VRF system advantages and disadvantages

VRF is the abbreviation used for Variable refrigerant flow. It is also known as a multiple split system. It is the system of air – conditioner. It has one outdoor unit and a lot of indoor units. As the name variable refrigerant shows the ability of the unit to control the flowing of refrigerant to different evaporators. There are various types of VRF systems 2 pipe system, 3 pipe system. Some systems make air and water cool and turn into gas.

Types of VRF system

There are various types of VRF systems.

Heat pump or 2 pipe system

The system consists of a heat pipe is also known as the 2 pipe system. It allows heating and cooling in both indoor and outdoor. When you put your indoor unit into the cooling mode it works as an evaporator. If you put your indoor unit into a heating mode they will act as a condenser. This 2 pipe system is basically used in large areas like offices, shopping malls, and stores.

Heat recovery or 3 pipe system

Heat Recovery VRF with 3 pipe system (Animation)

VRF also works with a heat recovery system in both cooling and heating modes. It enables heat to be used and will not reject it. It would work as a traditional heat pump. Its indoor unit consists of 3 pipes system. They are having a solenoid box that consists of a series of valves. The indoor unit opens its liquid line and the suction line works as an evaporator. An indoor unit will open its liquid line and the valve start acting like a condenser. These systems are best for open area places where heating and cooling are needed at the same time.

Water cooled VRF

It is the most commonly used system. This system consists of an outdoor condensing unit. They are connected to the indoor unit with the help of the refrigerant pipe. The pipework mainly runs in a vertical position. This system operates as the air cooler unit. They instead of building the air-cooled heat exchanger. The water cooled VRF will use the heat exchanger which converts heat into a water loop. This system is attached to the cooling tower which supplies heat to the atmosphere. This system can be used in small places and takes less space. It is also friendly to most environmental conditions.

Gas driven VRF

If there is less electric power supply in your area, Panasonic units are available with Gas Driven engines. They are operated by natural gas. They consist of single phase unit and supply 90KW of heating and cooling. They can also perform other functions like hot water generation, electric generation. They provide heating in very cold as well.

VRF technology is used worldwide for three decades for its amazing features. They are most commonly used in continent Asia and Europe. It is efficient in work, flexible, and return back your investment very soon. In this post, you will be able to learn how the VRF system works and what are the VRF system advantages and disadvantages.

Description of the VRF system

It is one of the outdoor condensing units which is connected with a lot of indoor evaporating units. It can the ability to calculate the number of refrigerant going into each evaporating unit. The flow of the refrigerant is settled by a pulse modulating valve. As we have already discussed it has two systems Heat pumps and a heat recovery system.

If you want to install a VRF system at your work place or at your home. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this system before installation.

Advantages of VRF system

Advantages of VRF system

There are numerous VRF system advantages

Higher energy ffficiency

VRF system uses the system of an inverter and variable speed compressor. These systems differ in the flow rate of refrigerants as per need so they are called higher energy efficiency. This helps in saving our energy but it is differed by the installation of the building.

Easy to control at room temperature

It gives you a comfortable room temperature according to your need. An individual can set the room temperature according to his need.

Acceptable design

The design of the VRF system is easy to adopt because it is a system with a compact design. For example. if the refrigerant pipe is small but works well for a building. Their requirements will be tight but VRF will be a good choice because it has adaptive design.

Reliable and less noise level

If an indoor system gets failed. It will not affect the entire unit because occupants present in the other zones relying on the other unit and continue working. That is why this VRF system is more reliable.

With reliability, they also produce less voice. Infact the individual present there will not hear the voice because the system having a louder voice is present outdoor the building.

Pros of the VRF system

They are the most advanced technology present in the market. It is more efficient than the other units. You can use one outdoor unit for a lot of indoor units. You can see the benefits in two ways first is it can be installed in any space and saves your space. Secondly, you can experience fewer installation charges, so it is friendly to your pocket as well. It also looks good to the interior of your house as it is not installed in the wall like other Air conditioner units. It also has fewer electric wirings than the spilt system. It is much easier and you will not face any trouble while installing it. Its air quality is very good because of the high-quality air purification features. If they are attached to the outdoor units, long pipes are used a. The other good thing is that outdoor units are not near to indoor units. That is why the sound produced by the fans is not hearable to the people present inside. It is also environment friendly because refrigerants used in this system are ozone friendly.

VRF system disadvantages

VRF system disadvantages

With a lot of advantages, the VRF system has a few disadvantages as well but if you will take proper care of this system you will not face them.

VRF system with the leakage of refrigerant

You have to be concerned with the refrigerant leakage with the VRF system.

VRF system with refrigerant leakage is very dangerous for the health as well as for the safety of the people present in the room. The high volume design of VRF is a challenge to the maintenance persons. If a refrigerant leak will happen all the refrigerant charge will disperse into the room. Keep monitoring the refrigerant which is in use. These are some of the things that happened after the leakage of refrigerant leakage. You should save your people from these things so consider it important before a disaster can happen.

Ensure your safety and comfort with refrigerant detection.

It is very necessary to protect your Refrigerant from leakage for safety as well as for your comfort. If it is not installed in a proper way it may cause leakage and mechanical issues before time. Use different instruments to detect the leakage.

Other Cons of VRF system

VRF efficiency depends on the outside temperature. It is not good for the places which have high-temperature levels outside. This system is not good for hospitals and laboratories. Some several pipes and joints need installation for the successful working of indoor and outdoor units. If it is not installed properly it may cause a leakage issue. The leakage may occur in the refrigerants. Once it is installed successfully then you will enjoy its comfort for a long period of time. If any mistake will be done while installation it will not work properly. Its cost is more than the split Air condition unit. Only HVAC technicians can install it properly. It also needs a backup heating system.


 All the systems have advantages and disadvantages but if we properly use this system we will overcome the disadvantages of any system. Not all the products are perfect and user friendly.As VRF systems are efficient, comfortable less noisemaker. It has a different speed compressor setting. You can easily maintain its cleaning system. It occupies less space and reduces the cost of electricity. As user install the VRF system successfully will enjoy the comforts of this system. It will also work more efficiently after proper installation. It has a simple and flexible design. It provides you comfortable peace of mind. After reading the pros and cons you will easily decide which kind of air conditioner will be suitable for you. There are various types of air conditioners available in the market and it quite a harder decision to choose the right kind of system for yourself. You can also take an advice from experts keeping in mind your requirements and temperature need.

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