Pros and cons of ductless mini split air conditioner

Most ductless air conditioners are warm pumps that work by moving heat from one location to another.  In the hot months, they take it from the interior, and in the winter, they extract it from the outdoors and bring in the room. Their specific advantages include:

Although the ductless mini-split air conditioner has been in use in Japan and Europe for years, U.S. consumers are just learning about their many advantages and few downsides. These systems provide ease, efficiency, and simple installation.

Pros of ductless mini split air conditioner

Simple installation

Installing or expanding a ducted system needs tearing up part of the walls and attic to put in the ducts. This is not just labor-intensive, messy, and affordable, but it could also do severe damage to historical houses. To fix a ductless system, the only construction work necessary is a 3-inch hole drilled in the wall to run the conduit between the inside air handler and the open-air condenser unit. The full installation process just takes hours.

Amazing efficiency

Mini-Split AC Amazing efficiency

Mini-split ac are some of the most power-efficient forced air cooling and heating systems accessible. Many get a SEER in the twenty to twenty-five range, and some get efficiencies as top as SEER 28. Even the most competent duct system still loses a special amount of power due to air leaks and warm transfer. Ductless systems do not have this issue, which provides them another efficiency edge over central air conditioners.

With a mini-split ac system, you will just need to turn on the air handlers in rooms where you need cooling or heating. That keeps your money and power matched to a ducted system that cools or heats every room in your home, whether you want it or not.

Flexible design choices

Mini-Split AC Flexible design choices

inside air handlers can be mounted on the wall, fixed flush with the ceiling, or located on the floor. Most are just around seven inches deep, so they take up pretty area. With so many choices, it is simple to find a position for each air handler that would not interfere with your furniture placement or use of the room. Because most air handlers are fixed above the head level, you can simply rearrange your furniture without hesitating about blocking a radiator or air vent.


Mini-Split AC so Quiet

Ductless inside air handlers can work at a noise level as low as 19dB, the equal of gently rustling leaves. There is no inside unit with a big fan that makes noises every time the system kicks on, no duct that clang and bang with temperature changes, and no pinging, popping radiators. Outdoor unit average approximately 60dB (A), the level of a general conversation.

Zoning capability

Mini-Split AC Zoning capability

Ductless mini-split ac systems let you manage the temperatures in different parts of the home independently. This makes them perfect for houses where some spots tend to stay hot or chiller than others. If your downstairs bedroom is pretty chilly on winter nights, you can turn the heat on where without overheating your other rooms.

Ductless air conditioners are also a best way to get supplement cooling and heating in:

  • Houses with 2 or more floors
  • Rooms with high ceilings
  • Room additions and finished basements, attics, and garages
  • Rooms with bay windows or picture windows
  • Rooms with high ceilings
  • Rooms that are far from the central air handler

Cons of ductless mini split air conditioner

Greater expenses

Mini-Split AC Greater expenses

Fixing one mini-split unit costs many times when you would pay for a supplemental baseboard heater or window AC. If you live in an atmosphere where a full home mini-split structure is practicable, fixing that system would cost 2 to 3 times as much as upgrading a ducted system. The top efficiency of the ductless system means that you might eventually make up the difference via reduced power costs, but that is subject to variables such as climates and your local power rates.

Increase maintenance

Mini-Split AC Increase maintenance

To keep the air exchanges operating rightly, their filters need to be get rid of and cleaned monthly. In homes with smokers or pets, this regular maintenance may have to be repeated more often.


Mini-Split AC Appearance

The inside air exchangers are quite big and obstructive. They are generally high mounted on the wall where they can be clearly seen and for the reason that their work is airflow, that flow must not be impeded.

Limited heating capability

Mini-Split AC Limited heating capability

The capability of the mini-split heat pump to extract heatless from cool air is restricted. In areas where the temperature drops below freezing, a ductless warmer may not give sufficient heat.

Fewer professional installers

Mini-Split AC Fewer professional installers

Finding experts who have the expertise to install a ductless system is difficult than finding those who can job with central AC. If your ductless system is designed, sized, or installed badly, its efficiency and effectiveness will suffer.

Not perfect for big areas

Mini-Split AC Not perfect for big areas

The normal ductless system condenser unit can run up to 4 indoor air handlers, sufficient to handle 1,500 square feet. If your home is bigger than that, you will need one or more extra condensers to run more air handlers. To keep your house as relaxing as it would be with a central unit, you will need air handlers in each room.

A particularly big zone, such as a monster room or a high ceiling room, might require more than 1 air handler. In this example, it is top to operate all the air handlers for that zone at once to reject overworking any one unit.

A ductless mini-split aircon is a practical way to get more relaxed temperatures in parts of the home that are difficult to cool and heat. It is also the best choice if you want full control over the temperatures in different parts of your house. The primary cost of these systems can be high, though, so if your house already has ductwork, it is more affordable to improve your existing structure or even go for a general warm pump than to control to a ductless unit.

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