TCL air conditioner review

Investing in a quality air conditioning unit that can do it all will help you enjoy the ultimate level of comfort all year round. The TCL air conditioner is one of the top brands that more and more consumers choose to install to keep their homes and offices cool and cozy.

Is TCL aircon a good brand?

Yes, TCL aircon is a good brand. TCL brand makes majorly two types of air conditioners, the window, and portable AC unit. The brand offers its customers the best services by providing them with good quality cooling. Once the compressor of a TCL turns on, it only takes about 30 seconds for the unit to cool a room of about 150 sq feet. Plus it works without making any noise and the price commensurate with quality.

Different types of TCL air conditioners

Two primary types of air conditioners belong to the TCL range and these are portable and window AC units.

The TCL window ACs usually cost around $140 up to $600, the most popular model of which is the TCL 8000 BTU. Among the most common features of the window ACs from TCL include 24-hour and sleep timers, multiple fan and cooling speeds, LED remote, built-in dehumidifier, 8-way air direction, and app. 

On the other hand, the portable air conditioners from TCL usually cost approximately $300 up to $400.   Among the most common features of the portable TCL As include a single exhaust system, LED remote control, 24-hour timer, digital thermostat, and multiple fans and cooling speeds.

How much is the TCL air conditioner?

The price of a TCL air conditioner varies, depending on the model of the product you are buying. The price of TCL air conditioners ranges from $140 – $400. While the price of the TCL air conditioner is between $300 – $400.

Whose behind TCL air conditioning units?

Li Dongsheng founded TCL in 1981 in Huizhou, Guangdong province in China, and was originally named TTK Home Appliances Limited Company. TTK initially sold a variety of home and electric appliances and entered the international market in 1999. Not long after, the company’s name was changed to TCL.

Since then, TCL rose to the ranks as one of the world’s top electrical brands with a branch opened in North America in 2014. To this day, the products of TCL continue to be produced in China. 

What makes TCL brand popular?

The TCL brand appeals and caters to different groups of customers that have different budgets. This means that you can be sure that the company has the right product for you, whether you are a casual tech fan living in Southeast Asia or a certain tech geek from the USA. Aside from its range of air conditioners, the brand also offers TVs, soundbars, dehumidifiers, mobiles, and headphones.

Among the top and most unique features of the company include its commitment and dedication to sustainability, a 1-year limited warranty on all its products, and an extensive range of helpful information and guides. Considering all of these features, it is not a big surprise that TCL is considered one of the global leaders in terms of home appliances and electronics.

Pros and cons of TCL air conditioners

TCL is currently known to offer the most affordable lineup of air conditioners in the market. However, based on the user reviews coming from repair experts and customers alike, the TCL brand falls short of its higher-end counterparts as it is found to be of midrange quality.

Some of the biggest benefits of TCL air conditioners include the following:

  • Affordable price

TCL air conditioners are known for having some of the cheapest price tags that you can find in the market today. This is the reason why most consumers prefer to go for the brand as it is relatively more affordable compared to other popular brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Daikin, just to name a few.

  • Excellent features

The TCL AC units are also equipped with an array of great features including a dust filter, quick cooling, as well as antibacterial modes like Auto Clean, Plasmater Ion, and TitanGold. 

  • Great performance

Even with its affordable price point, the brand manages to produce a solid and reliable lineup of air conditioning systems that can perform well as expected.

However, TCL air conditioners are not completely flawless. As mentioned earlier, the brand also has its share of weak points.

  1. Mid-level brand

Unlike its more popular aircon brand counterparts, the TCL brand still needs to catch up when it comes to quality, performance, and brand recognition as a whole.

  1. Loudness

Some users pointed out that there are a few TCL air conditioner units that operate louder than usual that can cause some slight inconveniences and disruptions in sleeping patterns.

Below are some of the most popular TCL air conditioners that you can choose from:

TCL wall box and window air conditioners

  1. TCL TCLWB05C 1.6kW

If you need a compact wall box or window AC, this unit from TCL is a great choice for cooling smaller rooms. It has some of the features often found in other products from TCL such as the 24-hour timer and swing function. Unlike other TCL models, the unit only got a 1.6kW cooling capacity and doesn’t have heating functionalities. 

  1. TCL TCLWB09 2.6kW

This TCL AC is a great choice if you need cooling and heating all year round with 2.6kW cooling and 2.4kW heating capacities. Just like other models in the range, it has 3 fan speeds and comes with features like a 24-hour timer, swing function, and sleep mode. This can be mounted on windows and is ideal for rooms measuring 20 square meters.  

  1. TCL TCLWB14 4.1kW

This unit is among the most powerful window box ACs from the TCL brand that offers a heating capacity of 3.6kW and a cooling capacity of 4.1kW. This comes with 3 fan speeds and offers a temperature range of 18°C to a maximum of 31°C.

TCL portable air conditioners


The TCL TCLPAC12 is the most powerful portable TCL air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3.5kW and is perfect for rooms that measure up to 25 square meters. This can collect as much as 2.57L of moisture/hour with a self-evaporative system that eliminates the need for a hose or drip tray. Being a freestanding model, you don’t need to install it in your home and you can easily move it around thanks to its wheels.


If you got a smaller space that you wish to cool and you don’t need a bigger unit, this unit is a good product to consider. It is a freestanding model with a 3kW cooling capacity and can work well in rooms that measure up to 22 square meters. This also collects 1.89 of moisture/hour that can come in handy to help you stay cool during humid days.

TCL split-system air conditioners

  1. TCL TCLSS12 3.2kW

Say goodbye to that sticky feeling during summer and go for this unit that comes with a built-in dehumidifier that helps eliminate excess moisture in a room. The split system AC has a cooling capacity of 3.2kW and a heating capacity of 3.2kW. If you want an air conditioner that won’t disrupt conversations or disturb your sleep, the model has an indoor noise level that ranges from 35 db(A) to 41 db(A).

  1. TCL TCLSS18 5kW

This is another powerful split system TCL AC and provides 5kWW cooling capacity and 5.2kW heating functionality. In case you forgot to switch the unit off, this appliance automatically turns off after running continuously for up to 10 hours. This model has a 24-hour timer that can be programmed to operate during specific times.

  1. TCL TCLSS09 2.5kW

If you need something easier on your budget, the TCL TCLSS09 2.5kW is by far the most affordable split system AC that you can get today. This provides 2.5kW heating capacity and 2.5kW cooling capacity. Even though this is not the most powerful model that belongs to this range, the 39 dB noise level is what makes the unit perfect for bedrooms.

Is the TCL air conditioner quiet?

Yes, TCL air conditioners are quiet. One of the selling points of TCL air conditioner AC is that they are noiseless. Even their TCL SS09 which is considered to be the less efficient amongst their products has only about 39db.

Is there a suitable TCL air conditioner for you?

If you are searching for a great way to beat the heat, TCL provides a plethora of air conditioners that consumers can choose from, particularly if you are shopping for a good unit that is made for small bedrooms or medium-sized spaces.

As far as the selection of wall box/window or split system air conditioners from TCL, there is very little that separates the models when it comes to features. Most of these units come with a swing function, 24-hour timer, and built-in dehumidifier. However, the selection provides various choices to suit different price points.

Whatever unit you choose to buy, you will be able to find air conditioning units that have a cooking capacity that ranges from 1.6kW to 7.8kW. In terms of heating, the split system’s heating capacity is around 2.6kW to 8kW.

If it is not possible for you to install a bigger unit or you are renting, the portability and cooling power of the portable air conditioners of TCL might be good considerations. Unlike other portable air conditioning units on the market, this kind of freestanding unit features a self-evaporative system.

It means that you don’t need to constantly attach a hose or empty a drip tray for the unit to function. There are also castor wheels that make the models easier to transport and move around the home so there is no need for you to purchase a different unit for every room.

How to install a TCL air conditioner

It is very easy to install a TCL air conditioner, and with the simple installation guide that is provided below, installation is as simple as ABC for even an amateur. Read on for full info.

  1. Fasten the mounting rail of the air conditioner to the unit using the 4 provided 3/4 inch screws.
  2. Pick the window panel extender pieces and fasten them to the unit. Pull them from the edges until they can’t be pulled any further, then slide the extender into the hollow notches (slide downward) on the two sides of the air conditioners, making sure they are tightly fitted into the metal rail.
  3. Position the air conditioner into the window and gently close the window. Slightly tilt the air conditioner to the outside area so that water can drain directly outside from the unit.
  4. Screw the air conditioner to the window frame with the provided half-inch screws. Then pick the panel extenders one after the other, and fasten each to the unit with a 1/2 inch screw.
  5. Position the frame locks between the window sill and the panel extender and fasten them using the provided 3/4 inch screws. This should be repeated for each. Note that you might have to drill a pilot hole by yourself.
  6. In between the window frame and the sliding window top, place the sash lock and fasten with the provided 3/4 inch screw.
  7. Close all gaps in the windows using the provided cut sash seal to prevent tiny objects or air from coming in.
  8. Lastly plug the air conditioner into a 15A 115v grounded receptacle.

How to connect TCL air conditioner to the WiFi

  1. Scan the QR code on your unit’s screen.
  2. Download the SmartLife app.
  3. An activation code will appear on your device, type in the code, and register your SmartLife account, ensuring that your phone is connected to a WiFi network.
  4. Add a device on your SmartLife app, then choose “window type air conditioner”
  5. Press the display buttons about 6 times until you see “CF”, proceed to the next step, and press the password of your WiFi account.
  6. Select next one more time until the connection is successful.
  7. After a successful connection, you should be able to control your air conditioner from your phone.

How to turn on the TCL air conditioner without a remote

You can turn on the TCL air conditioner without using a remote by opening the intake grill of your air conditioner. Once you open the grill, look at the top right corner of the unit you will see a small circular button. All you have to do is press that button and your TCL air conditioner will turn on.

How to clean TCL air conditioner

To clean your TCL air conditioner, make use of an oxygenated household cleaner or air conditioner coil cleaner. A few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent will work as well. Just spray the cleaner of your choice liberally on the front panel, window fins, and the case. Then spray the aluminum fins, interior coil, and base as well as the fan.

The Bottom Line

Despite not being considered as one of the major air conditioner companies today, a TCL air conditioner can still be considered as ideal for those who prioritize price more than anything else.

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