the parent company that supervise all the activities of Lennox Industries. Not long after this, the brand also expanded further with its production of commercial refrigerators.

To this day, the company manufacturers an extensive range of HVAC products that also include smart appliances for homes.

About American Standard

American Standard was established in 1922 from the two companies Standard Sanitary and American Radiator. The brand name American Standard was coined in 1967. However, the company’s international name is Ideal Standard.

The company further expanded in 1984 when it acquired Trane. The company officially became Trane in 2007 but it still decided to keep the old brand. Ingersoll Rand took over the company later in 2008.

They manufacture air conditioners, heat pumps, and electrical, gas, and oil furnaces. The brand has been recognized for developing appliances known for their energy efficiency. Their top-line units rank up to 21 Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER.) Their air conditioners are some of the most energy-saving appliances you can find on the market right now.

The brand uses some proprietary parts renowned for their durability and quality. American Standard also offers longer warranties because they also manufacture most of the parts of their units. They also offer the longest extended warranty of up to 12 years for an air conditioner part, specifically the compressor.

Is Lennox better than American Standard

The answer to this question is somewhat relative as it depends on what exactly you are looking for in a particular appliance. When it comes to Lennox vs. American Standard, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of one over the other.

What makes Lennox better than American Standard

Lennox and American Standard are names that are both ahead of their competitors. These two brands provide some of the most efficient and reliable air conditioners today. However, the difference between these two brands lies in the small details. There are several areas where Lennox outperforms the American standard.

  • Air conditioner parts

The Lennox company is quite demanding when choosing the parts for their different AC units. It is easier to have these parts replaced because these aren’t exclusive.

  • Energy efficiency

The top appliances of Lennox are known for their improved efficiency thanks to their highest SEER ratings. While units from American Standard have a maximum of 22 SEER, Lennox flagship scores as high as 26 SEER. This only goes to show that units from the Lennox brand are up to 8% more efficient compared to their counterparts from American Standard. Some ACs from Lennox also features solar panels that are not available in the appliances of the other brand.

  • Installation

It is not that tricky to install Lennox units. The company is also more demanding as far as choosing their representatives and contractors are concerned. This means that a high-standard contractor will carry out the installation of your unit. As you might already know, proper installation is important to the best performance and durability of your appliance.

What makes American Standard better than Lennox

As mentioned earlier, everything boils down to the small details. There are several areas where American Standard fares better than Lennox.

  • Compressors

The compressors of American Standard have more speed options compared to Lennox. The company builds its very own compressor known as Duration. This is a reliable compressor known for its capacity and lifespan. Trane produces this compressor that truly lives up to its name. The compressor works at just 30% of its total power. Lennox compressors, on the other hand, cannot work at lower than 35% of their total capacity.

  • Noise levels

American Standard and Lennox both build units that are almost completely silent. But in this area, American Standard performs somewhat better. The top units of the brand have noise levels as low as 54 decibels. This makes their air conditioner units some of the most silent ones you can find in the market. The flagship models from Lennox are slightly noisier at 59 decibels.

  • Warranty

The two brands both back up their appliances with a 10-year warranty. However, some of the parts of American Standard have warranties that last for 12 years. It is the case for Duration, the compressor they use for their units. Trane manufactures most of the components of American Standard, a brand known for its reputation. Since American Standard has units that use most of their proprietary parts, the company offers longer warranties.

Similarities of Lennox vs American Standard

The two companies are both American and based in the US. Their headquarters are also both located in Texas. The brands share the higher end of top-quality air-conditioning units available on the market. If one brand does better over the other, this often has something to do with the small details and is also a matter of personal choice and preference. The two brands also manufacture quiet, energy-effective, and dependable units.

Contractors from Lennox are often more specialized compared to the ones from America Standard. However, the compressors of American Standard live longer and are more powerful. But still, the difference there is small. The difference between the capacity of the compressors of these two brands is just 5%.

The two brands both produce some of the market’s most silent units. Once again, they are almost equal in this area. The best units from Lennox have 59 dB while the top units of American Standard operate at 54 dB. However, expect that this kind of performance also comes with a price. The best units from the two brands are both quite expensive with high upfront costs.

These brands also happen to be among the most traditional ones you can find today. Lennox was founded in 1904 while American Standard was established in 1922. The products of the brand are divided into several tiers based on the parts used that are used in them. The brands maintain standard quality for all their appliances that might not be the most affordable ones as compared to other similar brands.

Lennox vs American Standard AC units

Now that you know more about the two brands, it is time to look at some of their AC units. These have been categorized depending on their specific tiers.

Lennox vs American Standard top-tier AC units

Drawing comparisons is important to ensure a good purchase. The two brands both have their best products that belong to their top-tier category.

American Standard’s Accu Comfort Platinum 20

This model is a central air conditioner that is almost silent and has 22 SEER. The compressor of the unit relies on sound insulation for the sound levels to stay as low as 4 decibels. This is an ideal choice for smart homes because you can control it remotely. This can also interact well with your other smart gadgets.

The unit’s exclusive AccuLink system is responsible for controlling the communication between the rest of the parts and the compressor. This also uses an aluminum-made exclusive fin coil that offers corrosion resistance and excellent heat transfer. The variable-speed compressor makes slight and constant adjustments to maintain temperature stability.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC25

This unit is a top-notch Lennox air conditioner and is the most efficient model you can find on the market with 26 SEER. Its energy efficiency reaches as high as 98%. Aside from its compatibility with SunSource solar models, this is also among the most silent air conditioner units you can find right now.

It also features a modulating compressor ranging from 40% up to 100% of its capacity. This means that this air conditioning unit will not make your home too cold. The temperature will instead remain balanced and stable. The unit also has a humidity absorption system that is very efficient that helps improve the indoor environment.

Lennox vs American Standard mid-range AC units

If you want a unit that is easier on the pocket but is still of good quality, Lennox and American standard also has a selection of mid-range models. These units still have low energy consumption not to mention that they are also reasonably silent.

American Standard’s Gold 17

Gold 17 from American Standard ranks with an energy efficiency of 18 SEER and is an appliance that is also very cost-effective. This is also available in several sizes ranging from models at only 2 tons up to 5 tons. This also features the exclusive Spin Fin coil of the brand that is completely made of aluminum. This is also equipped with a two-stage compressor with a cooling capacity that starts at 24,000 BTUs up to 60,000 BTUs.

The unit also has an Energy Star certification. This can cut down your electricity bills by half unlike the models with 10 SEER. Its energy efficiency and cooling capacity make it an ideal option for places with scorching heat.

Lennox’s Elite EL16XC1

If you want a good air conditioner that is most cost-effective, this unit from Lennox might be the right choice for you. This is still a very efficient model that ranks up to 17 SEER. The unit features a Quantum Coil that is made from strengthened aluminum alloy that resists extreme temperatures and corrosion.

This also comes with a smart thermostat and is compatible with another smart home device. This unit is packed with power but remains very quiet. The noise levels don’t go beyond 71 dB made possible by the sound insulation system. The manufacturer warranties are long as well unlike similar models from other brands.

Lennox vs American Standard budget AC units

Finally, if you are on a tight budget and you are willing to pass up some features, the two brands both offer units that you might want to consider.

American Standard’s Silver 14

It is a single-stage air conditioning unit from the basic line of the company. But you can still be sure that it offers an outstanding cost-benefit ratio. It has an energy efficiency rated at 16 SEER that is still considered better compared to other similar units from competing brands. It also has a sound level of about 72 dB.

This mighty unit can also cool the room fast. This also features rust-resistant screws and heavy-duty steel panels. This also has several of the similar exclusive parts that can be found in models that belong to the higher tier such as the Duration compressor and Spine Fin coil. This also uses a double-fan motor.

Lennox’s Merit 16ACX

For those who might not be looking for the most efficient AC unit but still prefers to maintain a reasonable level of energy consumption, this is a unit worth considering. This ranks at around 14 to 17 SEER with an Energy Star certification. This also functions with a multi-stage compressor that provides outstanding humidity control.

Its noise level remains at 75 dB made possible by its SilentComfort system. This can also resist rust and corrosion because of the exclusive PermaGuard Cabinet. The cabinet uses the combination louvered coil guard, galvanized steel construction, and zinc that ensures a sturdy unit.

Lennox vs American Standard furnace

Aside from the AC units, Lennox vs. American Standard furnace is yet another common discussion among many homeowners.

Lennox furnaces

Lennox is one of the longest-running furnace companies in the US. They provide top-end whole-home furnaces and central air conditioning units. The company offers more silent options that feature variable blower motors. This is an ideal choice for all your needs for HVAC installation, especially if you are looking for a new furnace.

The furnaces from the brand are categorized into three different levels namely Dave Lennox Signature Collection, the Elite, and the Merit. Each of them is highly efficient although the Dave Lennox Signature comes with 98.7% efficiency for the highest model.

Installing a Lennox gas furnace can cost you $2,470 up to $3,895, which depends on the specific model. The brand provides furnaces that are energy efficient with an 80% AFUE rating of up to 95%.

American Standard furnaces

Installing the furnaces from American Standard can range from $2,494 up to $4,375 which depends on the AFUE ratings and size that your home needs.

This brand is known for its extremely reliable HVAC systems. American Standard gets lesser repair calls for all their heating models compared to other similar brands. You will feel more comfortable paying for a gas furnace from the brand since you can expect highly reputable and top-notch quality that makes it a great choice for many homeowners.

Lennox vs American Standard heat pumps

The heat pumps from Lennox and American Standard are also reasonable options that make them an ideal option for many homes.

Lennox heat pumps

The Lennox brand provides one of the most efficient and precise heat pumps that you can find in the market today. The brand also has innovative heat pumps known for their technological features. They also own all their parts that make it a bit tricky to repair.

To ensure that your heat pump from Lennox will continue to run more efficiently, you must maintain your unit in the best way possible. This will mean that you need to clean the blower parts and coils, change its air filter every month, maintain the cleanliness of the outdoor coils, seal off any leak in the ducts, lubricate the motors, check the belts for wear and tightness, check the refrigerant, and ensure that the thermostat operates properly.

American Standard heat pumps

The heat pumps from the American Standard brand offer remarkable durability and high reliability. Some reviewers claim that the brand tends to require less maintenance compared to others.

The brand is cost-friendly as well with energy-efficient heat pumps. According to the brand, you need to keep your heat pump in great condition. It means you need to clean the returning and supply registers in your house, clean or change the filters once every month or whenever necessary, remove outdoor debris and foliage around and near the outdoor unit, and clean the outdoor coils once they look dirty.

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