WD40 air conditioner cleaner review

Air conditioners are becoming a crucial need of every house due to the increase in global temperatures & global warming.

If you want your air conditioner to last longer and give maximum performance, then you need to maintain it regularly and keep it neat and clean.

In this article, we are reviewing WD40 air conditioner cleaner and everything you need to know about it.

What is a WD-40 specialist air conditioner cleaner

Have you heard a lot about the WD-40 specialist air conditioner cleaner but don’t know what exactly is it?

Well, here is everything you need to know about it:

WD40 is a water-based cleaning spray manufactured by a US brand. It is famous all over the world due to the excellent cleaning results it provides to the users. The spray has several different versions for different applications.

As the name shows, the WD40 specialist air conditioner cleaner is specially made for cleaning the air conditioners only.

This spray has all the features that you need for keeping your air conditioner neat and clean.

The best thing about WD-40 air conditioner cleaner is that it offers deep cleaning of the air conditioner.

Can you use WD40 on an air conditioner

Yes, you can use WD40 on the air conditioner.

WD40 is famously used all across the world for effectively cleaning the air conditioner units.

They have a WD40 specialist air conditioner cleaner that is made for effectively cleaning the air conditioner only. This specific spray has many superb features that give you amazing air conditioner cleaning results.

Why use WD40 air conditioner cleaner

If you still doubt the capabilities of WD40 air conditioner cleaner then here are some convincing reasons that will help you decide why you should use a WD40 air conditioner cleaner:

1. Perfect cleaning results

When your air conditioner keeps running for a long time, it often accumulates a lot of dust and other particles.

If you won’t clean it properly then it will affect the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner.

WD40 air conditioner cleaner has a water-based formula that dissolves all the dirt that has accumulated inside your air conditioner and cooling fins.

As a result, your air conditioner starts working more efficiently and gives better performance.

2. Disinfecting of air conditioner

Do you know that your conditioner is a hub for many dangerous bacteria, molds, and slimes?

The reason is that your AC always holds a lot of moisture. It becomes a breeding ground for many of those harmful bacteria.

Eventually, the air conditioner starts throwing all those harmful bacteria and germs into your room. It leads to different health problems.

WD40 specialist air conditioner cleaners have a special disinfecting formula that kills almost 99.99% of bacteria living inside your air conditioner. It includes even the most dangerous ones like Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, etc.

This way you get clean air to breathe and save yourself from many health problems.

3. You don’t have to rinse off

Once you have applied WD40 air conditioner cleaner into your AC unit then you do not have to rinse it off.

This saves you a lot of extra work and time and you will still get amazing results.

4. Safe for use on coils and fins

There are certain air conditioner cleaners out there that cannot be used on the coils and fins of your air conditioner because they are unsafe.

WD40 is completely safe to use on fins and coils and a good option to clean them.

5. It is ROHS compliant

The best thing about the WD40 air conditioner cleaner is that it is ROHS compliant.

ROHS means the restriction of certain hazardous substances.

The ROHS compliance of WD40 confirms that it is safe and does not possess any risk to our health.

Can we use WD40 air conditioner cleaner in a split air conditioner

Yes, you can use the WD40 air conditioner cleaner in a split air conditioner.

It is completely safe to use.

It will not only clean the dirt accumulated inside your AC unit but will also disinfect the air conditioner by killing 99% of bacteria.

Your split air conditioner unit will get cleaned and show more efficient performance.

How to use WD40 air conditioner cleaner

Are you planning to clean your air conditioner using the WD40 air conditioner, but don’t know how to do so?

There’s no need to worry because here we have a complete step-by-step guide for you that will help you clean your AC unit with the WD40 cleaner:

Things you need!

Here is a quick list of all those things that you need for this job:

  • User manual guide of your AC.
  • Stepladder.
  • WD40 air conditioner cleaner.
  • Dry and clean cloth.
  • Clean water and detergent.

Step #1 – Power off

In the first step, you need to turn off your conditioner by plugging it out of the power supply. It will ensure your safety and allow you to work peacefully.

Step #2 – Open the top cover

In the second step, you need to take the user manual guide of your air conditioner and follow the given instructions to open the top cover of your air conditioner unit.

Different AC models have different ways of opening them. Therefore, you are recommended to follow the guidelines given in the user manual.

If you don’t have the user manual, then you can also Google the model of your AC and read how to open it.

Step #3 – Remove the filters

In the third step, you need to remove the air filters from your air conditioner unit.

Remove the huge chunk of dust trapped in the filters. Then you can also wash the filters with water and detergent.

Wipe them up after the wash and leave them to dry up.

Step #4 – Use WD4O now

In the fourth step, you have to take the WD40 air conditioner cleaner and spray it in the cooling fans of your air conditioner unit.

Spray from the left towards the right.

Then let the spray sit for 20 minutes. The WD40 spray will go deep inside the cooling fins and thoroughly clean them.

Step #5 – Finish it up!

In this last step, you need to wipe off excess OR dripping WD40.

Now if your air filters have completely dried up then you can place them back into the AC unit.

Put the top cover back as per the given instructions on the user manual.

Congrats! Your air conditioner is neat and clean now and ready to start working again.

You can power on the AC and enjoy nonstop cooling again. But this time, you will have more clean air to breathe.

Pro tip!

You need to clean your air conditioner regularly. Ideally, once or twice a year.

It will improve its efficiency and performance and give it a longer life.

Not cleaning the AC will degrade its performance and reduce its life.

You can keep following our guide every time you clean the AC unit.

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