What is a two stage air conditioner

Although there are many different air conditioners on the market today, air conditioners are much more advanced than the older units you probably have in your home now. They’re three types of air conditioners.

  1. Single-stage air conditioners
  2. Two-stage air conditioners
  3. Variable-speed air conditioners

What is single stage air conditioner

What is single stage air conditioner

Single-speed simply refers to a unit that can change its capacity, give you the amount of cooling you need on a very hot day but back down or slow down and give you less cooling on a more moderate day. There are many advantages to this unit. One of the best advantages in the south is its ability to dehumidifier more moisture than extracted out of the air will mean more comfort, better living conditions for you.

A single-speed air conditioner simply runs wide open all the time. It’s either on or off, very much like a light switch.

What is two stage air conditioner

A two-speed aircon can adjust its output to that given day. There are many days when you need air conditioning, but it’s not so hot that you need the full amount of air conditioning.

So a two-speed aircon will adjust its capacity and wring moisture out of the air and even the up and down temperature slides you get with a normal older air conditioner. Two-speed air conditioner technology is much more efficient in that when it’s running at low speed.

It only takes 70% of the electricity that it does at high speed. So you can have a unit that’s adequate or oversize for your home in case you entertain or have a large party. You can have the cooling that you want without suffering the consequences of oversizing your air conditioning.

Two-speed air conditioners have been in the market for years. Still, they’ve recently come into popularity due to the increased cost of electricity and the need for better moisture removal.

Mold is a big issue these days, and by having a two-speed air conditioner, you can cut down on the chance of mold growing in your home by removing more moisture from the air. There’s no better air conditioning than two speeds coupled with a special furnace that can adjust its airflow or capacity.

What is variable speed air conditioners

What is variable speed air conditioners

Variable speed compressors blow a smooth, steady stream of cold air into your home to maintain the desired indoor temperature, rarely turning themselves off. They operate continuously at least 100% capacity – often as low as 25% or 30% capacity. A variable-speed compressor’s longer run times dehumidify your home more effectively.

Single-stage vs two stages vs variable speed

Single-stage air conditioners don’t dehumidify indoor air very well and turn on and off a lot, increasing your energy bill. Two-stage compressors don’t turn on and off nearly as much. So they’re more efficient than single-stage units. But not as efficient as variable speed compressors.

One of the biggest problems with single-stage compressors is that they’re not running continuously. Relative humidity increases whenever the AC isn’t on, making you feel hotter and more uncomfortable. Most people deal with this problem by lowering the temperature on their thermostats.

A single-stage compressor blasts your home with cold air before it turns itself off. Then it turns on again when the indoor temperature increases. In the summer, a single-stage compressor turns on and off a lot, known as “short cycling.”

Since single-stage compressors tend to short cycle, they usually draw a lot more electricity than a variable speed unit that turns on and stays on for hours. In other words, it’s more expensive.

Variable-speed air conditioners run continuously, which also dehumidifies the air.

  • You feel comfortable at higher temperatures.
  • They don’t turn on as often, so they lower your utility costs.
  • They eliminate mold growth in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • They prevent the proliferation of dust mites.
  • They create conditions that are inhospitable to insect intruders.

Should you change your AC unit to a variable speed air conditioners?

  1. It’s more expensive.
  2. Complex to repair.
  3. Good for areas with high humidity.

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