Panasonic aircon light blinking (WHY & HOW TO SOLVE)

Summer is just about to start in the USA and those dazzling hot days are also coming back. In the USA, the summer is just incomplete without Panasonic air conditioners because they provide you a cool, relaxing, and clean environment despite the hot temperatures outside.

A lot of people often ask us about their Panasonic air conditioner light flashing all the time. Some people report that their Panasonic air conditioner power light is blinking; some report that the timer light is blinking whereas some people find the blue, green, red, and orange light blinking as well.

We decided to write this article to clear up all of your confusion and explain why different lights blink on your Panasonic air conditioner and what you should do to fix them.

How to solve Panasonic light blinking problem

If you are facing any kind of light blinking problem on your Panasonic air conditioner then here’s a very effective & easy working solution for you:

  1. Use the Panasonic Remote Control for retrieving the error code.
  2. Press the check button for 10 seconds to stop checking.
  3. Keep it pressed until you hear a beep sound.
  4. Now press the check button again.
  5. Press the AC button now unless you hear a beep sound again.
  6. Now press the RC button key for 5 seconds at least.
  7. Press the ON/OFF button to restart the AC.
  8. Congrats! The problem is fixed.

If your problem is still there then here are more effective and working solutions that you should explore.

Panasonic aircon timer light blinking

Blinking timer light is one of the most common problems faced by Panasonic air conditioner users. If the timer light of your Panasonic air conditioner is also blinking then here is what could be wrong & what should you do:

1. Check internal parts of the AC

One of the strongest reasons why the timer light of Panasonic air conditioners blinks is that there could be something wrong with the internal parts of the AC. Something might have broken, misplaced, or there’s any other item stuck inside the AC.

Take the usual manual of your air Panasonic air conditioner and see the instructions for disassembling the AC. Follow those instructions and disassemble the AC. After that, thoroughly inspect all the parts inside the unit. See if there’s something broken, misplaced, or any external object stuck inside. If you find anything, get it fixed by any professional or expert & your timer light will stop blinking.

2. Inspect the electrical wiring

As you know that the AC unit has a lot of big & small wires. All of them need to be in their place and connected the right way to ensure that the AC works properly.

Sometimes, a short circuit or a pest or mice attack can damage the wires inside the air conditioner and restrict it from functioning normally. This leads to a lot of problems inside the AC unit. All the lights of the AC unit including the timer light are also connected & powered by those wires. Any kind of damage to the wires can result in a malfunction of the timer light and it may start blinking. 

Therefore, we recommend that you get your AC checked to ensure whether if there’s any kind of damage to the wires inside the unit that is causing the timer light to blink. If you find any fault, just get it fixed and your problem will be solved very easily. 

Panasonic aircon power light blinking

If the power light of your Panasonic air conditioner is blinking then here is what you need to do:

1. Check the power supply 

If the power light of your Panasonic air conditioner is blinking and the unit itself is turning on & off frequently then it means that you need to check the power supply of the air conditioner. 

Check if the power cable is completely okay and also if there is not any short circuit in the whole power circuit that is causing the light to blink and turning the air conditioner on & off frequently. 

You can also check for any problems in the circuit breaker, see if the fuses are alright, or whether if there’s a loose wire that needs to be tightly connected or not. 

2. Check for leakages

Another reason why the power light of your Panasonic air conditioner is blinking could be the leakages. 

Inspect the compressor and pipes of your air conditioner unit to ensure that there are no leakages anywhere. It’s because the leakages lead to pressure problems in the unit and cause it to stop working normally. This factor can also cause the power light to blink.

3. Check the timer 

The very possible reason behind why the power light of your air conditioner is blinking could be the timer.

Many people often unintentionally set the timer using the remote control. For example, it could some children who got hold of the remote control and pressed random buttons which started a timer. 

Take the remote control and turn the timer off. You can even take out the batteries to reset it. Also, you can restart the AC unit to see if it makes a difference as well. 

Panasonic aircon green light blinking

Here’s what you should do if the green light of your Panasonic air conditioner is blinking:

1. Check the fan or motor

Sometimes, the fan or motor of the air conditioner stops working due to technical or mechanical reasons. It could get locked or anything else can happen.

This also stops the air conditioner from working properly and leads to light blinking.

2. Clean the air filters

The air filters of your AC must be kept neat & clean. Therefore, you must wash them regularly and remove all the dust particles trapped inside.

The fact is that dirty air filters restrict the Panasonic air conditioner from performing normally. If the air filters of your Panasonic air conditioner are completely blocked with dust then it can also cause the green light blinking problems. 

So read the user manual of your Panasonic AC unit and follow the given instructions to remove the air filters and then clean them completely to fix them back again. It can also help you solve the green light blinking problem.

Panasonic aircon red light blinking

Here is what you should do to solve the red light blinking problem:

1. See the voltage

Check if the voltage supply to your air conditioner is complete or if it is a lot more or less than it needs. The voltage supply problem can also lead to light blinking. 

2. Check the thermostat

The thermostat of the Panasonic AC unit is responsible for controlling the temperature and all the related stuff. If the thermostat of the AC unit is broken or malfunctioning then it means that it will stop the AC from working smoothly. 

Check the thermostat and see if it is not broken and is working exactly like it is supposed to be. If you find something wrong with the thermostat then get it fixed or replace it with a newer one to solve the red light blinking problem. 

Panasonic aircon orange light blinking

Some more insights on fixing the light blinking problems:

1. Check the compressor

The compressor is one of the very important parts of an air conditioner and any malfunction of the compressor will stop the AC from performing well. Get the compressor of your AC checked and see if there’s any problem with it. It can also help you fix the light blinking problems.

2. See the remote 

Some of the Panasonic AC remote control display certain signs and error codes on the screen whenever there is something wrong with the AC unit. You can read that sign and you will immediately get a clue about the error you are facing.

Take the remote control in your hand and see if there is an error code or warning sign on it when the orange light is blinking. If you are unable to read the sign then you can also take the help of the user manual guide to see what a particular sign or code means. You can search it up on Google or report it to a technical expert.  It will also help you solve the orange light blinking problem.

3. Check gas levels

The air conditioners need a sufficient amount of gas to perform well. If there is not enough gas, it can cause the lights to blink and stop the AC from working properly. 

So check if there’s any gas leakage or fewer levels of gas. Get it fixed and provide the AC with enough gas.

Panasonic aircon blue light blinking

Here’s what you can do:

1. Check for any blockages

When you are using an air conditioner, it is also your responsibility to keep it neat and clean. 

What will happen if too much dust enters your body through the mouth? You will find it extremely hard to breathe, right?


If your Panasonic air conditioner unit is completely blocked with dust then it could also cause the power light to blink. It’s because when all the inlets and outlets of the AC will be blocked by dust then it won’t be able to perform normally. It will surely malfunction and therefore the power light could also be blinking due to that reason.

We recommend you service your air conditioner regularly and keep it neat and clean to ensure smooth performance.

2. Check the pipes

If the pipes of your Panasonic air conditioner are not fitted correctly then it could also be the reason behind the light blinking. Check all the pipes and make sure that they are in their place.

3. Check the outdoor unit

If the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is not working (is locked or just stopped at all) then it can also cause light blinking problems. Check the outdoor unit and make sure it is working smoothly without any obstructions. 


Whenever the lights of your Panasonic air conditioner are blinking, you need to check all the factors we have mentioned above.

Most of the time these are the common factors behind any kind of light blinking and fixing them will solve your problem. 

If you don’t know how to check or fix a certain thing then please avoid doing it because you can either damage the air conditioner or hurt yourself. Just call a technical expert and get your problems fixed in no time.

If you need help in analyzing Panasonic error codes, please refer to our previous for more info. We have listed down 21 Panasonic air conditioning error codes, the possible causes, and the full troubleshooting guide. Please bookmark this page if you need any references.

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